Latest Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

Hair color trends change every season, with new hair coloring techniques constantly emerging to create more interesting, natural and long-lasting color schemes. Fashion trends in hair, predict trendy styles of styling, haircuts and hair colors for the upcoming season.

The main slogan of the latest hair color trends in 2024 is that your color should always look healthy! Be it dark chocolate, blonde, blonde or complex coloring. If the hair looks healthy and well-groomed, it is in trend, regardless of color. Coloring to enhance the beauty of your hair, not ruin it!

Today, with professional hair dyes and professional colorists, almost any color we want can be achieved. In the article you will find the current hair colors and shades that are considered the most fashionable in 2024 for short, medium and long hair.

Actual hair color 2024: fashion coloring trends

Every woman changes her hair color from time to time, regardless of status, hair length or haircut. And these changes are not necessarily radical, it is enough to dilute your shade a little to change the image. However, from season to season, the color palette of actual shades for hair changes. Let’s see what awaits us in 2024 in hair coloring.

The main types of hair coloring season 2024

  1. Monochromatic coloring. It involves applying one shade to the hair. Browns, reds, blacks, although the tones will be more subdued in 2024.
  2. Toning. Hair toning changes the tone of your hair, meaning it won’t completely change the color of your hair, but will help change the tone of natural or dyed strands. Toning neutralizes unwanted warm or copper tones, helping you achieve a more radiant, healthy and natural looking complexion.
  3. Lightening. Only a professional colorist will prepare the perfect solution to lighten your hair without creating unnatural warm tones.
  4. Complex coloring. These are staining techniques, but all of them are mainly based on the highlighting technique: balayage, shatush, ombre, air touch, coloring, bronding and others.

There are four basic hair colors: blonde, brunette, red, and black, and these colors can be subtly altered in tone to create a different look. For example, a light color can be combined with cooler tones to create a hair color such as ash blonde.

Top tricks in hair coloring techniques 2024

Subtle tone variations will be a major trend in 2024, adding a multi-dimensional effect to hair, with it you can achieve volume even on fine hair. This is Babylights staining, bronding, 3D staining technique.

Lightening accents – soft, natural color combinations with an emphasis on lightening, which create depth and volume, one of the fashion trends in coloring for the 2024 season. These are air touch, shatush, balayage techniques.

Light glare. Light highlights will always be a classic when it comes to hair color. And with such an extensive palette, in 2024, every color has its own shade.

In 2024, more attention is paid to shine and smoothness, because shine gives hair a beautiful and healthy look.

Trendy shades of blonde season 2024 Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

Light shades of hair are always in fashion and 2024 is no exception, they look chic on short, medium and of course long hair. However, light shades can be quite tricky if you can’t find the shade that best suits your complexion.

Blonde has many shades that will be relevant in 2024:

  1. Platinum blonde is a rather complex type of coloring, being a platinum blonde is quite difficult, because even after successful dyeing, careful home and professional care is needed to keep the color. Suitable for owners of light porcelain skin and blue, green or gray eyes.
  2. Ash blonde is a cooler shade of smoky blonde hair that works best with naturally blonde or light blonde hair. It is very similar to platinum hair color. Ash gives off a bit of gray, which is clearly visible in the right lighting. This is one of the trendiest blonde colors of 2024.
  3. Cream color is the most common type of blonde. With this shade it is very easy to hide gray hair and refresh the image. In addition, it suits girls with dark skin and dark eyes.
  4. Strawberry blonde. Pale pink is the trendiest blonde hair color in 2024. Suitable for medium hair, and long, and square.
  5. Pearl blonde is a very interesting and rich shade, the trend of the 2024 season. The design is quite complex as it is created from four different colors: white, silver, pink and blue.
  6. Caramel blonde. This is one of the favorite colors of most women. It looks sensual, and the highlights make it natural and voluminous. Does not require permanent staining.
  7. Blonde in honey and golden tones is a multi-dimensional shade that works best with long or medium hair.

Blonde hair shades 2024 Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

Blonde hair shades are considered more muted than, for example, blond or black, but it is mega fashionable in 2024, as natural muted hair shades are in trend. Many consider natural blond hair beautiful and feminine, as it is unique and diverse.

Fashionable light brown hair shades of the season 2024:

  • Ash-blond – suitable for girls with pale skin and light eyes.
  • Platinum blonde is a rather complex shade and it is not easy to get it, it belongs to the cold range of shades.
  • Light blond – has a wide variety of shades, but they all look natural and natural. Suitable for girls with light eyes and fair skin.
  • Dark blond – for women with a warm appearance color type. It is close enough to the natural natural hair color.

Blonde hair is the best canvas for dyeing any color. This is a versatile hair color that is ideal for creating trendy highlights and coloring techniques.

Fashionable dark shades of hair: current trends for brunettes 2024 Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

When it comes to hair ideas, brunettes can choose from a variety of shades: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cocoa, spicy chocolate, or even raspberry-tinted chocolate.

Warm dark hair colors: browns that reflect gold, orange, or red.

Cool dark hair colors: brown, reflective blue, green or purple.

  1. Chocolate brown hair is a brunette hair color that is reminiscent of shades of chocolates. Fine, soft and rich chocolate.
  2. Cherry chocolate is an incredibly luxurious color, a combination of rich brown and burgundy. This is the real trend of the next season.
  3. Coffee shades – look very beautiful and natural on the hair. They are quite simple in execution, so the demand for these shades only increases every year.
  4. Mocha is one of the most expressive shades for brunettes in 2024. It’s like very strong coffee with a few drops of milk.
  5. Walnut – There are several shades of hazel for brunettes. among them: nutmeg, walnut and classic walnut. Each of them will look great on brunettes in 2024.
  6. Black tulip is the most fashionable hair color of the 2024 season for brunettes. Both on short hair and on long hair it looks equally expensive and expressive.

Red hair color: popular trends 2024 Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

Red hair is beautiful and spectacular!

Red hair colors vary in shades of strawberry, copper, chestnut and burgundy. All you have to do is pick the red hair color that best suits your skin tone and eye color.

  • Copper is a bright and spectacular color that will undoubtedly suit all red-haired girls. This is a complex shade, so you should not try to paint houses yourself.
  • Honey is a beautiful and natural color, it has not gone out of fashion for several years now.
  • Bronze – This color is the result of a successful combination of chestnut and copper shades. On hair of any length it looks expensive and expressive.

Actual bright shades of hair 2024 Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

Despite the trend towards naturalness, fashionistas can also dye their hair in the most incredible colors.

If you want to choose a bright hair color, you need to be prepared for intensive care:

  • regularly make correction of the roots and the entire length
  • hair shine treatments
  • hair restoration procedures after dyeing

Be sure to talk to your stylist or colorist about what products to use, how often you should wash your hair, and the do’s and don’t of styling.

Trendy bright shades of hair for the season 2024:

  1. Bright green
  2. Purple and lilac
  3. Orange
  4. Pink
  5. Blue

Types of complex hair coloring techniques 2024

Every year, top stylists update trends in hair coloring: new coloring techniques appear, some, on the contrary, become outdated. However, there are surefire options. We have collected the most popular coloring techniques of the 2024 season. So, what techniques are currently in trend?

Hair highlighting: fashion trends 2024 Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

Highlighting is the basis of almost all types of complex coloring (air touch, coloring, bronding, Californian, Venetian highlighting and others). Previously, only lightening was used, today they make dark and colored strands. In fact, highlighting is the coloring of individual strands.

In 2024, natural highlights are the most relevant, neat and barely noticeable, which gives the hair shine and juiciness. To create beautiful highlights, choose shades slightly lighter or darker than your natural color.

Balayage coloring: fashion trends and photos 2024 Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

Balayazh creates a delightful color mixture that you can not take your eyes off and it is not surprising that this hair coloring technique has not lost its relevance for several years.

Balayage is a technique for applying color, not a particular color itself. Brightness around the face, mixed at the roots, lighter ends and effortless naturalness are all hallmarks of a 2024 balayage color.

The colorist manually selects which strands of hair the bleach will be applied to. As a rule, the highlighter is more concentrated on the face-framing areas of the hair, the ends and the top layer of the hair for a more voluminous look. The result is a perfectly soft, natural gradient that every girl desires.

Shatush coloring 2024 Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

Shatush is a complex hair coloring technique, the final result of which depends on the professionalism of the master. As a result, the price of such staining is very high. And not every master can handle it. But you can walk with such staining from 5 to 10 months.

First, a pile is made along the entire length, and a brightening composition is applied to the hair that remains after the pile. Shatush looks very natural, like the effect of sun-bleached hair.

Ombre coloring Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

The ombre technique is when the hair gradually changes from one color at the top to another towards the bottom. Coloring gives the hair volume, makes it lively, unusual. Ash brown, cool beige, ash blonde and caramel colors are trending for ombre in 2024.

The color trend is quite fickle and seems to change regularly with the seasons. The rational choice of ombre hair color depends largely on the natural color of your hair and partly on its length. Beautiful long curls, of course, will fully reveal the concept of ombre.

Fashion Coloring Babylights Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

Babylights is one of the types of highlights, a trendy hair coloring technique of 2024. In this technique, very thin strands are distinguished, which are painted at a minimum distance. As a result, there is a feeling of a solid blond. But this is not so, the hair really becomes lighter in the total mass, but it has depth, volume, amazing naturalness, which is so fashionable this season. And all thanks to thin dark strands, untouched by the master.

The fashion trend of Babylights is associated with the technique of super-fine highlighting. The dyed strands look natural and resemble children’s hairstyles, hence the name. With this technique, you can give your hair a three-dimensional effect and make it more voluminous. Therefore, this trendy hair coloring technique of 2024 is ideal for fine hair. If you just want to freshen up your natural color, this color trend is the perfect choice.

Hair bronzing Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

Bronding is a hair coloring technique based on highlights, which is gradually becoming a classic. All thanks to the maximum naturalness after staining. This method uses the alternation of dark and light strands so that the transition from one to the other is invisible. The result is the effect of burnt hair.

Bronding adds density to the hair, makes the color of the strands more saturated and allows you to forget about the salon for several months, since the growth of the roots occurs imperceptibly.

Airtouch hair coloring technique Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

“A touch of air”, this is how AirTouch staining is translated, its essence lies in the same. That is, coloring is done with the help of air (hair dryer), which blows thinner and shorter hair out of the strand. Then the coloring composition is applied. Airtouch is a very soft and gentle coloring technique that practically does not harm the hair. The transitions in coloring are so soft that they are simply invisible. With this staining technique, there are no clear lines, such as when staining using the highlighting or ombre technique.

3D painting technique Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

The 3D painting technique is gaining momentum at an incredible rate. The thing is that an incredible volume effect is achieved. To perform, you will need 3-4, or even 5 tones, as close as possible to each other, otherwise you will get the usual color. The main tone is the darkest of the selected ones. Then they begin to paint over individual strands. It turns out the transition from darker areas to lighter ones, which will create a 3D effect.

Photos of fashionable hair colors 2024 Hair Coloring Technique Trends 2024

Get ready to fall in love with the best hair colors of the 2024 season. We have collected the latest photos of the latest fashion hair coloring techniques for short, medium and long strands, and also prepared the trendy colors of the solid coloring of the 2024 season.