Long Hair Hairstyles For New Year 2023

Long Hair Hairstyles For New Year 2023

There are many options for hairstyles for long hair, which are suitable for the New Year 2023. For a holiday, any girl will be able to choose a suitable style of styling. After all, it is the hairstyle that complements the makeup and the chosen outfit.

Styling “Wet Curls” Long Hair Hairstyles For New Year 2023

The hairstyle trends of 2023 will be the Wet Curls hairstyle. On long hair, the effect looks stylish and is suitable for any event. Styling can be done even for the New Year.

It is created in several stages:

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo (standard, not for straightening hair, so as not to weigh down the curls).
  2. Dry the strands by blotting them with a towel (it is better not to use a hairdryer, there is a risk of overdrying the hair, then it will be difficult to achieve the desired effect).
  3. Apply styling mousse to your hands and distribute over the entire length. You can also use wax (pay special attention to the tips, they are additionally treated with two different means).
  4. Crease the strands, paying attention to the entire length of the hair so that they fit into curls.
  5. Twist each strand into a tourniquet and secure with a hair clip.
  6. Blow dry your hair or wait for it to dry on its own.
  7. After complete drying, dissolve the hairstyle and distribute the curls over the head with your hands.
  8. Fix the styling with varnish so that it lasts all night.

You cannot comb your curls. After combing, the “wet” effect will disappear, and the hair will become fluffy and stick out in different directions.

It is difficult to create such styling on naturally straight hair. Preference should be given to mousse or wax with strong hold. It is necessary to apply the product in a row so that it is better absorbed. After completion, be sure to fix the hairstyle with varnish.

Styling “Beach Curls” Long Hair Hairstyles For New Year 2023

The main advantage of styling is naturalness. Despite the summer name, the hairstyle is great for the main winter holiday. Light waves add volume to hair. If they start to blossom by the end of the event, it will be invisible.

There are several ways to create a beach hairstyle. The most common and fastest consists of the following steps:

  1. Wash hair, paying attention to roots.
  2. Dry with a hair dryer.
  3. Apply thermal protection to the entire length of the hair and powder to the roots to add volume.
  4. Divide the hair into zones and make curls in a straight line with a styler (after turning, pull the straightener down a little so that the curls are not pronounced).
  5. After the curls must be allowed to cool and bloom a little under their own weight.
  6. Be sure to fix the hair with varnish along the entire length.

You can leave your hair loose or part to one side for an asymmetrical look. Stylists advise using headbands, hairpins and metal twigs as decorations. Braids or plaits can be added to the sides of the head if desired.

Hollywood Styling Long Hair Hairstyles For New Year 2023

The hairstyle is suitable for lovers of perfect styling. With it, you can create a Hollywood look by choosing bright makeup and a tight dress. It is better to wear high-heeled shoes on your feet.

It is difficult to create a Hollywood style at home. You will need a large diameter round styler, fixing mousse and thermal protection. After washing and drying thoroughly, you need to perform a number of actions:

  1. Divide hair into zones.
  2. Twist the curls in a row and give them time to cool.
  3. Use a comb through your hair to create a wave.
  4. Use your hands to set the direction.
  5. Leave large clips on the hair to shape the wave.
  6. Remove hairpins and fix hair with varnish.

To create a Hollywood hairstyle, you need a mousse that gives the hair shine and glues it together. This is necessary for the styling to look perfect. Short hairs should not be knocked out of the general head.

The hairstyle looks spectacular without embellishments. If desired, you can add graceful hairpins from the side where there is less hair.

Bundle At The Back Of The Head Long Hair Hairstyles For New Year 2023

For girls with long hair, it is better not to do voluminous high hairstyles. Even soft curls will fall off under the weight. After 2-3 hours, the styling will turn into an untidy head of hair, as if whipped up.

Low buns for long hair are one of the best hairstyles for the New Year in 2023. They allow you to emphasize the thickness of the hair or visually create it if it is runny. Stylists advise several topical varieties of this hairstyle:

  • straight parting, perfectly slicked back hair and a smooth bun (performed using a gel so that short hairs do not come out);
  • a bunch with a small volume at the roots (under the weight of the length of the natural volume, there may be no natural volume, powder is used to create it);
  • a bundle in combination with braids on the sides of the head (an inverted braid and a “fishtail” look spectacular);
  • a bun with light waves (first, beach curls are created on the hair with the help of a styler, they look the most natural, then all the hair is collected in a careless bun).

The bundle can be made by yourself at home. It is enough to watch 2-3 videos with different options and try them on your hair in order to understand the principle of styling the strands.

Low Tail Long Hair Hairstyles For New Year 2023

Stylish and minimalistic hairstyle for the New Year – a low ponytail. This styling suits almost any look. Perfectly slicked back hair is secured with an elastic band at the back of the head that matches the color of the curls. It is advisable to straighten the length, and apply a fixing gel to the crown of the head so that small hairs do not break out.

If you want a voluminous tail, you need to part in the middle and release several small strands from the face. They can be curled, just like ponytail hair. To add volume at the roots, you should use powder.

Simple elastic bands need to be covered with more attractive accessories:

  • voluminous hair clip;
  • scallop;
  • metal mesh;
  • tape;
  • elastic band with beads, stones, pearls.

For a minimalistic ponytail, stylists advise wrapping a small section of your hair around the elastic.

Hairstyles With Braids Long Hair Hairstyles For New Year 2023

Among the options for hairstyles for long hair for the New Year in 2023, braids will be relevant. They can be played in a character in different ways:

  • braid to the full length – suitable for girls with thick hair (on liquid ones, even inverted voluminous braids look ridiculous and meager);
  • create volume at the roots using a spikelet or a fishtail braid – the rest of the hair can be collected in a ponytail or bun;
  • braid small braids inside the head, if beach curls are made on the hair – jewelry (metal rings, pendants with feathers, crosses, etc.) can be woven into the braids;
  • a braid around the head in the form of a wreath – it can be made festive and bright with the help of sequins for hair, hairpins with stars and bright ribbons;
  • two spikelets in the middle – choose strands of small size, braids are weaved from them (partings can be made even or zigzag and sparkles can be applied to them).

The number of braids and their options depend on the type of hair and the desired result.

Minimalistic Hairstyles Long Hair Hairstyles For New Year 2023

According to stylists, the most beautiful hairstyles are minimalistic options. They fit perfectly into any look and look expensive. To create hairstyles, no special skills are required, in most cases these are simple styling with discreet decorations:

  • Ponytail and curls – the hair is divided into thin strands that curl from the very roots and collected in a low ponytail. For fixing, you can use your own strand and invisibility, an elastic band with a minimalistic decoration or a velvet thin ribbon.
  • An elegant bun with strands extended at the face and volume at the roots. The hairstyle is fixed with hairpins, which should not be visible.
  • Perfectly straight hair. Shine can be achieved with mousse, it also helps to glue short hairs so that they do not knock out.
  • Low ponytail of straight hair. If by nature the curls are fluffy, they should be straightened with a styler, after applying protection (the gel is used for perfect combing of hair all over the head).
  • Bundles on the sides on wavy hair. Strands of bundles are fixed at the back of the head with hairpins or invisible hairpins (you can add metal wire with rhinestones or pearls).
  • Low bun or tail with pearls. The beads are attached to the head with hairpins, hairpins, invisible hairpins or special glue.

In minimalistic hairstyles, it is better not to use bright sequins, ribbons and hairpins. Preference should be given to natural styling, simple invisibility and hairpins with pearls.

High Tails Long Hair Hairstyles For New Year 2023

In 2023, when choosing a New Year’s hairstyle, you should be careful with a high ponytail. Options with perfectly trimmed hair will be relevant and stylish. To create smoothness and shine, you need to use a gel. The length will need to be straightened, after applying thermal protection, if the hair is naturally fluffy.

In the tail, the strands should disintegrate into hairs, be elastic and look natural, therefore, it is better to refuse strong fixation varnishes and waxes.

How To Prepare Your Hair For A Hairstyle? Long Hair Hairstyles For New Year 2023

Before creating a festive look, you need to prepare your hair for a hairstyle. To do this, you need to adhere to the rules developed by hairdressers:

  • 7 days before going to the hairdresser or before the date of the celebration, you need to start hair care, paying attention to the length and ends (homemade masks and balms are ideal);
  • the use of styling products – they are selected individually according to the type of hair, it is better to choose proven brands, do not experiment, there is a risk of ruining the hairstyle;
  • to add volume to the hair, you should use powder, mousse will help fix the curls;
  • for soft hair, strong fixation gels cannot be used, they are suitable for hard type;
  • it is necessary to make a training hairstyle in order to determine the option and understand where it is not possible to make the desired effect;
  • if a trip to the hairdresser was chosen to create a hairstyle, you should first try several options at home, understand which styling suits the type, hair color and face shape.

Without these moments, the real styling may not coincide with the expectations and with the photo of the example, and after it the hair will lose its former look.


There are many hairstyles to choose from in 2023 for the New Year. For long hair, stylists are advised to do stylish styling. Particular attention should be paid to wet curls, Hollywood wave and beach curls. The hairstyle options look stylish, but each of them suits a specific look. More attention should be paid to hair health during the week. In the process, use thermal protection, mousses, gels, fixing waxes and varnishes.