Eye make-up trend 2023

Eye make-up trend 2023

We can’t believe it’s almost February. The turn of the year always invites us to dare a new beginning in some aspects. Of course, this also includes the search for the most popular looks that await us in the coming months.

Do you feel the same way? The most important jeans trends for 2023 and the most beautiful short hairstyles of the year we have already told you. But now it’s time to fill up our make-up drawer with a few new items and bring some variety to our beauty routine.

Thanks to the mask, the focus this year is more than ever on the eye area and accordingly the eye make-up trend 2023 can be striking. So what’s on the shimmering horizon? It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a bold look or prefer more subtle colors – there is guaranteed to be something for every beauty lover! Read on and find out here which looks will be totally hip this season!

The white kajal is THE eye make-up trend for 2023 Eye make-up trend 2023

Dark and dramatic smoky eyes may be a timeless classic, but with spring just around the corner we’re all craving a little more color. Black make-up was yesterday and this year “white is the new black!”. Wonderfully delicate and incredibly elegant – a white kajal is without a doubt THE eye make-up trend for 2023. The white eyeliner makes our eyes appear larger and gives our look a refreshing and happy touch.

Admittedly – the white eyeliner takes a little getting used to at first glance, but it radiates a special elegance. Numerous Hollywood stars and top models have already rocked the look and show us how versatile the eye make-up trend of 2023 can be. Whether a thin eyeliner, the entire eyelid or the classic cat eyes – pretty much anything you like is allowed. So, the white kajal is perfect for anyone who likes to try something new and modernize their routine.

Pastel shades of eyeshadow for a refreshing touch Eye make-up trend 2023

While warm earth tones and natural looks were all the rage last year, the 2023 eye make-up trend is all about color and a good mood! Whether soft pink, lavender, green or sky blue – eye shadow in playful pastel colors is the new favorite of all fashionistas and the new favorite on our make-up table. The soft nuances look incredibly natural and literally make our eyes shine. And the best thing? There is a right pastel color for absolutely every eye color and skin type.

The renowned color institute Pantone brings out a new trend color every year, which determines the fashion as well as the beauty and living trends. The color of the year 2023 is called Very Peri – a rich violet tone that immediately catches the eye. With its reddish-pink and blue undertones, the shade is incredibly versatile and pairs beautifully with any color. Therefore, it is no surprise that purple eyeshadow is the eye makeup trend of 2023 that brings a lively touch to our look. Since the focus is totally on the eyes, you should keep the rest of your make-up more natural and subtle.

The green eyeshadow is en vogue Eye make-up trend 2023

Green is said to be the color of hope and we have needed it especially in the last two years. The bright and vibrant color shows up on our eyelids in Spring 2023, exuding a timeless elegance. The eye make-up trend 2023 gives our eyes more depth and is a real mood lifter in the cloudy weather.

Rhinestones as eye make-up trend 2023 Eye make-up trend 2023

Do you love to stand out and draw all eyes to you? Then you will love the new trend for eye make-up 2023! Pure glamor – small, sparkling rhinestones were already very popular in the 90s and make our eyes shine again this season. The bold look pays homage to the freedom and modern life we all miss so much.

Above all, small gemstones that are placed decoratively around the eyelid are an absolute must this year. If you prefer something less conspicuous or want to gradually approach the trend, you can opt for fine glitter dust as eye shadow. According to the Pinterest Predicts report, searches for crystal makeup have increased by a whopping 110 percent in the past few months, making 2023 undoubtedly a sparkling and happy year, at least when it comes to makeup. It doesn’t matter whether you want to spice up your look with several crystals or add a single rhinestone as an accent – the eye make-up trend 2023 is super versatile and always looks really chic.

Statement details and embellishments Eye make-up trend 2023

The following applies to the 2023 eye make-up trend: the bolder and more eye-catching, the better! Statement embellishments and details in the form of stickers, foils and the like are very popular for the coming season and are real eye-catchers. And the best? Since these are already on their own, no additional eyeliner or eye shadow is required, which means a considerable time advantage.

Grunge makeup as a beauty trend 2023 Eye make-up trend 2023

In the last two years, our beauty routine has been significantly reduced and only focused on the essentials. But that’s finally over now! Wild, rocking and super chic – the grunge look from the 90s is back and has already established itself as the most popular eye make-up trend of 2023. Unlike back then, today’s grunge style is less grungy and comes with a modern upgrade.

We’ll admit it – dark eyes and lips aren’t for everyone and grunge makeup does take a bit of guts. The main feature of the rebellious look is undoubtedly the dark smokey eyes, which are intentionally slightly blurred. Whether you then go all out and combine the eye make-up with a dark lipstick or prefer to keep it simple is purely a matter of taste – the eye make-up trend 2023 is very versatile and always a real eye-catcher.