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Hairstyle Trends

Bangs on Point: Exploring New Haircut Trends

Women are known to be fickle creatures, eternally striving for perfection. Owners of straight hair curl them, curly ones – straighten them, brunettes brighten, blondes – are dyed into a “woman – vamp”. Will add charm to any image, help to “throw off” a few years, transform, change facial features – bangs. Popular haircut trends 2024 – 2025, photos for short, medium and long hair are waiting for you in this review. In this article, you will learn:

  • main trends in the current year;
  • types of haircuts for various criteria;
  • how to dye your bangs correctly.

New Trends 2024 – 2025

Good news for women of fashion of all stripes and ages: in the current year there are no clear requirements, definitions of the degree of relevance to the appearance! Everything that suits you is fashionable (except, perhaps, wild flecks from the 80s). It is not necessary to do an ultra-short haircut or grow a braid to the waist in order to be in trend. For any hair length you are comfortable with, there are tons of really fashionable options.

Remember: the most stylish and fashionable now, regardless of the general styling, are thick, multi-layered front strands that are not devoid of volume. The “feathers” that were loved by many earlier are a thing of the past. Do you still wear them? Go to the master, he will correct the situation, and you will become even more attractive and brighter!

It is interesting that in 2024 – 2025 it is permissible to experiment with levels: with a short haircut, the bangs do not have to be the same minimalistic, and on long hair they must be a “curtain” that covers half of the face. Classic schemes are still in trend, but new fashion trends (long hair, short bangs and vice versa) are taking place.

The undoubted plus of the current fashion season is the variety of bangs for the most demanding taste. If before all the women of fashion in the world wore perfectly straight straight bangs to their eyebrows, and then sharply rebuilt, grew them and removed them to one side, now everyone is free to choose what she really likes, to be special, unique, remaining at the height of fashion.

A definite “no” say to the fleece on the bangs. This is not just unfashionable, in a sense it is already bad manners.

Hair Length Styles

One of the criteria to consider when choosing a future bangs is your hair length. We have already found out that experiments are now permissible, but in honor of our fashionistas, it is still more classic options for the ratio of the length of the forelock and hair as a whole. We will tell you more about what stylists and image makers think about this later.

Short Hair

Short haircuts are, in principle, incredibly popular this season. Pixies with elongated bangs, loved by many, are especially relevant. Relevant for this type of haircut and ultra-short bangs with a straight cut. This is confirmed by the latest fashion shows and magazine pages, where more and more beauties demonstrate minimalism.

Megapopular short bob and bob do not give up fashionable positions. Fashion experts advise to emphasize the latter with a thick, even or arched bangs.

Boyish haircuts (garcon, hat, page), despite their short length, will give their owner playfulness, femininity, romance. The main advice is not to risk too short strands for girls with large facial features.

We have prepared a photo collection that reflects the fashion trends of bangs for 2024 – 2025 for short hair.

Medium Hair

Medium length hair is the most popular and loved by women. There are few worries with them, they always look fresh, well-groomed, fashionable. A variety of haircuts for medium hair with bangs will help you choose your option, any, including the most demanding fashionista:

  • medium square;
  • elongated, ragged bob;
  • cascade;
  • sesson;
  • Aurora;
  • with a ragged, asymmetrical, graduated, straight, long, short frontal side.

A haircut with bangs with a rare difference in length looks fresh and interesting on medium hair.

The sesson, fashionable this season, looks great on girls with different face shapes (square, triangle, oval), it all depends on the configuration of the forelock (we’ll talk in more detail below). For ladies with a round face, we advise you to abandon the sesson haircut in favor of something more suitable.

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Long Hair

When choosing a trendy bow, it is permissible to “play”, since the current fashion season allows you to get away from the usual classics, try bangs – arches, “hats” with long curls, asymmetry.

A definite challenge in 2024 – 2025 is the tandem of long curls and short bangs. Such a bow will add mischief, youth, energy to you. This is a game of contrasts for bright, extraordinary personalities. It looks especially interesting on long hair with a bang to the middle of the forehead, so you will draw attention to your eyes and eyebrows. One requirement from world-renowned stylists is that the forehead should be low.

Well, like all the classics as a whole, a straight long bangs look with luxurious hair below the shoulders.

By Type Of Haircut

The choice of bangs depends on many factors, one of which is the type of haircut. Correctly chosen length and shape of the forelock will turn the haircut into a work of art or ruin all the efforts of the hairdresser. We will compare:

  1. bean;
  2. square;
  3. pixie;
  4. garcon;
  5. cascade;
  6. ladder.


One of the undoubted trends for medium to long hair. Easy to care for, but looks expensive, interesting, adapts to any appearance, age, fashionista’s complexion, length, hair structure. Depending on the styling, it will give its owner Hollywood chic (smooth and shiny) or light casualness and naturalness that are fashionable this year.

For lovers of calmer transformations, we recommend staying on the classic type – short strands in the back, elongated in front. Girls who are bolder are not limited to this, because now strands of different lengths, various coloring, asymmetry, graduation, all kinds of bangs, milled edges, different partings are acceptable.


Pixie is perhaps one of the most favorite types of most adherents of short haircuts. It is not the first year that the most fashionable, stylish, bright images of those who want to be in trend remain.

“Kill two birds with one stone” will be obtained by combining incredibly popular, fashionable trends in hairdressing – pixie and bob. Pixie is a bob and is distinguished by the presence of thick bangs on the face with additional volume on the crown. Such a haircut is an intermediate version for those who wish to try wearing a short haircut, but are not yet ready for radical changes in appearance.


Caret is the salvation of women of any age. It suits everyone, regardless of status, image, type of face and hair. Classic type for lucky women with thick, strong hair, graduated version – will give the required volume to fine hair. The beauty of a square is also in the fact that it allows for a variety of types of bangs – even, smooth, tousled, multi-layered, asymmetrical, short, long, on the side, everything will be “in the subject”! A special chic – straight, smooth bangs with curly hair.

We have prepared a photo of fashion trends of a square with bangs 2024 – 2025, so that it is easier for you to navigate in the variety of a square.


Short stylish haircut, looks especially gorgeous with a scythe, torn bangs. Looks great on fragile, graceful ladies, regardless of age and hair type. Suitable for women with straight hair and curly curls. However, it is advisable to abandon it for moon-faced girls and women with a square-shaped face, since the garcon will only emphasize what one wants to hide.


A versatile, fashionable, comfortable haircut that allows you to look great without wasting time. A real decoration will be a haircut with long bangs, cut by a ladder or asymmetrically, it will give its mistress charm with maximum naturalness. An additional plus – such women’s haircuts are universal, look great with any face shape, with thick or thin hair, and are appropriate at social events and in the office. And what woman will refuse the ideal ?! There is no such!

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One of the most popular for any hair length, face type. Ladies with the shape of “triangle”, “circle”, “square” choose a ladder from the chin in order to bring the oval closer to the ideal, hide the angularity. Add bangs and get the opposite effect – it will balance the long face. Divide it in two and a wide forehead is magically corrected.

By The Shape Of The Bangs

Open forehead haircuts are a thing of the past. Now bangs are back in fashion, now they are allowed to be different. For those who want to stay in trend, it is important to know the features of the bangs and the effect they create, so as not to spoil the most fashionable styling with the wrong choice.


A long straight line will hide a wide forehead, correct an elongated oval, beautifully frame your face, and emphasize the eyes. Classics, and therefore to face both little girls and ladies of the age. The main thing is to take into account the shape and features of the face, but we will talk about this later.


Slanting bangs are a stylish solution! It is universal, makes its owner mysterious, “throws off” several years, adds romanticism, transforms any, including austere image.

Smooth, shiny bangs, like the models of the House of Versace, look especially stylish.

There are a lot of varieties of oblique front strands, some pick them up depending on the length of the hair:

  • for long curls, choose an oblique bang from the eye line to the middle of the chin;
  • women with short hair are advised to give preference to bangs from the hairline to the eyebrows;
  • girls with a shock of medium length have a choice – from the forelock to the eyebrows covering them, to the chin and even lower if it is, for example, a fashionable bob.

Don’t forget, it visually balances the proportions of a square and rectangular face.


One of the most fashionable and comfortable – it suits any bow, adds style, charm, completes the image, adds volume to thin hair, conceals age, emphasizes the freshness of the face. Corrects the shortcomings of a round and elongated oval face. It will emphasize the beauty of facial features (especially large ones), hide the first wrinkles on the forehead. An additional plus is the ease of styling, you just need to dry your hair and they will lay down correctly.

With Lengthening

Elongated – in fact, an imitation of the bangs as such. It is enough just to throw part of the hair to one side with the help of a parting so that it falls a little on your face and voila – you have the feeling that you have bangs.

This type is suitable for cautious women of fashion who, in case they get bored / don’t like the image, pin up excess hair, and then easily grow bangs in a short time.

Fitted on two sides – a universal option for girls, girls and women, including “elegant age”. Adds naturalness, ease, opens the face, emphasizes natural beauty, is easy to style.


Those who want to rejuvenate their face, add lightness to their image, attract the attention of the opposite sex and cause the envy of the rest – choose asymmetric bangs – one of the main trends of the current fashion season. Asymmetry is welcomed in short and long hairstyles; it looks harmonious both on girls who want to emphasize their extravagance and on lovers of soft, feminine looks.

They allow for bold coloring, which will be discussed in detail below.


Add elegance and some French chic. Especially appreciated by ladies – adherents of classical images and style. Corrects the “triangle”, emphasizes the “oval”.

It is good on straight, smooth hair, but we do not recommend it to owners of curly curls, this is not your fashion story.


Layered versions are preferred by models, movie and show business stars. More and more often, Hollywood divas prefer her. Why? It emphasizes the eyes, looks advantageous at a party and in everyday life, gives the desired volume to the head of hair (but it is hardly suitable for owners of thin hair, since they cannot keep the correct shape), is attractive in mono color, highlighting and coloring. It looks especially stylish and advantageous in a square, bob, ladder.

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The type and shape of the face play one of the key roles in the choice of a haircut and its front part. Correctly selected, it will even out the proportions of the face, hide imperfections, and draw attention to the eyes. Experienced stylists take into account all the characteristics of the client, including the type of skin, but we will focus on one of the main rules for choosing bangs – according to the shape of the face:

  • round;
  • oval;
  • rectangular;
  • triangular;
  • square.


Congratulations! You have won a lucky ticket from the creator. It is to the oval shape of the face that all girls in the world strive. Why? With this shape, you are free to choose any with a wide variety of bangs. Happiness is that everything suits you! The main thing is not to spoil what nature has awarded you with. The oval face is extended by short strands at the temples. Avoid such experiments whenever possible.


The proportions with a similar shape are divided as follows: narrow forehead, wide lower part (lower triangle). Basic rules for an ideal look:

  • thick straight or arched bangs that cover the eyebrows;
  • bangs below the jaw, so as not to draw additional attention to the cheekbones;
  • oblique bangs (long, up to the chin, at eye level).

If you don’t want to highlight weaknesses, forget about:

  • straight parting;
  • curly curls.

For girls with an inverse triangle (heart) shape, on the contrary, it is important to hide a massive forehead. Suitable for them:

  • oblique bangs to the cheekbone or neatly laid behind the ear;
  • straight, thinned to the bridge of the nose;
  • long front strands and a straight parting;
  • short ragged (if you decide on a pixie).


Thick bangs with ragged edges or long oblique ones will help to correct a similar shape. Never settle for straight bangs no matter how long they are, they will only highlight what you intend to hide.


The main task of girls with a round face is to visually stretch it in order to bring the shape closer to the oval. Choose:

  • multilevel bangs, where strands of different lengths;
  • side parting;
  • oblique, asymmetrical, straight elongated bangs;
  • asymmetrical bob;
  • haircuts – ladders.

We recommend avoiding:

  • thick front strands – so give your face additional volume, make the whole image heavier;
  • straight and short – clear horizontal lines will visually “expand” the round face even more;
  • bangs starting almost from the crown.


Face shape of strong, strong-willed women. Earlier in the fashion were taken away hair, an open face (remember Angelina Jolie), with the change in trends, ladies change their preferences in appearance. As for girls with a “square” shape, “rectangles” we recommend:

  • stop on thick bangs, with strands framing the face;
  • oblique options will emphasize the merits, correct flaws, ideal for fashion perfectionists;
  • you will be decorated with bows like a bob – square, a ragged cascade (provided that the hair covers part of the forehead and the angularity of the lower jaw);
  • soft waves, they will soften the whole image.

Coloring Bangs

Refresh, change, emphasize your image under the power of bangs with a contrasting color or coloring. The coloring made by the master will radically change, give the image a special chic, or, if done ineptly, will completely “kill” the entire stylish image.

It is especially important to color asymmetric bangs. It is permissible to paint them in contrast, making it the main fashionable accent, or to use several shades at once, add highlights and not forget about coloring.

At the height of fashion, coloring bangs in cognac, caramel, chocolate, opal, eggplant colors, all shades of purple and pomegranate.

Make sure by looking at the photos of the main trends that we have collected for you.

Hair Colours

Latest Hair Coloring Trends: Light and Dark Shades in Focus

Rumor has it that bang the kabs is no longer so spectacular. Color change is what it is. And the reasons now – at least call the bulldozer to rake. In this article, we have collected the most trendy hair coloring tends that will be relevant in 2024. Here you will find trends for every taste: light, dark and bright shades, unusual techniques and ideas. Let’s jump into the new year!

Light shades of hair coloring trends 2024

Blonde shades  hold top positions in trend lists. 2024 is no exception. We talk about the most fashionable and beautiful options.

Ash blonde

Ash blonde looks as stylish as possible, perfectly masks gray hair and adds elegance to the image. To achieve this cold and noble shade is not an easy task. Hair must be bleached and protonated so as to completely remove yellow and red pigments. Maintaining the “ashes” is also not easy – purple shampoo, conditioner and mask for colored hair, thermal protection and a visit to the master once every 2 months.

Vanilla blonde

One of the hardest shades of the year is vanilla blonde. This is a cross between white, yellow and silver tones. The secret of such staining is in the ideal proportions of the dye. Only experienced colorists can get a noble, natural and delicate vanilla color that will beautify most girls.

Platinum blonde

Many women adore platinum (almost white) blond, because it is impossible to go unnoticed with it. But this bright (and rather capricious) shade of hair can only be afforded by owners of very fair skin with a cold undertone. Lucky! You will definitely get a ton of compliments.

Caramel blonde

The opposite trend is caramel blonde. Appetizing and natural, it is well suited for girls with dark skin with a warm undertone. A light redhead will shimmer beautifully in the sun, adding zest and versatility to your hair. A win-win!

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Pink blonde

For those who want a bit of brightness, we suggest trying pink blond – this is a light shade with a slight strawberry undertone (yes, it also stays on horseback). The color temperature should be selected individually – depending on the appearance. The advantage of this coloring is that an unusual shade is noticeable only in certain lighting conditions. In other cases, the hair does not look extremely bright and defiant.

Dark shades of hair coloring 2024

Brunettes also have a place to roam. In the hair color trends 2024, options are different in saturation and temperature!


In 2024, all shades of chocolate will be in fashion. They look good on hair of any length, emphasizing the shine and silkiness of the strands. As a technique, you can choose both monochromatic staining and a combination of several tones at once. For example, light warm highlights can be added to a dark chocolate base.


Coffee shade of hair is another trend of the coming year. Its main advantage is neutrality and versatility. Such coloring does not have a clear warm or cold pallet, due to which it suits all color types of appearance.

Soft chestnut

Another good color for brown-haired women is soft chestnut. Moderately dark and warm, it will decorate any appearance. Against a chestnut background, green and blue eyes will become brighter, and brown ones will become more saturated. Perfect solution!

Matte black

If you have long dreamed of becoming a burning brunette, the time has come! Matte black hair color will be popular in the coming season. It will advantageously correct the oval of the face, make the features more expressive, and make the image bright and fatal. Matte black looks especially good on dense hair, while thin hair can make it visually smaller.

Muted cherry

An idea for those who want to experiment, but not go “out of the box” – muted cherry. The obvious advantage of such coloring is that with it the appearance will sparkle with new colors. However, cherry shades also have disadvantages – it is demanding on the condition of the skin, as it can emphasize all the redness on the face. It is also important to work on the quality of the hair – the ends should not be dry and split ends.

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Light brown shades of hair coloring 2024

Light brown shades are ideal for those who want to get the effect of natural “untouched” hair dye. Achieving such colors with dyeing is a difficult task that requires skill.

Sun glare

One of the most beloved trends is the effect of sun glare on the hair. This coloring looks natural, revitalizes and refreshes any hairstyle, and also does not require frequent updating. Solid pluses! You can create sun-bleached strands using different techniques: highlighting, bronding, shatush and others. Depends on the initial data and the result that you want to get.

Dark blond

Dark blond shade is associated with perfectly healthy, well-groomed and natural hair. It emphasizes the natural beauty and density of the strands, and also visually increases their volume. This color is also suitable for almost every girl – you just need to choose the right undertone. Minus staining in dark blond – it will have to be constantly maintained.


One way to “rejuvenate” your appearance is to dye your hair wheaten. This warm shade perfectly refreshes and softens facial features, hides light gray hair. I advise girls with both dark and fair skin to try wheat tones. It blends harmoniously with any eye color, making them brighter and more expressive.

Smooth color stretch

A trend that has not lost relevance for many seasons is a smooth transition from one shade to another. A large number of girls consider shatush, balayazh, airtouch techniques to be saviors, because they save them from monthly trips to the salon and regular color updates. This coloring looks as natural as possible, as if the strands were a little burnt out in the sun.

Ombre technique

The ombre technique is back! This is also a transition of one color to another, but with a more noticeable and contrasting border. In 2024, the actual option for such coloring will be ombre on blond hair. The idea for the brave ones is the transition from a natural shade to some unusual one: lilac, pale pink or blue.

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Bright shades of hair coloring 2024

And now we list a few fashionable ideas for the most daring. With them, you will definitely stand out.

Copper red

Deep copper shades are the fiery trend of 2024. Despite the brightness and saturation, they do not look vulgar. Copper-red hair blends harmoniously with both porcelain and swarthy skin, sets off any eye color and adds freshness to the face. However, it is important to understand that red-red pigments penetrate deep into the hair structure, so it is better to think carefully before going to the salon.

Color staining

No one can surprise anyone with hair the color of violets, strawberries or fresh grass, because color dyeing has been in trend for several years in a row. Moreover, you can experiment with it as you like. Some are limited to a few bright strands, the second – completely dye the hair in an unusual shade. For a quick change of image, you can resort to a special tinting spray, which is easily washed off with shampoo. You can play endlessly!

Pixel coloring

An interesting trend in 2024 is pixel coloring. Its essence is that colored dyes in the form of squares are applied to the strands. The result is a certain image or abstraction. Not every experienced colorist can create a pattern on the hair, so the technique belongs to rare and complex stains. Obviously, it suits the owners of thick, straight and smooth strands.

Hidden staining

Another hot but familiar trend is hidden coloring. With this technique, the upper rows of hair have one color (usually natural), and the lower rows have another (bright or just contrasting). That is, in a static position, it seems that the hair is dyed in one color, and bright strands are visible only in motion, or on collected hair. In general, it looks unusual and suits any type of appearance.

Screen technique

Stencil technique is a daring trend that not every girl will decide on. With this coloring, a pattern or an interesting pattern is applied to the surface of the hair using a stencil. Hues are usually used in contrast so that the image is clearly visible. It is not necessary to apply a long-lasting dye to the hair, a temporary one is also suitable. Cool idea for parties and holidays!

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Bob Hairstyles

Embracing the Popular Bob Hairstyle: Ahead in Trends

If 2023 was all about daring the cut and experimenting with styles we’d never considered before, what will be the biggest hair trends this year? The 2024 bob hairstyle trends are considered modern and cool and you don’t have to think about it for long. They are feminine and adaptable to every face shape and type.

Which bob hairstyle trends are popular in 2024?

Bob hairstyles are versatile and beautiful in every way. This is a haircut that can transform your entire look and style. Bob hairstyles come in different lengths and with different amounts of volume. They can be medium length or super short. And you can add other details too, from color choices to fancy elements. One thing is for sure though, bob hairstyles have proven to be outstanding no matter the color.

Now let’s look at the hottest bob haircuts that are set to dominate the hairstyle world this year.

The seductive Scandi Bob

This trendy hairstyle is currently particularly common in Scandinavia and by the end of January at the latest, no one from Berlin to New York will be able to avoid it. A much cooler take on the classic bob, the Scandi bob is easy, low-maintenance and so chic. Actually everything you would associate with the Scandi style. Cut just below the jawline, it’s an ideal length for people who want a confident bob with an extension. The cut frames the face and accentuates facial features.

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And what is the best thing about Scandi Bob? If you’re already sporting a bob, there’s not much you need to do. Because it is characterized by a special detail: A unique, inverted parting that provides more volume and a special look. This is exactly what gives the classic bob a seductive touch in no time at all.

For those looking for something unique, adding a few highlights in the front sections of hair makes this hairstyle even prettier.

You will see the curtain bob everywhere

You don’t necessarily have to have straight hair to sport a curtain bob. Naturally curly bobs with bangs are all the rage now. You can also style the hairstyle with a modern perm. This shaggy haircut with choppy bangs looks relaxed and stylish.

Bob hairstyle trends 2024: The copper bob

Copper shades will be the most sought after by women in 2024. The shiny and vibrant color spices up the classic bob shape. And with a color that requires a lot of maintenance, keeping the haircut short yet stylish is a smart solution.

Short bixie with waves

The cheeky bixie cut frames the face just like the other bob hairstyles. It’s a fairly simple hairstyle that hardly requires any styling and suits most people. The waves add texture and movement to the hair. Use a razor on the tips for a messy look.

Asymmetric blunt cut bob

This attractive hairstyle is perfect for those who want a fresh look but are reluctant to make a drastic change. Over the years, many celebrities have experimented with asymmetrical bobs. Actresses like Sandra Oh, Kerry Washington and Nina Dobrev have been big trendsetters, but there are so many ways to customize the look to suit your taste.

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Unlike a classic bob, a short asymmetrical bob is cut with an uneven circumference. One side has longer strands that don’t extend beyond the shoulders, but it’s not too extreme. If you want to have a fancy and glamorous look, this hairstyle is worth trying. Try a short, asymmetrical blunt bob. It is super easy to style and maintain. The short blunt look looks great on almost all women.

Bob hairstyle trends 2024: The wolf bob

Wolf hairstyles are all about showing off your personality and style. If you are looking for a trendy haircut that will accentuate your energy and sass, then the wolf bob is a great hairstyle to try!

This modern take on the ever-popular bob is ideal for women with medium and thick hair. The short length makes it easier to maintain and style the hair on a daily basis.

The platinum bob is trending for 2024

If your new you in 2024 needs a fresh coat of paint, try this icy platinum blonde, which works best with shorter cuts like a chin-length bob as it’s high maintenance.

The medium length bob is a must

If you’re not ready to chop your hair to your chin just yet, don’t worry: medium and longer bobs are all the rage in 2024. This type of bob can fall just above the shoulders or reach the collarbone – depending on what you prefer. However, if you like things more modern then go for a blunt cut with minimal layers because blunt bobs are the trend for 2024.

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Hair Colours

10 Winter Hair Color Trends: Chic and Vibrant Picks

There’s nothing quite like seeing your hair change between seasons, especially when it’s a brand new shade. If you’re looking for fall and winter hair colors to try in 2024, you’ve come to the right place.

From brunette hair tones to blonde tones, we’ve rounded up the coolest hair color trends for Fall Winter 2024 and once you’ve seen them, these seasons might just become your favorite season. Are you ready to give your hairstyle a long overdue upgrade and check out pictures of the trending looks?

Current hair color trends for autumn/winter 2024: honey highlights

A current trend are the honey highlights, which are created from buttery golden tones. If you go for this look, consider keeping the thicker, lighter strands closer to the face and closer to the hairline for a dramatic look. Honey tones flowing through the hair add a warm, beautiful glow during the colder months and are a chic way to add lightness to your hair color.

New hair tones for the cold season – orange blonde

Prepare for the orange blonde to be everywhere. This hair color has very warm and rich tones, but it is also not overly emphasized. Warmer shades of blonde are observed with less noticeable color differences between roots and ends. It’s okay to look sun-bleached, but this look combined with the drought of winter just doesn’t add up. It is best to reduce the blonde tips and lighten the dark root areas. The end result is a pumpkin-like hue reminiscent of the season’s favorite latte.

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The mixed blonde hair color is all the rage

This is a trend that lighter hair types can embrace in 2024. The great thing about this technique, however, is that it works on both light and dark hair and on all hair types. Go for subtle highlights that frame the face and chunky strands in the rest of the hair, or ask your stylist about the balayage technique to brighten your ends.

Are you already blonde? You can still keep up with the trend by creating depth with lowlights. Ask your hairstylist to add some lowlights to create depth and consider root shading too.

Modern platinum ice blonde for the winter

Whether you walk in a winter wonderland or live somewhere warm and dream of a fresh blanket of snow, this icy, cool shade is perfect for your winter hair color. To get a snow hair color, your barber needs to bleach your mane to get the lightest shade. While bleaching always causes some damage, various products can help reduce the look and feel of the damage. Also, invest in a purple toning product to maintain your shade between hair appointments. A purple formula tones brassy hair for a perfect cool hue.

Current hair color trends: the red-brown color is chic

Auburn hair color is one of the most popular shades for winter 2024. If the auburn is too intense for you, you can ask your hairstylist to gently blend this shade with your brunette roots using a balayage technique. If you also want to refresh your brunette color, warm tones are key this season. Brown, mocha color and auburn add soft but noticeable dimension to the hair. They flatter all brunettes and skin types.

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Ask your stylist to add strategic highlights in specific areas. This contours the face and provides texture, shine and a radiant hair color. It’s a great alternative to balayage. Keep your hair color vibrant with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner.

Cool chocolate-cherry hair color for fall

Chocolate-covered cherries are two treats that go well together — and so does hair with a chocolate-cherry color. This masterful blend of rich chocolate brown and deep cherry red will be the center of attention at all celebrations.

Radiant shades of red for the courageous ladies

Bright and deep reds are one of the biggest hair color trends of winter 2024. While some are opting for warmer shades of blonde, many women are taking the plunge into bright reds this winter. The mood is depressed in winter due to the lack of sunlight, so the ladies feel that they need something nice to keep them in a good mood. That’s why a bright red hair color is the right decision.

Mushroom brown is one of this season’s hair color trends

If you prefer your brunette shade to look ashy and cool rather than warm and chocolatey, you can’t go wrong with this brown hair look. The ashy brunette color has greyish undertones, so ladies will find this shade particularly flattering.

Cheeky dark blue for short and long hair

If you want to try an icy shade for winter without going all platinum, this dark blue shade is a great choice.

Jet black hair suits ladies of all ages

A rich, deep black hair has a reflective shine and that is very classy. When your barber styles the black hair properly, it is glamorous and chic. Choose Dark Hair If You Have Light Eyes: Black hair makes a great statement if you have light eyes and it really makes you shine. Only darken if you intend to keep the look for a while because removal will require patience.

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