Colorful Jelly Nails – this is how we carry the new nail trend in 2024!

Colorful Jelly Nails Trends 2021The ’90s fever is undoubtedly in full swing this year and has conquered our fashion world. From eye-catching hair accessories over voluminous sleeves to airy wrap dresses you are completely set to the retro style. The latest nail trend for the summer is called Jelly Nails, reminiscent of the iconic ’80s’ flip-flops worn by just about everyone in their childhood. The special feature of this nail design are the transparent nail tips that make your hands guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher. Whether in bright neon colors, with glitter or eye-catching nail decoration – at Jelly Nails, the mood is sure to set! If you’re looking for a new and exciting manicure and would like to try the new, crazy nail trends, read on and be inspired by our picture gallery!

Jelly nails are perfect for the summerColorful Jelly Nails Trends 2021

After the interesting Spider Gel Nails and the elegant Baby Boomer nails, a new nail trend has surfaced in social media this year. The translucent texture makes for a jelly-like look, hence the name Jelly Nails. Bright neon colors, lots of glittering details and different shapes – maybe the eye-catching Jelly Nails are not for everyone. But if you like to let off steam creatively now and then, then you will fall in love with the nail design! Transparent and colorful – it’s no wonder that many stars across the Atlantic are obsessed with the trend.

Make the trendy Jelly Nails your own homeColorful Jelly Nails Trends 2021

Unfortunately, artificial nails are always necessary for the trendy Jelly Nails. In order to achieve the transparent and colorful look at home, you need the so-called tips, which are glued to the natural nails. If you’ve ever done a gel manicure, you know how it all works out – a tip is actually the base plate, which is glued to the nail and then wrapped in gel. However, this step is completely eliminated in the new nail trend – the tips are easy to see and that’s what makes the unique wow effect so special. As the natural nails can be seen through the transparent attachments in this look, the whole thing should be done very carefully and cleanly. So if you do not have steady hands, we recommend having your nails done in a nail salon.Colorful Jelly Nails Trends 2021

You have no time and desire to spend 2 hours in a nail salon? Then we have good news for you – Jelly Nails you can easily make yourself at home!

  1. The first variant, which is also the fastest and easiest, is to order directly online colorful nail tips and then stick these only on your nails. This saves you a lot of work and time, which just in summer can only be beneficial.
  2. Those of you who make your own nails at home will need:
  • Transparent nail tips
  • Colored top coat
  • However, if you do not have a colored top coat, you can take a transparent one and mix it with a few drops of normal nail polish.

Make Jelly Nails by yourself – Simple step by step guideColorful Jelly Nails Trends 2021

  • First, you should stick the artificial nail tips on your nails and then bring them into the desired shape. Especially beautiful and eye-catching are Jelly Nails either in almond or in stiletto form. The length of the artificial tips must necessarily exceed that of your own nails, so that the cool transparent look can come into its own.
  • Now all you have to do is paint your nails with the colored Top Coat and let them dry. The result is beautiful, unusual and colorful Jelly Nails!
  • If you would like to try the nail trend, but still want to focus on naturalness, then just take a tinted top coat and apply it in several layers.

Elegant Jelly Nails are suitable for any occasionColorful Jelly Nails Trends 2021

If you like simple and not so eye-catching nails, these gorgeous, elegant Jelly Nails are for you. The small rhinestones as a nail decoration make this minimalist nail design a timeless eye-catcher. This look fits perfectly with any outfit and is even suitable for the office.

Colorful Jelly Nails in neon colorsColorful Jelly Nails Trends 2021

The gaudy neon colors are also among the most popular fashion trends this year and that’s a good thing – they are screaming for summer. Playful and colorful, these Jelly Nails ensure a good mood in the warm months.Colorful Jelly Nails Trends 2021

There is nothing more classic and glamorous than beautiful, shiny red nails. They are timeless, will never go out of style and just look gorgeous. Long, red Jelly Nails combine the classic with the cool transparent look and give your hands a special look. Whether it’s a casual outfit during the day or elegant for festive occasions, this nail design looks totally adorable. In combination with elegant and filigree accessories, your outfit will be complete.

Rainbow Jelly Nails are a real eye-catcherColorful Jelly Nails Trends 2021

You can not decide on a specific color and like to play with different nail polish nuances? Then these colorful Jelly Nails in Rainbow Look could be just to your taste. Each nail shines in a different neon color and the good summer mood is simply pre-programmed in this nail design.

Sparkling Jelly Nails for a glamorous lookColorful Jelly Nails Trends 2021

That diamonds are the best friends of women, also proves this nail modeling. The delicate, slightly sparkling rhinestones in combination with bright neon pink make your hands an exciting eye-catcher. If you like it more subtle and simple, you can paint your nails in soft pastel shades. No matter which variant you choose, it is a stylish trend for any festive evening event.Colorful Jelly Nails Trends 2021

This playful version of the Rainbow Jelly Nails looks absolutely stunning. Because the nail tips are transparent, the neon colors capture the light and look more subtle and girly.

Extravagant Jelly Nails in stiletto nail shapeColorful Jelly Nails Trends 2021

But now it’s getting fiery! Undoubtedly, nails in stiletto nail shape look super glamorous and extravagant. And since nobody inherently has completely transparent nails, these Jelly Nails are a real eye-catcher. But even if Stiletto nails are totally in vogue, they are also very impractical. It might be fun to try the nail design for a music festival or for a long party night, but for everyday life it would be rather inappropriate and uncomfortable. This look is for the braver women who like to attract attention.Colorful Jelly Nails Trends 2021

Add a touch of color to your look with these beautiful turquoise Jelly Nails. The vivid hue is perfect for your summer vacation and in combination with a few gems or glitter he looks surprisingly good.Colorful Jelly Nails Trends 2021

Even if long nails do not suit your taste, that does not mean that you can not try the new nail trend. Whether in soft neon yellow or bright red – short Jelly Nails look just as good and stylish!