Hair Color Trends 2024: focus on the best ideas to display this summer!

Hair Color Trend 2020 Hair color trends 2024. Between the caramel wicks, the polar blonde, the opal hair, the pink blonde and the flashy shades, we get lost! However, these will be the ideal colors to stand out during this summer, and not only! So, to inspire you for the current season or simply to keep you informed of all that will be in vogue during the coming months, zoom in on the 2024 hair color trend of spring-summer!

What summer look for you according to the 2024 hair color trends? Hair Color Trend 2020

Winter is officially off the horizon and you need a change of mind? The beautiful days are here and they bring with them their large batch of hair novelties. So what will be the bright colors in the 2024 spring-summer hair color trend? Pink, coppery or bluish black hair … the choice for this will certainly not be lacking this year. However, we decided to start our little beauty session with the blonde in all its splendid variations.

The blondes still in vogue for summer 2024 Hair Color Trend 2020

Who hasn’t dreamed of adopting blonde hair at least once? Trendy and highly coveted, the blonde wants to be even more remarkable when he is pale and pearly. A real asset, ideal charm for ladies with mat or golden skin in combination with a blue look, the polar blonde will only enhance all your facial features. Hair Color Trend 2020

In addition, the pearly tones go just as well with fair skin and eyes. In this context, the Scandinavian ladies can let themselves be tempted by its magic without any problem. However, avoid application from roots to ends because the polar blonde often tends to be a bit flat. Instead, our colorist is asked to leave about 1 inch of darker roots on the top of your skull. Practical and super trendy for a long time, this technique will allow a fluid regrowth without a sudden demarcation over time.

Hair color trends 2024: from blonde to golden pink! Hair Color Trend 2020

It has been a while since hair in pink has established itself as a trend in color that makes fashionistas fall in love. In locks or in total look, THE 2024 hair color in question sublimates all hair. Today, pink is a favorite shade in the world of hairdressing and appeals to blondes as well as brunettes. The good news is that the pink blonde is great for girls with naturally blonde hair. But don’t let that discourage brunettes. They can bet on pink wicks or go through the bleaching stage which is essential for them to succeed in candy coloring.

The 2024 hair color trend is changing to Venetian red, mahogany or copper Hair Color Trend 2020

Halfway between blonde and red, roux is a great way to bring a good dose of light to your spring / summer 2024 cut . Perfect for fair skin as for those who are more matte, the chameleon color in question has a rejuvenating effect on the look. So, if you hesitate between blonde and red, opt for red! However, please keep in mind that lighter ladies should favor golden or even mahogany nuances, while those of you who are more matte should adopt more copper tones.

Black with cold reflections for summer 2024? Hair Color Trend 2020

Want a more sustained 2024 hair color for the current season? So nothing like black hair! But to give it a little more pep, we swap the blonde reflections for a very trendy bluish effect. Are your eyes blue or green, while your face is clear to slightly dull? In this case, you can safely embark on this hair adventure. Hair Color Trend 2020

Impressive and creating fury in salons in recent seasons, the 2024 hair color trend in bluish black will put all your facial assets forward. On which cut can we adopt it? Short or long, stiff or curly, this coloring generally goes with all the heads. However, it goes particularly well with graphic haircuts, such as the plunge bob.

Tie and dye – the must-have 2024 hair color trend of the season Hair Color Trend 2020

The tie and dye does not stop being trend every summer. Like the roux, which we have just commented on, it is intended to be perfect in order to optimize the effect of light while giving texture to the hair. A technique dating from the 80s and widely used by hippies to discolor their clothes, today’s tie and dye consists in creating gradations of colors on any hair, colored or natural, long or short. It turns out to be a great idea for ladies wishing to energize their hair style. Hair Color Trend 2020

As we have just indicated, each mane can benefit from the technique in question provided that you follow a few important points. If tie and die blonde is the most successful hair color trend, know that it is not for everyone. In other words, brown women must absolutely avoid blond while favoring warm shades, such as chestnut for example. Hair Color Trend 2020

However, if you think that blonde tie and dye is the most popular color, then think again! For this summer, the flashy variant is on the rise. With pink, blue, green or ultra violet tips, you are spoiled for choice! Now, for the biggest fashionistas, let’s continue with the rest of our battery ideas in the 2024 hair coloring trend that will mark the heyday! Hair Color Trend 2020