Hair trends 2023: 22 hottest looks this year

Hair trends 2023

It’s time to clean up the Christmas decorations and update your style for spring! It’s time to see what hair trends will be relevant in 2023.

What will be fashionable this year? Relaxed and slightly sloppy looks will continue to be popular. But there will be changes. Trend styles are based on two opposite directions: textured and sleek hairstyles. But you can also combine them, for example, by choosing a blunt bob haircut and textured curls.

Do you want to upgrade your image in accordance with fashion trends? Scroll down to see all the hair trends for 2023.

Hair trends 2023: 22 ideas for haircuts, colors and hairstyles

Do you want to take a chance and make a bang, cut your hair under a bob or dye your hair? We recommend that you first study the digest of the most popular styles.

1. Women’s Hair Trends 2023: Textured Haircuts

The texture effect is used in many trendy haircuts. It is infinitely variable and suitable for any hair length.

Hair trends 2023 Haircut to add volume.

2. Fashion trends for short and long hair: rare bangs

It’s no secret that sparse bangs are more relevant than solid bangs. This also applies to short straight bangs and fashionable curtain bangs. Hair trends 2023

Straight sparse bangs to the eyebrows.

3. Hair trends 2023: messy braids

Casual looks will be trendy in 2023. Especially if your hair is frizzy or frizzy, it’s time to show off its natural texture. Messy pigtails will help to strike a balance between the collected hairstyle and tousled styling.

Hair trends 2023 Braids should not be too neat.

4. Hair trends 2023: trendy dark hair coloring

Many celebrities have been wearing dark shades this winter, and the trend has moved into 2023. You may also want to ask a colorist to give your strands a chocolate tone. At the very least, dyeing in dark colors is much more gentle on the hair than lightening.

Hair trends 2023 Maybe it’s time to get darker.

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5. Haircut trends for medium hair: blunt bob

The minimalistic and sleek blunt bob has been the inspiration of many stars in the last year, and in 2023 it is still relevant.

Hair trends 2023 Sleek and sleek blunt bob.

6. Fashionable haircuts for medium hair – trends: long blunt bob

Not ready for a short blunt bob? The output can be a blunt bob or blunt forehead. A great opportunity for those who want to try a trendy haircut, but do not plan to cut their hair very short.

Hair trends 2023 Long blunt bob and textured curls.

7. Hair trends 2023: layering for long hair

Haircut in layers can significantly change the image and give the strands the desired volume. In this case, you do not need to part with the length. This way to shape long hair and make it bouncy is on trend again.

Hair trends 2023 Haircut in layers on long dark blue hair.

8. Haircut trends for medium and short hair: shaggy or shag

The shaggy haircut, especially the one based on the bob, was popular in 2021 and will move with us into the trends of the current year.

Hair trends 2023 The shaggy haircut is constantly coming back into fashion and has already become a classic.

9. Fashion trends for women’s hair: long bangs

Curtain bangs were extremely trendy in 2021 and they still are. Only now the actual bangs have become even longer. It is very convenient: it is easy to release such bangs, stab or hide under the bulk of the hair.

Hair trends 2023 The longer the bangs, the easier it is with it.

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10. Hair trends 2023: fluffy curls

Fluffy curls will again set the trend. And, by the way, perm is also gradually becoming fashionable. You will be able to appreciate the modern sparing options for this hair procedure.

Hair trends 2023 Such a perm immediately adds basal volume.

11. Hair trends from the 70s in 2023

Hairstyles in the style of the 70s are an uptrend this year. Not only a variety of textured haircuts will be popular, but also long flowing hair, as well as headbands and headbands.

Hair trends 2023 The 70s are on trend.

12. What hair is in trend: textured bangs

The times when bangs must be straight are over. Now thinning and torn cut are welcome. And if you have curly bangs, then you are at the peak of the trend.

Hair trends 2023 No more worrying about straight bangs.

13. Trend 2023: long sleek hair

Fashion for very long, straight and smooth hair is returning from the early 2000s. There is nothing more to add, except how impressive and attractive it is.

Hair trends 2023 Looks from the early 2000s will be returning.

14. Hair color trends 2023: wide highlights

Wide highlights are becoming more common, and this is also the return of the trend from the beginning of the 2000s. You can take a chance and make contrasting strands or choose a more sophisticated look with shades close to the base color.

Hair trends 2023 Why not try wide highlights.

15. Fashion hair trends 2023: face curls

Curls near the face have become almost a mandatory “part of the program” when you make a collected hairstyle. The strands beautifully frame the face and are suitable for almost any hairstyle.

Hair trends 2023 Collected hairstyle and curls at the face.

16. Fashionable haircuts for medium, short and long hair: ladder

Like long bangs, layered haircuts with short bangs at the face will be popular in 2023. This trend can be used alone or in combination with layered haircuts and bangs.

Hair trends 2023 Create a trendy look with strands that frame your face.

17. Haircut trends for short hair 2023

Want to start the new year with a big change? Why not try a short haircut. The most fashionable options at the moment are pixie, garcon and gavroche.

Hair trends 2023 A fresh start for those who dream of decisive change.

18. Hair trends 2023: messy waves

Light and slightly careless curls are still a fashionable hairstyle. This styling is performed simply and quickly using a curling iron or straightener. Just don’t forget about thermal protection.

Hair trends 2023 Simple and stylish hairstyle.

19. Fashion hair trends: voluminous curls

Voluminous curls conquer TikTok ! You can make them with a thin curling iron. You can also treat the hair roots with a shirring device, use small curlers or braid pigtails for the night.

Hair trends 2023 Volumetric curls on a thin curling iron.

20. Haircut trends for medium hair: haircut in layers

A layered haircut for medium length hair is one of the hottest looks in 2023. This is a universal trend for those who do not plan to cut their hair too short or want to diversify an overgrown bob.

Hair trends 2023 This trend is suitable for any type of hair.

21. Hair trends 2023: Facial styling

The hairstyle with hair pulled out by the brush in the direction from the face combines trends from the 70s and early 2000s. Such styling with a hairdryer and a brush creates a feminine styling with flowing strands.

Hair trends 2023 It is worth taking a closer look at the images from the 70s and early 2000s.

22. Hair Color Trend 2023: Red Hair Color

Last but not least, copper, dark and bright red hair shades are gaining popularity. An excellent choice if you are looking for a warm and vibrant color for a new hair color. Hair trends 2023