Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year!

When it comes to hair trends, it’s safe to say that blondes really have more fun. Whether platinum blonde à la Merylin Monroe, Buttercup blonde or blonde hair with dark strands – there is hardly any other hair color that shimmers in so many different nuances as blonde. With a little imagination, you can always create new and beautiful looks that give our mane a modern and fresh upgrade. And if you want to try something new this year, you are literally spoiled for choice – because the blonde tones for 2022 are more versatile and exciting than ever! The next hairdresser appointment is just around the corner and you want a little change? In our article we will reveal to you which trendy colors we can already look forward to!

The latest blonde shades of the stars in 2022: Hailey Bieber dark blonde Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year

Perfectly bleached hair was yesterday, because dimmer blonde is THE hair color of the hour! Numerous stars such as Cara Delevingne, Anne Hathaway and Hailey Bieber are leading the way and have gone over to the dark side. Neither light blonde nor brown, but rather somewhere in between – dimmer blonde looks stunning and creates a more natural look that picks up on the original hair color and sets the right highlights. Hailey Bieber’s dark blonde actually looks so deep that most women would rather classify it as light brown. Dimmer blonde is also a great option for any brunettes looking to color their hair a little lighter. But no matter what you call the shade, there is no denying that it is super chic and elegant!

Billie Eilish now has blonde hair Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year

Singer Billie Eilish is actually known for enjoying experimenting with her hairstyle and the two tone look in neon green has become her trademark. But recently, the star surprised her fans with a dramatic transformation, showing off with gorgeous, light platinum blonde hair. In addition to the new shade of blonde, Billie Eilish has opted for a new haircut, a cool shag cut that has been totally trendy for a long time. The drastic color transition took a full 6 weeks, but it was definitely worth it – the warm blonde hair color gives the singer a more natural and fresh look and makes her facial features appear softer.

Gigi Hadid strawberry blonde Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year

The top model Gigi Hadid has said goodbye to her honey blonde hair and is hardly recognizable! The 25-year-old beauty has obviously discovered a new hair trend for herself and presented herself with a fairytale strawberry blonde. Not quite blonde, but not red either – the “half-half” shade shimmers in numerous nuances and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful blonde shades for 2022. Whether in the direction of sunny orange or a cool rose like Gigi Hadid’s strawberry blonde – the hair color is very versatile and looks super romantic and flattering.

Selena Gomez has also opted for blonde hair for 2022 Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year

The year 2022 seems to be the year of big changes for singer Selena Gomez. Not only has she returned to her Mexican roots musically, but she has changed her hairstyle and is now sporting platinum blonde hair. It’s not the first time Selena Gomez has bleached her hair, but in contrast to then, today’s blonde tone looks much more adult and gives her a classy and glamorous touch. No matter whether brown, black or blonde hair – the singer can certainly wear any hair color and we are already looking forward to her next hair experiments.

Warm blondes 2022: Buttercup Blonde is THE trend color of the year Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year

Buttercup Blonde caused a stir last year and is still one of the trendy blonde tones for 2022. The soft shading looks like we’ve been kissed by the sun and the mix of warm and cool highlights makes the hair color perfect for all skin tones. While it’s easiest to get the shade when you’re already blonde, it’s still possible to incorporate lighter elements into dark brown hair as well. Whether with a fine honey touch or rather a bit darker strands – the color palette is huge and always ensures a wonderful, romantic look that underlines our natural beauty.

Yellow Blonde is back Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year

While a yellow tinge in blonde hair was an absolute no-go for a long time, everything is currently about warm blonde tones 2022. Whether honey blonde, champagne blonde or with a slight red tinge – warm blonde nuances are absolutely trendy and give the complexion an excellent kick of freshness. Before you have your hair dyed, however, you should observe one rule: the lighter your skin tone, the more economical you should be with the yellow nuances and opt for a copper undertone. If you can’t yet approach the hairstyle trend, but still want a little change, you can spice up your hairstyle with a few highlights in caramel. The hair still looks nice and warm and flattering, but doesn’t look so yellow.

Copper blonde as one of the most beautiful shades of blonde for spring 2022 Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year

Copper blonde is clear proof that warm blonde tones will be one of the biggest hairstyle trends in 2022! The color has already fought its way to the top of the wish list of many fashionistas in the last few months and will not disappear from the scene anytime soon. Copper blonde is an excellent mix of red and blonde, whereby the reddish tinge comes through even more than, for example, strawberry blonde. Depending on whether you have a light or dark complexion, you can experiment with the intensity and thus create an individual result.

Current blonde shades 2022: Caramel blonde for a natural look Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year

Caramel blonde flatters all skin types – the warm blonde tones for 2022 are like glowing candlelight for our face and with so many color variations we really can’t go wrong. Depending on the intensity, caramel blonde can shine very differently – it can be bright and light or shine in warm, rich highlights. From pale beige to darker toffee blonde hair, you are sure to find the perfect shade of blonde for you! Just think of all the different colors honey and maple syrup can be – the hairstyle trend is just as diverse! The shade is particularly popular with all brunettes who want to take the step towards blonde hair.

Honey blonde is one of the most beautiful blonde shades of the year Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year

Is there a hairstyle that Jennifer Lopez can’t rock? Whether a cool pixie cut or wild curls – everything suits the fashion icon! The Latino diva has recently started wearing honey blonde and has set a new hairstyle trend that is particularly suitable for the warmer months. Flattering and cool at the same time – honey blonde is the perfect choice for all women who prefer warm blonde tones for 2022. The honey-sweet pigments make our summer complexions look even more radiant and flatter every skin tone. However, honey blonde tends to have an unsightly orange tinge, so it is important to focus on the right hair care and products.

Cool blondes 2022: Alpine Ice Hair makes a statement Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year

And now comes the perfect hair color for all fashionistas who like to stand out with their hairstyles and draw attention to themselves! Cool blondes for 2022 look super chic and modern and Alpine Ice is clear proof of that! From Lady Gaga to Kim Kardashian, numerous celebrities have shared their incredible ice princess looks on social media and caused a real sensation. Alipine Ice reminds us of Elsa from “The Ice Queen” and is an absolute eye-catcher. The icy, almost white color always makes a statement and is only suitable for the very brave. Since this is a super light hair color, Alpine Ice works best on hair that has already been bleached. Darker hair has to be bleached several times, which would put too much strain on the hair structure.

Baby Blonde Hair Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year

Alpine Ice Hair is too extreme and brave for you, but you love beautiful cool blonde tones 2022? Then we have the perfect hair trend for you, namely Baby Blonde Hair. The hair color is a warmer platinum blonde with soft lavender tones incorporated. Thanks to the mixture of warm and cool highlights, Baby Blonde Hair can be adapted to every taste and skin tone.

Mushroom blonde remains in trend Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year

Pastel light brown combines with dark shades of blonde to create a unique look. Mushroom Blonde Hair is probably one of the most beautiful shades of blonde in 2022 that will adorn our creatures. And for good reason – the cool and ashy beige and gray accents are a refreshing and chic alternative to the classic blonde we’re used to. No matter whether you are a brunette who wants to get a little lighter or a blonde who wants a little change – Mushroom Blonde looks good on almost everyone and gives the hair more dimension and character.

New blonde tones for 2022: Smoked Marshmallow Blonde Hair Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year

Is it even a hairstyle trend if it’s not named after something delicious? The list of current blonde shades for 2022 continues with the alluring smoked marshmallow. Designed by California-based genius colorist Megan Martinez, the look is the perfect easy-care hairstyle! The sweet shade is an excellent mix of smoky dark blonde highlights and mature darker roots and reminds us of a toasted marshmallow. The hair trend is perfect for everyone who would like to have blonde hair but don’t want to get involved in constant re-coloring. Due to the combination of highlights and lowlights, the roots that have grown out do not look so harsh and this way we can refresh our color every 6 to 8 weeks instead of every month.

Cream soda hair suits every woman Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year

Just when we thought we’d seen all the shades of blonde for 2022, another hairstyle trend emerges that’s worth a second look – and maybe a try. The new trend hair color not only sounds very cute, it also looks like it! It’s an excellent mix of brown and blonde hues that create the illusion of sunlight reflecting off of our hair. And the best thing? Cream Soda can be built on both brown and blonde hair and suits absolutely every woman.

Blondes 2022: These hair colors are all the rage this year