Main Beauty Trends 2023

Main Beauty Trends 2023

Star make-up artist has compiled a great guide to the main beauty trends 2023. Stylists and make-up artists have been working in the rhythm of next year for a long time, so the article contains the top accents and tricks that are definitely worth a try.

9 Main Beauty Trends 2023

Natural “delicious” lips Main Beauty Trends 2023

And this is not about the puffiness pumped by fillers, but about the natural beauty of the lips, which can and should be supplemented with juicy shades that have been captivating us since the fall of 2022. Lip augmentation is becoming an anti-trend, but expressive make-up is welcomed in everyday life and at important events.

As always, the undisputed leaders are lipsticks, glosses and inks in Nude shades. However, there is room for your experiments to the mood and look of the day: all shades of sweet berries, plum shades, as well as all colors of red lipsticks will be at the top of popularity. And it’s not always about the red carpet: don’t be afraid to stand out every day, be different, but remain yourself!

Makeup without eyebrows Main Beauty Trends 2023

A new trend is literally breaking in to replace sable eyebrows: their complete absence. Of course, they do not need to be shaved, but if you want to look stylish and trendy, you should think about lightening, bleaching or try to mask the eyebrows with concealer – then they will look like a glossy cover.

“Makeup without makeup” Main Beauty Trends 2023

The outgoing 2022 gave us a light and gentle, elegant make-up without make-up, which is so loved by all fashionistas. It will be in trend all of 2023, so all the dull shades, weightless textures, tonal products that do not weigh down the skin, highlighters and fine glitter should be in every girl’s makeup bag!

Frosty cheeks Main Beauty Trends 2023

Choose beautiful natural shades for your skin tone: for light – a soft blush, for dark – deeper and richer options. Apply with your fingers and a fluffy brush, and most importantly – keep the effect of weightlessness and carelessness that harmonizes with your image.

Expressive cheekbones Main Beauty Trends 2023

Expressive cheekbones give your face and makeup an extraordinarily luxurious look, concise and stylish. In fact, only thanks to the cheekbones you can create the perfect and top image. Not only the sculptor will help you with this, but also the blush – apply them on the cheekbones, cheekbones and eyelids and be irresistibly beautiful!

Arrows Main Beauty Trends 2023

Continuation of the trend, which is popular at all times – only the shape and color change, but the essence remains the same. In 2023, I advise you to experiment: arrows with contrasting shades of eyeliner, double arrows, colored. Next year, it is worth noting that the rule “the more, the better” – this is definitely about the arrows. So make wide, draw the outer and inner arrows, and you certainly will not lose with trendy makeup.

Grunge black eyeliner Main Beauty Trends 2023

Take the black pencils from the far shelf and again, as in the 90’s or at the Sandy Liang show, start completely circling the eyes with a thick line. But remember that such a makeup technique can make already small eyes even smaller. To prevent this from happening, arm yourself with a white kayal and walk it on the mucous membrane of the upper and lower eyelids.

Shine on the eyelids Main Beauty Trends 2023

The case when for inspiration you can remember the makeup that you did as a child with the Ruby Rose palette. Boldly apply pearlescent shades on the entire eyelid, and individual sequins and glitter – in the center. This makeup will look very unusual if you do not mascara.

Retro shooters Main Beauty Trends 2023

Fashion is a well-forgotten old. Big eyelashes, white and dark arrows are back in fashion! Don’t forget about the past.

2023 Beauty Trends That Are Already Visible Today

The beauty trends of 2023 are not much different from what was popular in 2022, but some changes will still overtake us. Ahead, you will find 7 trends that will define the next 12 months.

1) Personalized skin care Main Beauty Trends 2023

In 2023, skin care products will become the bestseller in the beauty segment.

During quarantine, we have become more selective in choosing skin care products and taking into account the individual characteristics and needs of our skin, and not relying only on the advice of experts and beauty bloggers. With this knowledge, we are moving into 2023.

2) Openness of processes Main Beauty Trends 2023

Consumers are demanding clarity about the values of beauty brands and transparency in their manufacturing processes, so in 2023, many brands will become even more open to their customers.

This is especially true for cosmetic brands that produce “clean” products from natural ingredients.

3) Prosperity of cosmetics for men Main Beauty Trends 2023

Beauty and grooming products for men will become even more popular. This is due to the fact that in modern society there is a gradual evolution of social norms, and therefore cosmetics for men no longer seem shameful and unacceptable. In many ways, this was influenced by social networks, which are gradually erasing gender boundaries.

4) Caring for the oral cavity Main Beauty Trends 2023

The rise of denfluencers (influential dentists) on social media has sparked an increased interest in oral care. Now it is important to take care not only that there are no caries on the teeth, but also to pay attention to their whiteness, smells and the overall beauty of the whole mouth.

5) Development of beauty technologies Main Beauty Trends 2023

In 2023, the technological evolution will reach new heights in the cosmetics segment. We already have all sorts of gadgets and applications that allow us to control certain processes: the number of calories consumed, the steps taken, the menstrual cycle, and so on.

Next year, we expect the emergence of new products that simplify personal care and largely replace professional trips to the beautician.

6) Return to the “zero” Main Beauty Trends 2023

In 2023, the entire beauty industry will draw inspiration from the early 2000s. You can already see it in the glitter makeup that so many stars have loved, and in the countless braids we’ve been wearing relentlessly all last summer.

7) The influence of social networks Main Beauty Trends 2023

The viral TikTok trends that are jumping off the platform into real life will no doubt continue to dominate and fascinate in the coming year. The influence of social media on today’s beauty industry is undeniable, and it will only grow.

Makeup Trends 2023

One thing was clear in 2022: we were ready to put on makeup and shine again. And makeup trends 2023 will continue this trend. In addition to calm and minimalist tones, sparkles and bright colors are waiting for us. Read on to find out what makeup we predict will be trending in 2023.

Glitter, glitter everywhere Main Beauty Trends 2023

Glitter is always in style, but in 2023 it is taking on new forms, such as Gigi Hadid’s “pink haze”.

Structured lips Main Beauty Trends 2023

For several years, the use of a visible lip liner was unacceptable and anti-trend. Now, contouring is back, with celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Megan T. Stallion, and Addison Ray embracing the ’90s trend and adding volume to their lips along the way.

Double arrow Main Beauty Trends 2023

A steady hand (or the right stencil) can come in handy for the double, winged eye darts that are going to be very popular in 2023.

Noticeable blush Main Beauty Trends 2023

We all believe in natural blush, but 2023 makeup trends are taking their toll, and now TikTok and other social media stars are putting purple tones on their cheeks.