Beautiful hair colour fall 2023

Hair colour fall 2023

The summer months are already over and we are all slowly preparing to return to everyday life. Colourful leaves, cozy sweater weather and golden rays of sunshine – the autumn days feel like the first episodes of the new season of our favorite series.

The start of a new season is the perfect time to spice up our look a little. The best possible way to achieve this? With a new and exciting hair colour for fall 2023, of course! Whether blonde, Red or deep black – which colour we choose is actually a very individual and pure matter of taste. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the latest hair colour trends, right? We have made ourselves smart for you and show you all the wonderful colours that we would like to try out right away!

Hair colour fall 2023: these shades of blonde are trendy Hair colour fall 2023

Whether it’s a buttercup blonde, with streaks and highlights, or a platinum blonde à la Merylin Monroe – when it comes to hair trends, it’s safe to say that blondes really have more fun. And that won’t change in the coming season either. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise – after all, there is hardly any other hair colour that shimmers in so many different and beautiful nuances. And here you will find all the blonde tones that are among the coolest hair colour trends for fall 2023!

Honey Wheat Blonde Hair Colour Hair colour fall 2023

Whether in terms of fashion, nails or hairstyles – the trends for 2023 are undoubtedly going back to naturalness. While everyone usually wants to be lighter in summer, the focus is on warmer tones in the cold season. Honey Wheat Blonde is without a doubt the most flattering hair colour for Fall 2023! The natural blonde tone is more popular this year than ever and has already established itself on the runways and with celebrities. Honey Wheat Blonde is a unique combination of darker basic tones and light gold nuances that shimmer beautifully in the sun. And the best thing? Depending on the nuances, Honey Wheat Blonde suits absolutely every woman!

Peachy Rose Blonde Hair colour fall 2023

Although the peach season is slowly coming to an end, the delicious fruit will also accompany us in the cold season. Beautifully radiant and incredibly chic – peachy rose blonde is the playful hair colour for fall 2023 that you should try! We all already know rosé-blonde hair, but the peach-coloured shade looks a bit warmer and brings a fresh touch that doesn’t look too intrusive. Most of all, what makes peachy rose blonde so interesting and exciting as a hair colour is its versatility. Whether you go more in the direction of orange-pink or blonde depends on your own taste and style. So don’t be afraid to experiment with the most varied of nuances!

Hair colour trends for fall 2023: Latte Blonde Hair Hair colour fall 2023

Cozy sweaters and a hot latte are simply a must in autumn. So it should come as no surprise that hair colour trends for 2023 were also inspired by the delicious drink. Are you already blonde, but would like a subtle change and would like to go a little darker? Then Latte Blonde would be just the right hair colour for autumn 2023 for you! The warm colour makes your mane shine in an excellent combination of caramel, light brown and honey blonde.

Mushroom bronde hair colour Hair colour fall 2023

Are you toying with the idea of becoming blonde, but not in the mood for bleaching and regular salon visits? Then we have the solution for you! Neither brown nor completely blonde, but rather somewhere in between – Mushroom Bronde is the ultimate natural hair colour for fall 2023! Some celebrities like Gisele Bündchen, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez have sworn by it for years and for good reason. With Mushroom Bronde, the hair is brown at the roots and naturally becomes a little lighter to the tip. For an even more natural and flattering look, you can spice up your hairstyle with highlights of brown and blonde.

Hair colour fall 2023: brown hair is popular Hair colour fall 2023

Is brown hair boring? But we see it differently! There are also many exciting hair colour trends for autumn 2023 for brunettes, which we are already looking forward to. Rich brown tones, caramel highlights or red tones provide a breath of fresh air and literally make our mane shine!

Chocolate Melt Hair Hair colour fall 2023

The hair colour trends for fall 2023 offer us the opportunity to discover our dark side. Sounds delicious and is also totally hip – Chocolate Melt is the perfect hair colour for fall 2023 for all brunettes! Two shades of brown are combined with each other using the classic balayage technique and the end result is an incredibly flattering and natural look that is really impressive.

Caramel highlights Hair colour fall 2023

Warm colour nuances are not only very popular for blondes – we are also moving in the warm spectrum for brown tones this year. Whether as small highlights that gently frame the face or a little freshening up of your natural brown hair – caramel nuances are exactly what you need. Super natural and with a touch of extravagance and romance – this autumn we’re all wearing Roasted Caramel! The warm colours come into their own in the sunshine and the gentle mix of caramel and red tones flatters a wide variety of skin types.

Copper red is trendy Hair colour fall 2023

Red hair is a cold season staple and staple, and as it turns out, this season is no exception. Are you ready for a bold change? Then copper red would be the perfect hair colour for fall 2023 for you! Beautiful, natural, bright and incredibly chic – Copper Hair is a real eye-catcher and always attracts attention!

Pastel blue hair is the bold hair colour trend for fall 2023 Hair colour fall 2023

And here is a hair colour for fall 2023 for everyone who likes to experiment with their hairstyles! Pastel ice blue hair that reminds us of the icy mountains in winter is the surprising hair trend of the year. Admittedly – the look requires a bit of courage, but gives the wearer a refreshing and super cool look. And if completely blue hair is too drastic for you, you can slowly approach the trend with highlights or the trendy two-tone hair.