Fashion Trends 2021: which items of clothing are popular and many outfit ideas!

Women Fashion Trends 2021 The turn of the year is slowly approaching and before you notice it is already January. Of course, the trends change with every change of season and year. For the next year, not only the trends in hair colors have a lot to offer – the fashion trends 2021 will also be anything but boring! The best designers introduce us to many new cuts, patterns, colors and materials every year and new trends are launched, while others are a thing of the past. Would you like a little shopping spree and want to freshen up your wardrobe with a few new items of clothing? Then you are exactly right with us! We have made ourselves smart for you and show you everything that will be very trendy next year!

From timeless, classic items of clothing with an updated touch to fresh and completely new cuts and colors – the fashion trends 2021 offer us a lot of great looks and there is definitely something for every taste!

Women Fashion Trends 2021

Fashion trends 2021: completely dressed in leather Women Fashion Trends 2021

Jackets, skirts, dresses and even tops – garments made of leather have been all the rage for a few years now and have become an integral part of fashionable women’s wardrobes. From head to toe, leather outfits are at the top of the list for the 2021 fashion trends. Whether for the office, for a party night or just for everyday life – this elegant fabric can be worn by all women this year. In addition, we will no longer only see leather in black – everything from dark green to pastel pink is included! A break in style looks particularly beautiful by wearing light materials such as silk, satin and cotton.

Voluminous puffed sleeves – a fashion trend that will remain in the next year Women Fashion Trends 2021

Dresses and blouses with puff sleeves were a big topic last year. The Victorian-inspired sleeves go back to the 18th century and the oversized shape gives every outfit a feminine and very romantic touch. Choose between soft pastel colors or unleash your inner punk princess with models in black or gray.

Fashion trends 2021: Neon colors make you shine! Women Fashion Trends 2021

Bright green, bright yellow and bright orange – neon colors have been in trend since last year and will also cause a real sensation in the fashion world in 2021. Whether in the form of head to toe outfits, in the trendy color blocking variant or for everyone who wants to slowly approach the trend – in the form of bright accessories or shoes – there is no way around neon colors! They can be particularly beautifully combined with soft, neutral colors such as nude and beige or with black for a great contrast.

Next year everyone will wear the cute polka dots Women Fashion Trends 2021

If you think polka dots are only for small children or for your grandmother, you are very wrong! Polka dots were everywhere on the spring-summer 2021 catwalks and modern details and structured lines give the playful dot pattern an adult and very elegant touch. From the classic black and white combination to soft pastel colors and from small to huge dots – everything is included! Whether as an everyday look, for the office or for an official evening event – the trend works for absolutely every occasion and ensures an unforgettable appearance. Among other things, dresses, skirts and blouses with polka dots are very popular.

Eye-catching fashion trends 2021: metallic looks for a shiny appearance Women Fashion Trends 2021

Sequins, gold and silver – if you like to attract attention, then you can count yourself really lucky. The metallic look is also one of the most important fashion trends 2021 and causes excitement everywhere. Not only the range of nuances is huge, but also the variety of models – so next year not only our dresses, but also blouses and pants will sparkle in metallic tones.

The 70s fashion will make a big comeback next year Women Fashion Trends 2021

Oversized patterns, dresses in earth tones and made of leather – the fashion trends for 2021 are all about the 60s and 70s fashion. And what would be a report on the fashion trends for spring and summer without the beautiful floral pattern ? However, the huge and showy flowers that remind us a little of our grandmothers’ wallpapers will be particularly popular next year. The result is incredibly elegant and gives every outfit a spring-like and happy feeling.

Crochet dresses and tops are an absolute must Women Fashion Trends 2021

This trend is just another proof that 70s fashion is back! The cute crochet dresses and tops were a big hit about 50 years ago and are coming back this year and look more beautiful than ever! You can not only wear a crochet garment great on the beach or for a festival. If combined correctly, a crochet top is immediately suitable for the office. An elegant blazer, beautiful trousers and high heels and you’re good to go!

Fashion trends 2021: Organza garments are real eye-catchers Women Fashion Trends 2021

Organza is an ultra-fine, transparent, yet very firm fabric that we will see in all fashion stores next year. Pretty blouses with see-through sleeves became a trend a few months ago, but now the designers are going all out and creating beautiful dresses, overalls and skirts from the noble material.

Comfortable and chic – the Bermuda shorts Women Fashion Trends 2021

There is hardly anyone who likes to wear long trousers in summer. And if you find the extravagant cycling pants that were so popular last year, too sporty and rather informal, then we have good news for you! Bermuda shorts are much more portable and comfortable and can be seen everywhere on the catwalks! They give the classic suit a new, fresh touch and can be perfectly combined with an oversized blazer or beautiful shirt blouses.

The white shirt reinterpreted Women Fashion Trends 2021

Practical, stylish and uncomplicated – the white shirt has always been a must for every wardrobe, but in the next season the basic will be upgraded with many embellishments, frills, pattern mixes and details. The nicest thing about this garment is that it can be combined with anything and ensures a flawless and elegant look.

Fashion trends 2021: the bralette is coming back! Women Fashion Trends 2021

The trendiest way to wear a blazer next season is with a bralette. Wearing the underwear visibly was particularly popular in the 90s. We recommend that you choose a model in black or white and made of soft fabrics such as silk and wear it with trousers or a midi skirt with a high waist – otherwise your outfit can quickly look too cheap.

The pants suit will be one of the most popular fashion trends in 2021 again next year Women Fashion Trends 2021

2020 was the year of classic pantsuits and next year it will be no different. However, the models are no longer popular in the slim fit version – the cuts are flowing, the trousers fall elegantly soft and play around your legs in an incredible way. Large prints, eye-catching neon colors or in subtle pastel and nude tones – there is something for every taste.

Fashion trends 2021: the coat dress for a fast, flawless look Women Fashion Trends 2021

Should you put on a dress or a coat with a pants suit? How about a coat dress, for example? This year, the designers have turned the classic dress into a true statement and the coat dress is the ultimate solution for all women who want a quick, yet trendy and stylish outfit!

Draped dresses – a trend that will remain in the next year Women Fashion Trends 2021

Particularly beautiful, elegant and flattering – it is no surprise that the draped dresses are also one of the most popular fashion trends in 2021. When “draping” the fabric is placed in soft, delicate folds and in this way problem areas on the buttocks or legs can be perfectly concealed. Decorated with pearls, knots or other details, the dresses look like real tricks. These garments are real eye-catchers and therefore you should rather choose unobtrusive and discreet accessories. If you have a draped shirt, it is best to wear plain-colored pants or skirts.

Striped knitted dresses are also part of the 2021 fashion trends Women Fashion Trends 2021

If there is one piece of clothing that you should buy before the start of spring, it is the striped knit dress. The variations in colors, cuts, lengths and patterns are incredibly many and for this reason the knitted dress is a real all-rounder. Whether casual with sneakers or elegant with high heels – everything is allowed!

Stay warm with a cape or poncho Women Fashion Trends 2021

For those who want a modern yet classic and elegant look for the office, we have good news. When it comes to the transition between winter and spring, capes and ponchos are basically the new trench coats. Chic and comfortable – you can wear the parts for both a casual look and for the office.

Colorful fashion trends 2021: color-blocking outfits Women Fashion Trends 2021

A bright neon color in the outfit looks great, but some together in one look just look stunning. Color blocking, in German “color blocking” has been attracting attention from many fashionistas and designers for some time. With this trend, your outfit consists of two or three contrasting colors and creates excitement everywhere.

And what about the 2021 shoe trends? Women Fashion Trends 2021

Of course, we also have to mention the new 2021 fashion trends for shoes, which are just as versatile and stylish! Next year all fashionable women will wear their shoes over their pants! No matter if you go to the office or have a coffee with friends – in summer you should wrap the straps of your strappy sandals around your jeans or trousers! This is a very happy and refreshing interpretation of the classic style that is guaranteed to cause a sensation!

The mules or moccasins for an elegant look Women Fashion Trends 2021

High, flat, open or closed at the front – the popular mules will continue to be popular next year. As for the moccasins – many designers have given the classics a new look and the models with small, square heels will be particularly popular. Women Fashion Trends 2021