New Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2024

New Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021Who says short hair is not feminine? But on the contrary. Short hairstyles are more popular than ever. And no wonder, because short hair is easy to clean and attractive at the same time. A chic blond tone brings the look to its best advantage and makes your face shine. Keep reading and get inspired by the best short hairstyles in blond for 2024!New Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

More and more women are leaving their long manes. Not only are they more confident than ever with this look, they also feel freer. This style is particularly suitable for light hair. Blondes make the hair shine and radiate pure joie de vivre.

The benefits of short hairstyles for blonde hairNew Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

Short hair offers many benefits to women with blond hair:

  • Short hair is much easier to style. This means you spend much less time in the morning to get your hair in top shape.
  • Blond hair is often very thin and has little volume. A carefully selected haircut can solve this problem.
  • With a short haircut, you’ll get rid of split ends and frizz forever. This is due to the fact that the hair follicles are less stressed. So the hair in the lengths are sufficiently nourished and strengthened.
  • Do you think short hair looks boring? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. Short hairstyles can be styled very versatile. With a comb and hair gel you can create a beautiful styling in a few minutes. Just comb your hair back and the evening look is ready. With hairpin to the side, the hairstyle is perfect for a walk with friends. You want a special hairstyle for a festive occasion? Then you can braid the pony to the side in a French or corduroy pot.
  • You do not need to blow dry your hair. Short hair is quicker to dry but more difficult to tame and sometimes sags limply. Therefore, rely on high-quality styling products such as mousse or styling creams to bring volume in the hair.

Short hairstyles for blondes: The right hairstyle for every face shapeNew Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

Women can choose the perfect short hairstyle based on two criteria: the hair structure and the face shape. It would be ideal to consider these two factors. Then you will choose the hairstyle that suits you best.New Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

Oval face: This face shape is considered ideal and you fit all hairstyles. If the oval is slightly elongated, we recommend a slanted pony. The best example of this is Emilia Clarke and her ruffled pixie cut.New Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

Rectangular face: Rectangles or fringes are particularly suitable for rectangular faces. They soften the hardness of facial features and make them look softer. Choose a haircut with lots of volume on top and a little on the sides.New Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

Round Face: Styles that visually stretch the face are ideal for round faces. For example, a short mid-parted bob is perfect as it makes the face look longer.

Which short haircut fits my hair type best?New Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair: The Pixie Cut gives fine hair more fullness. The longer the hairs, the more they are burdened by the weight of the lengths and they lose volume. The Pixie is a great choice to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss.New Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

Short hairstyles for thick hair: Thick and full hair should not be cut too short. You can, however, for a very short cut bob head or a sidecut with longer top hair (especially if you have curly or wavy hair) to avoid a ball-look.

These hair colors in blond are especially popular in 2024New Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

Ash blond or silver blond

This hair color is natural and deep and is also perfect for those looking for an alternative to platinum or gold blonde. Aschblond fits perfectly to light skin types with a cool undertone.

Platinum blonde is still referred to as EisblondNew Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

According to the latest Pinterest trends for 2024, the search for blond hair has increased by 216%. This hair color is very brave and is chosen by many celebrity ladies. Platinum Blonde is suitable for women with olive to dark complexion. However, platinum-blonde hair needs a lot of care. To avoid yellowing, a silver shampoo is a must. Platinum blonde looks particularly good on short haircuts such. For example, Pixie and Bob.

Golden blond or honey blondNew Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

This warm blond gives the hair a golden glow. Goldblond goes well with brown eyes and tanned skin. The hair color flatters especially the autumn type.

Venetian blonde, strawberry blondNew Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

Venetian Blond is a warm gold tone with a touch of copper and can also be described as a very bright red shade. This blond shade is not too well known, but looks very noble. Of course, it is not suitable for everyone. Women with very light or slightly pink skin can easily wear this hair color.

Californian blondeNew Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

When we think of California, sunshine, surfing and the beach usually come to mind. That’s why the hair should look like the sun kissed as if you spent all year on the beaches of California. The approach remains dark and the tips are dyed blond. The transition should be very soft and natural. Opt for platinum blond if your base color is already light blonde.

Highlights make for special highlights in the hairNew Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

Even though your natural hair color is blond, you can give the hair some depth and volume through highlights. Choose Highlights one to two shades lighter.

The most popular short haircuts for blondesNew Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021


The Pixie is a true classic among short hairstyles. There are countless variations, so it can be adapted for different hair types. Even celebrities love this cut, because he is so incredibly versatile. Do you have fine hair? This look is perfect for you! The coolest pixie cuts for the year 2024 are tiered and disheveled. Tip: Use a dull gel or wax to give your pixie an ultra-modern look.

Page boyNew Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

In 2024, the Garcon cut is definitely one of the trendiest trend hairstyles. The boyish short haircut is perfect for women with thick hair and expressive facial features, as this look emphasizes the eyes.

The short bobNew Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

When you hear Short Bob, do you immediately think of Victoria Beckham’s 90s haircut ? We also! What the style icon wore years ago, 2024 will be announced again. Here are the key facts: The hair should be relatively thick. Your hairdresser should cut it to chin length. It is important that the cut is not straight, but slightly asymmetrical. The hair is longer at the front. The beauty of this cut? Flexible, versatile styling. Whether elegant (sleek-look), super-chic (wet-look) or casual (with casual waves) – with this cut everything is possible!

The Undone Bob for medium and short hairNew Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

The hair is ideally between chin and shoulder. Stairs in the hair can be emphasized by the right styling. Styling tip: After washing your hair, apply a little styling mousse and then blow-dry it with a diffuser or alternatively with a round brush. To give the hair more momentum and volume, you can blow it down with your head. Then make some casual curls with a straightener or curling iron. Fix the styling with hairspray. The ruffled bob can be worn with a middle or side vertex.

Undercut – Long top coat and short cut underneathNew Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

This trendy short hairstyle is perfect for those who like to attract attention. This look works most dramatically when the sides are shaved shortly. The top coat stays longer and can be styled at will. Especially the approach should have a lot of volume. A volume powder gives your hair extra volume or a cool undone look. The powder is either simply applied to the lids or directly onto the hands and then gently massaged. Tip: Maximize the glamor factor with XXL earrings and red lips.

Sidecut can be styled very versatileNew Blonde Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

In contrast to the undercut, the sidecut has only a very short side. The other side is longer and asymmetrically cut. The result? A stylish, dramatic look that also looks very casual.

Tip: This short hairstyle is also great for women with natural curly hair or wavy hair. After washing your hair, treat the hair with curling foam and blow-dry it with a diffuser attachment. Define individual curls with hair wax. The fuzzier, the cooler the look.