Hairstyle Trends for the New Year 2024

Hairstyle Trends for the New Year 2024

Do you want to be the queen of the holiday party? Be. And we will talk about the most fashionable hairstyle trends for the New Year 2024. We have a variety of styling options for long, medium and short hair.

Today, naturalness and ease are relevant – in clothes, in makeup and in hair, this trend has been observed for more than a season. This also applies to hairstyles for the New Year 2024. In the year of the Rabbit, you should give preference to calmer, flowing and not too defiant options. Curls “surfer’s girlfriend”, “Hollywood wave”, “sloppy bun” – whatever your heart desires. New Year’s hairstyles can be anything, but not heavy and complex. No towers and pretzels on your head. No, too much diligence. Styling should give the impression that you got out of the shower, dried your hair a little with a hairdryer and “all so flying” went to the party. The lighter and more casual the haircut or styling, the more stylish you will look. And yet, an important point is the integrity of the image, do not forget to maintain the style of your outfit and hairstyle. Well, now consider the most relevant options.

Important nuances

When choosing a hairstyle for the New Year 2024, be guided by the length of the hair, the choice of dress and the shape of the face.

Choice of outfit Hairstyle Trends for the New Year 2024

Basic principle: If the dress is open-shouldered, with a bare back, we loosen the hair, add drop earrings.

A closed dress with a length below the knee – we take the hair up, choose larger, accent clips, preferably from massive metal to draw attention to the neck.

Face shape Hairstyle Trends for the New Year 2024

You know, when the movie “Roman Holiday” came out in the 1950s, hundreds of thousands of girls in salons asked to have their hair done like Audrey Hepburn. This is despite the fact that such a haircut suits few people, but fashion dictated its own and the girls “did bangs” like in the movie. So, no matter how fashionable the trends in hairdressing are, you need to focus, first of all, on your face type. There are four in total.

Triangular face: wide cheekbones and a narrow chin. Asymmetrical bangs or curls covering the cheekbones will help to visually smooth out the disproportion. That is, you need to add volume to the lower part of the face, removing from the top.

Square:  A sculpted chin and prominent cheekbones are the hallmarks of this face. To soften the angular contours of the “square”, it is recommended to frame it with strands of hair, as well as resort to asymmetrical hairstyles. Layered haircuts are the most ideal solution.

Round:  This face shape is characterized by soft and smooth rounded lines. The distance from the forehead to the chin is almost equal to the distance between the rather wide cheekbones. The chin almost does not stand out. To achieve the greatest beauty and harmony, a round face needs to be visually stretched: make the forehead higher and narrow the cheekbones. That is, to bring the shape closer to the oval, which is considered ideal.

Owners  of an oval shape  are the luckiest. Almost any hairstyle for the New Year 2024 will suit them.

Hits of 2024

We tell about the most interesting and beautiful trends of 2024 below.

Hairstyles for long hair Hairstyle Trends for the New Year 2024

Curls “Surfer’s Girlfriend”

You know that Jennifer Aniston is called “the sunniest girl in California.” Including, for the fact that she has not changed the curls of the “surfer’s girlfriend” for many years. Want to look like a New Year’s Eve fresh from Miami? Feel free to do this styling. And we will only add that there is no woman in the world who would not make these curls younger and somehow “airier”.

Hollywood wave Hairstyle Trends for the New Year 2024

The New Year’s hairstyle of a real diva can make even the most modest outfit glamorous and elegant. If the dress for the party is concise and strict, then the Hollywood wave is the option that you should tell your master. Just ask not to take the curls away strongly on the face, this will cause you discomfort during the fun, it is better to make them more voluminous on the sides.

Spectacular tail Hairstyle Trends for the New Year 2024

With long hair, you can endlessly experiment. And the tail is no exception – complement it with a pearl thread, a chain, or combine it with braids. This option is suitable if you prefer an elegant look with a twist. For example, a pantsuit with a jacket on a naked body or a long dress with a figure with one bare shoulder. In this case, your hairstyle will play the role of decoration in the image and will surprise everyone with its originality. The elastic in this case should be completely hidden under a strand of hair fixed around the base. The exception is those elastic bands that are distinguished by a fashionable design.

Hairstyles for medium hair

Beam Hairstyle Trends for the New Year 2024

Low, medium, high. It can be perfectly smooth or vice versa freely assembled. The choice is yours. If we talk about the latter, then the motto of such a hairstyle is negligence. The easier you treat her, the better. The beam can be both simple and spectacular, complemented by various decorations. Ideally, with loose strands that immediately give lightness to the image. Another option is a smooth beam. So that not one hair breaks the deliberate ideality, it is better to use special styling products. For lovers of elegant and minimalist images – that’s it. But here you can recoup at the expense of bright decorations. Feel free to choose large earrings in vintage style that are relevant now. In any case, such a New Year’s hairstyle will make you irresistible and memorable in 2024.

Retro styling Hairstyle Trends for the New Year 2024

Retro hairstyles never lose their relevance. Vintage-style curls are ideal for romantic natures, adding mystery to the image. This hairstyle will look really chic with a dress in the style of the 30s – with feathers or fringes. And do not forget about red lipstick – it will definitely remind you of that era. Well, if you want to add accessories to your hair, then give preference to invisible ones. Today it is fashionable to use several dozen stealths at once, and use them to create waves.

Braided hairstyles Hairstyle Trends for the New Year 2024

Such New Year’s hairstyles are very diverse. Weaving elements can be used both independently and in bundles and tails, for example. Today, small pigtails are relevant, which can be collected in a ponytail or left one or two free in the hair. With the help of weaving, you can give a different mood to the image – from romantic to extravagant. In addition, this option is ideal for those who have unruly hair and it is difficult to style it otherwise.

“In 2024, braids are as popular as ever. Slightly modified. For example, asymmetrical, slightly careless. For styling braids with classic weaving, it is better to use a spectacular hairpin, ”

Hairstyles for short hair

Wet hair effect Hairstyle Trends for the New Year 2024

This is an amazing option for brave girls. It is not for nothing that celebrities often choose this styling method – it is bright, sexy and sensual. If you want even more attention, complement this hairstyle with red lipstick. She will give the missing accent. But here your outfit should not be too flashy. Opt for minimalist, sleek options. Let hair and makeup play a leading role in this image. It is worth noting that this styling looks great on both short and long hair.

Careless curls Hairstyle Trends for the New Year 2024

In fact, these are the same “surfer girlfriend” curls only on short hair. The obvious success of this hairstyle for the New Year on short haircuts is that adding volume at the roots of the hair: styling will make a more playful and frivolous impression. And her mistress will add coquetry. Just what you need for the New Year mood!

Styling with multi-colored strands Hairstyle Trends for the New Year 2024

When street-style first introduced pink strands, everyone thought that this was a short-lived toy for the most advanced fashionistas. However, today all the stars wear “multi-colored styling”. Why are we worse? Therefore, it will be very interesting to try to “rainbow” protonate the hair for the holiday. Moreover, it is not necessary to do this for a long time, in many salons today they offer the option of such coloring for one or two evenings. Why not? Yes, and the status of the queen of the party is guaranteed to you.

Popular questions and answers

Useful recommendations for choosing a hairstyle for the New Year 2024 were shared with us by expert; stylist and hair care master :

What hairstyles with hair accessories to make for the New Year 2024?

The main question is how not to overload the image with accessories. Hairpins, crabs, tiaras – all this attracts the eye, but at the same time gives the hairstyle an additional “load”.

For example, it is better to add a light ribbon to a long braid: pass it through the hair or tie it at the bottom. On short hair, small rings or rhinestones look beautiful, which are attached to a single fishing line over the hair. If you decide to make a bun, then try to complement your hairstyle with elegant hair clips in silver or gold shades.

How to combine a hairstyle with the chosen New Year’s outfit?

Dresses with an open back will look good with medium length hair, long sloppy curls. Loose hair goes well with medium-sized accessories and expressive makeup.

It is not necessary to choose a dress for the holiday: the basis of the New Year’s image can be a suit or overalls. In this case, the hairstyle should be chosen more concise, collected, but not necessarily a bunch. You can strict tail or weaving.

Are there hairstyles that you should not do in the New Year 2024?

Depending on how the celebration will take place, you need to focus on the approximate type of hairstyle. If the holiday is planned to be active, you will spend a lot of time on your feet or in motion, you should not choose weighting hairstyles: complex weaving, many accessories or overhead strands.