Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2024

Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021 Hairstyle – this is the part of the female image that is the first to catch the eye. By changing the color, styling and length of hair, you can achieve amazing transformations – from a shocking girl to an elegant young lady. We will tell you everything about the fashionable hair color trends 2024 – which shades will be the trendiest and which stylish dyeing techniques should be “tried on” for yourself in the new season.

List of the most popular shades for plain hair coloring

The darkest palette of colorants gives the greatest flight of fantasy. The advantage of such shades is that they do not require prior clarification. You can change the hairstyle almost every month, based on the most fashionable trends.

Brown palette

Colorists claim that in the brown range of shades there are about 200 tones. Almost the entire palette can be called universal – it is only important to choose the right warm or cold undertone. Brown with brown and reddish and bronze interspersed with dark olive skin. Owners of fair skin should pay attention to shades with black, ash and coffee tints.

Milk chocolate Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

This is a soft natural shade, devoid of red. On very dark hair he gives a little golden tint, but he will lie on fair-haired perfectly, making the strands alive and shiny. Milk chocolate also stands out for its midtones – dark milk, caramel, golden. All of them in the 2024 season will be in trend.

Cappuccino Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

In the list of brown shades, it occupies the central part of the light brown palette. Cappuccino is able to play with golden, coffee and creamy notes, which is why it is so loved to use in complex coloring – it creates amazing overflows on the hair. Gray and pearlescent shades are characteristic of the so-called “cold cappuccino”, but fans of rich brown and shiny tones will like a dark cappuccino.

Mocha Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

This color is easy to imagine if you brew a weak coffee made from ground African arabica. It will help to create a noble, even aristocratic image, not typical for the “gray mouse”. Mocha has similarities to the classic chestnut, but without the inherent reddish and red accents.

Bitter chocolate Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

Unlike milk chocolate, which is characterized by softness and warmth, this shade conceals a cold undertone. Dark chocolate with gray or black reflections is what will be in fashion in the 2024 season. Particular attention should be paid to the pigment for girls of winter and summer color types – it will perfectly shade light skin, gray and blue eyes.

Frosty chestnut Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

This is the same shade that will help bring zest to the image. Dark, rich and deep, it differs from its “neighbors” in the palette with barely noticeable reddish notes. Frosty chestnut is ideal for women of elegant age, since it perfectly paints over gray hair.

Rosewood, or mahogany Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

Got its name in honor of bean wood – at the cut it shimmers with chocolate, purple and even pink undertones. This is a noble color, which is not characterized by catchiness and shocking. Rosewood has no age restrictions and does not impose requirements on the type of appearance – this is a truly universal coloring.

Cinnamon Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

The shade is not suitable for every beauty, but with the right combination with the type of appearance is able to transform any. Cinnamon color consists of a series of halftones – golden, copper, honey, wheat, brown. When staining light brown and light strands, you get a rich red, on dark hair cinnamon will sparkle with copper and brown notes.

Light brown Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

A warm gourmet shade resembles caramel or toffee. Its structure is dominated by a natural brown color with a light or reddish undertone. Suitable for both full-color staining and for complex techniques.

Light palette

Blonde hair is the dream of many women and girls whom nature has endowed with dark strands. But natural blondes should pay attention to the novelties of coloring agents in order to revive their natural tone.

Vanilla blond Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

Color resembles sparkling light champagne, sometimes it is called champagne. Vanilla on the hair looks natural and elegant, goes well with golden strands.

Sandy Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

A universal light shade, which is obtained by mixing cold and gold blond. Looks good on girls with tanned skin and has no age restrictions. In winter, you can add golden accents to it, in the summer – platinum, which “cool” the look a little.

Ash blond Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

Cold bleached hair color never seems to lose popularity. The insidiousness of the shade lies in the fact that if the colorist mistakes, he can give an unsightly yellow color that has nothing to do with the noble “ashes”. Ash blonde also gives you the opportunity to play with halftones – for a certain type of appearance you can choose a dark, medium, or light palette.

Platinum Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

Almost white cold color, capable of making facial features more expressive, and appearance – bright and sexy. Platinum color creates an interesting visual effect – it makes longer short hair and adds extra volume to long hair. Platinum looks great on graded hairstyles and owners of a winter color type.

Wheat blond Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

In 2024, stylists advise paying attention to the shade of wheat, which has a lot of variations. Golden, light brown, honey, caramel, light brown and ashy halftone – in the wheat blond, everyone can find their own suitable notes and combinations.

Beige blond Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

Many people confuse this shade with light blond, but light brown is characterized by a predominance of dark pigment, while beige has a pronounced light tone. It is not as bright as platinum or ashes, but gravitates more towards the natural range.

Original shades for a vibrant look Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

Non-trivial palettes for hair coloring are no longer considered a rarity. Even world celebrities are experimenting with their hairstyles, coming out with green, purple, yellow and blue strands. To look original, it is not necessary to paint in lilac or azure. We suggest paying attention to unusual, but acceptable shades:

  • strawberry blond – the dominant blonde shade with pink pigment;
  • blue-black – a very dark color with a cold undertone;
  • apricot – a soft shade that resembles a peach or caramel, but with a more pronounced orange pigment;
  • opal – combining in one hairstyle gray, pink, pearl and sky blue shades of pastel palette;
  • pink gold – a soft cold combination of golden red and pink strands;
  • copper-chestnut mahogany – a duet of natural brown with a bright reddish tint.

Sophisticated staining techniques

The year 2024 will not bring drastic changes in the techniques of complex staining. Natural shades and natural tints will be in fashion, but bright blotches are also allowed. They will help to place the necessary accents in structured hairstyles and create soft highlights to give curls volume. Sophisticated dyeing techniques involve the use of several shades at once in one hairstyle. Only a master colorist can combine them correctly, but the home procedure risks failing.

Ombre Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

From the French language, the name “ombre” is translated as “shadow” – the shading effect is created on the hair using a variety of dyes. The master uses several natural shades, close to the natural color of the hair model. Then it makes a smooth extension of the colorant, leaving the roots dark and the tips lighter. This is an option for brunettes and brown-haired women. But blondes can experiment with the reverse ombre – in this case, the roots will turn out to be lighter, and the tips will have to be darkened.

Most often, ombre is performed on medium hair – on bob hairstyles and elongated caret. Long locks give great scope for the master’s brush – professionals manage to combine up to 10 pigments here.

If the ombre is performed on dark hair, take dyes 3 tones lighter than the original. Looks nice ombre with shades:

  • coffee
  • gold;
  • light brown;

On light strands you can use any shades, and if you need to get an extraordinary hairstyle, the tips can be painted over with a bright color.

Sombre Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

This technique has much in common with the previous one – the same smooth stretching of color using several pigments. But at the same time, not the entire volume of the hairstyle is subjected to coloring, but individual locks, creating the effect of burnt hair. They retreat a little less from the roots than in the ombre – only 1-2 cm is enough. In sombra, the transition of colorants should be subtle – only then will the coloring be considered masterful.

Bronzing Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

The main purpose of bronding is to combine the advantages of light and dark hair in one hairstyle. Such staining is most often performed on brown-haired women using shades close to the natural color, so the technique is considered gentle. Hair does not need to be pre-lightened – just a few bright highlights.

Distinctive features of the reservation:

  • use of three colors from one palette with a difference of 1-2 tones;
  • soft transition of one pigment to another;
  • the use of soft bright highlights on the inside of the hair;
  • lack of abrupt transitions.

On the part of the hairstyle with armor looks more voluminous and dynamic. Glare is interesting to play in the sun, demonstrating the beauty of the selected palette.

Air touch Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

“Touch of air” – this is the translation of the technique that allows you to achieve volume and color depth. When staining, the master takes individual locks and blows them with a hairdryer. Only those hairs that are held in a bundle undergo lightening. With this approach, sharp transitions are excluded, and in natural color, from 50 to 70% of the hair remains.

Highlighting Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

Of all complex staining techniques, highlighting is considered a pioneer. And if earlier strands were processed only with light dyes, creating the effect of “zebra”, now masters have learned to use the whole variety of the color palette. The principle of dyeing is simple – the hairdresser dyes only part of the strands, alternating the painted areas with unpainted ones.

One of the most stylish techniques that promises to become popular in 2024 is fine highlighting. After staining the “native” hair color, there is little, so the hairstyle is completely transformed. In fine highlighting, the difference between the shades is slightly noticeable, but this is the highlight of the technique.

With large highlighting, up to 70% of hairstyles are dyed – this technique is suitable for asymmetric haircuts and does not require frequent correction.

Highlighting with tinting is another trend that you should pay attention to in the new season. The tonic allows you to eliminate the yellowing effect that appears after highlighting dark strands – the hairstyle acquires a noble color with smooth transitions.

Melange Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

One of the highlighting techniques, which practically does not harm the hair. The master uses gentle paints with a low percentage of oxidation, so the natural color of the hair becomes lighter literally by 3-4 tones. In one image it is allowed to use several shades at once – this way you can achieve an interesting play of color. Melange looks best on dark hair and curly curls, but on light ones it may turn out to be inexpressive.

What color is in fashion for melange technique:

  • caramel;
  • honey;
  • nut;
  • amber;
  • cognac;

Shatush Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

Sometimes this technique is called California highlighting, although colorists claim that there are some differences between them. In fact, the technique creates the effect of burnt strands through the use of several dyes. But unlike ombre, where the tone is stretched vertically, the horizontal play of light is observed in the shuttle technique. Sudden transitions are not allowed here, the only exception is a few light locks in the face.

“Salt and pepper” Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

Performing highlighting “salt and pepper”, the master tries to create a graphite shade on the hair due to the competent combination of a cold palette:

  • gray;
  • platinum;
  • silver;

In this highlighting technique, a smooth transition from dark to lightest shade, including the intermediate gamut, is important. The easiest way to achieve this result is for natural blondes, everyone else will have to lighten the strands, sometimes in several stages. But the length of the hairstyle “salt and pepper” makes no demands – short, medium and long hair will look organic.

Splashlights Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

The purpose of splashlight staining is to achieve the effect of reflection from the hair of sunlight. For this, a wide strip of strands in a horizontal direction is painted with a professional clarifier. Retreating a distance slightly above and below the marked line, the master performs shading of the pigment a tone lighter than the original. After brightening the splashlights, tinting is carried out, which makes the transitions even softer. In the framework of the technique, it is possible to use not only blond – dark, red, purple and berry pigments are also allowed.

Nude Fashionable Hair Color Trends 2021

Nude is a new-fangled coloring, which is only gaining popularity, so in 2024, with its help, you can easily surprise others. Hairdressers describe the technique as coloring “which is not” – that is, it is such a natural shade that practically does not attract attention, but looks very stylish. Nude hair color is a cross between a warm golden blond and cold platinum. Depending on the initial tone, individual strands are obtained on the strands with complex accents – from cream and cream to caramel and honey.