Blond Shadow Sweep – 2024 Trends For Any Hair Type And Length

Blond Shadow Sweep - 2021TrendsAnd sweeping, and shading are old stories as partial (de) coloring techniques to beautify our manes. There is, however, a promising trend somewhere in the middle and that many ladies do not know. This is indeed the shaded shading blonde, in other words the “sinking”, which is on the rise in 2024. More pronounced than the classic sweep and more discreet than the shaded, the good news is that it can be adapted to any type, cut, length and hair color to make it work!

Blond honey shaded sweep for a gorgeous sun effectBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

In the present article, we will pay particular attention to the shaded shading blond and its many stylistic interpretations. Hopefully nobody will be disappointed after reviewing the 30 proposals to follow!

What is the difference between “sunken” and swept-shaded?Blond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

For anglophones, the “sombré” is a soft-boxed word “soft” and “shaded” that can be translated as a soft, subtle shadow. Better yet, it is a shady sober or a “sober” if we want to continue the trend and “assemble” the two words.

The shaded blonde sweep: what exactly?Blond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

Jokes aside, it’s a partial staining technique (or discolouration) that combines, in our opinion, the best aspects of sweeping and shading. In order to understand it better, we must first define its components.

A shaded shade in mahogany and brown with golden blond highlightsBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

The shaded technique is based on the gradual fading of the hair to form a gradient of shades close, however distinct. Most often, there are 3 distinctly distinguishable shades with or without intermediate shades.

Shadow sweep in golden blonde to brown and lob cut (long bob)Blond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

The sweeping, on the other hand, takes place rather by the vertical and takes advantage of the length of the individual locks. Unlike the classic wicks, the thinned accents are quite thin, close to the natural color of the hair and especially scattered throughout the hair.

Medium wavy hair with very pronounced locks in silver blond and honeyBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

As a result, the hair looks very natural and their maintenance is easy as the regrowth is not noted too quickly. The main risk with scanning is that if the colorist is not experienced enough, the customer gets either flashy locks or barely visible wicks.

An aesthetic variant between shaded and sweeping? But yes !Blond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

These variants are not acceptable, because in hair coloring, just as in life in general, we must always seek balance. The shaded shading is therefore the right formula because it incorporates the distinguished effect of the shaded and the smoothness of the scan.

Meet the shaded blonde sweep!Blond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

The shaded shades in blond work very well and for natural blondes, and for brunettes, and for redheads. Unlike the classic sweep, which opts for the locks in 1 or 2 shades lighter than the natural color, the sinking is more audacious.

The tips of gradually thinning hair create a natural and chic “sun effect”Blond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

One can choose from several blonde shades that range from silver to dark blonde, according to one’s own personal preferences. In the best case, it is put on cool tones, or on warm reflections, but not on both at the same time.

Shaded sweep in amber blond, honey and light brown for ladies with warm sub-toneBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

For example, a smooth gradation in 3 of the blond shades such as gold, amber, honey and caramel, which can go as far as light brown, is a good complement for all underwired ladies. hot skin.

Ladies with a fresh sou-ton skin can bet on the blond ash, platinum and so onBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

If, on the other hand, your sou-ton is rather fresh, you can calmly guide you towards the corresponding nuances. The shaded shades in ash blonde and all the colors inspired platinum and silver are very good choices.

Light blonde shaded sweep or copper caramel for ladies with long smooth or wavy hairBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

The other important benefit of shading blonde shading is that wavy hair is not a must to succeed. It is perfectly capable of revealing its aesthetics even if the hair is smooth, especially when the cut is degraded.

The degraded cut is a good option for the seam to reveal its aestheticsBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

In fact, the degraded cut is the perfect option for shading in blond to reveal its 100% aesthetic. No matter the length of your hair and the type of hair, the level cut completes the sinking and vice versa.

Light blonde shaded sweep on long smooth hair with tapered tipsBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

The same goes for tapered tips and any hair styling technique that adds structure. The main goal is to add more volume at the top and create relaxed spikes that fall freely down.

Sarah Jessica Parker with her truly admirable toffee caramelBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

When a celebrity adopts the shaded blond sweep the result exceeds all expectations. And when the star in question is also a fashion icon like Sarah Jessica Parker, we know we are on the right track with her choice of hair color.

Even the curly-haired ladies can enjoy the beauty of the sweeping way shaded blondeBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

In addition, it turns out that even ladies with curly hair can enjoy the beauty of the sinking! Logically, the effect is less pronounced, however it works just as well to refresh a little hair in solid color.

A breath of fresh air in the form of blond highlights for ladies with curly hairBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

However, it is necessary to have a long length so that the scan way shaded blonde is successful. Otherwise, it is better to opt for the locks that result in a breath of fresh air for ladies with curly hair, often objectively limited in their choice of cut and color.

Trends on the shaded blond sweep for ladies with medium length hairBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

Being on the subject of hair length and specific cut, we can not fail to mention the bob, as well as its long version, also known as lob, become almost iconic in recent years.

Bob long to the shoulders and sunken honey on brown hairBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

So we continue with some shaded sweeping trends for the ladies who also want to adopt the bob. Finally, we will offer some alternative proposals for ladies with short hair who want to refresh their appearance.

Light-brown shaded sweep with lob cut that goes beyond the shouldersBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

As usual, we start by defining the terms we are talking about, namely: bob and lob. The first designates a relatively short square cut with or without bangs and hair that end in the lower jaw.

Platinum, golden or caramel sweeping for bob, lob or diving lobBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

In the case of the long bob, as its name suggests, it is a longer length. Usually, the hair exceeds the level of the lower jaw and can reach the shoulders or even exceed them.

Brunettes like Lucy Hale can also kiss lob and sombréBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

Nowadays, the classic bob cut has undergone many metamorphoses and is therefore unrecognizable. Most often, she has no bangs and is more or less degraded. Anyway, it’s a good haircut to marry with the shaded blond sweep.

Blond shaded sweep for ladies with short cuts – trends in picturesBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

Finally, as promised above, we have some good trends of “sinking” for ladies with short haircuts. Contrary to popular belief, you do not necessarily have back hair to choose the shaded blonde scan.

The dipping short square can also adopt gradual fadingBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

Provided that your colorist is quite experienced and you are very daring, progressive discoloration can be achieved even on a very short dipping square, even on a boyish cut such as the famous “pixie cut”!

Trends on the shaded blond sweep for very short boyish cutsBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

The proof of this is the collage of photos above illustrating not one, but 3 simply beautiful variants of the shaded blonde scan on short cut hair. Not bad, girls, not bad at all!

Wavy back hair with shades of blond, copper and mahogany to succeed the rock style!Blond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

Speaking of daring experiments, aside from the original trends on the shaded blond sweeping presented above, we would like to offer you some proposals exploring the bolder colors.

Carre bob diving with ash blond and mauve sweepBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

Advantageously, the shaded blond sweep can be harmoniously associated with mahogany and raspberry red, with mauve and pink locks, or even with gray hair become super popular lately.

Ombré reddish caramel, copper and brown with pretty blond sweep and gorgeous wavesBlond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

Secret Beauty: The cut and length of your hair are not of paramount importance to make the shaded blond sweep work. Ripples, on the other hand, can completely change the situation and turn your ordinary hair into an exceptional hairstyle!

Straw blond to brown sweep before and after looping wicks Blond Shadow Sweep - 2021Trends

The video below illustrates how to easily make pretty waves even when you do not have a very important length of hair, or a specially designed curling iron. Take the opportunity to further beautify your shaded blonde sweep and catch all eyes on you!