Short Bob Hairstyle: Most Beautiful Trend of the Year

Short Bob HairstyleThe summer offers all women the perfect opportunity for a little makeover. Do you also really feel like changing your hairstyle? Well, then we have good news for you – the short haircuts are in full swing this year. The Bob Hairstyle belongs to the timeless classics and has been indispensable for many years. Short Bob Hairstyle not only looks particularly elegant and beautiful, but is suitable for both fine and thick hair. If the haircut matches your face shape, how you can style it and many wonderful inspirations can be found in our article!

Short Bob Hairstyle for thin and fine hair?Short Bob Hairstyle

The short bob defines your face perfectly and makes for a refreshing and interesting look. You have fine and thin hair and would like to have a little more volume? Then the trendy hairstyle is just right for you – the chin-length cut gives your hair immediately more fullness! And a little styling tip from us – with light, casual curls for even more texture.

Thick hair and short bob hairstyle?Short Bob Hairstyle

With a short bob you can excel in a great way the benefits of your thick hair. Slightly stepped on the front and cut to the chin – the hair gently transforms your face and gives you a neat and stylish look. The Sleek Bob hairdo looks especially cool too. The hair is always very smooth and cut in a straight edge.

Baby Bob for the brave among youShort Bob Hairstyle

The Baby Bob is the shortest variant of the classic haircut and is totally in fashion this year! It does not matter if you are short or in the chin – at the back of the head he always has to be heavily staged. The best thing about the haircut is that it fits any woman and face shape and looks great on both straight hair and curly hair! In addition, this short bob hairstyle is the perfect transition for anyone who is fed up with their sweet pixie cut and want to grow out.

Short bob hairstyle with a baby ponyShort Bob Hairstyle

The pony is the fastest and easiest solution for anyone who wants a small change in their haircut. Baby pony must always be very short and has become increasingly popular in recent years. Since he optically creates more top hair, he is suitable for women with thin hair. But watch out – if you have a round face, you’ll need to cut it more crescent-shaped and with an oblong face shape – straight. Short Bob with Baby Pony looks very fashionable and naughty and is therefore something only for the very brave of you.

Beautiful short bob with a long ponyShort Bob Hairstyle

More and more women are choosing a short bob hairstyle with a long pony – a very nice look that is also very easy to style. For women with an oval or oblong face, the hairstyle is best shown.

Asymmetric short bobShort Bob Hairstyle

Very stylish, confident and modern – the short, asymmetrical bob is for the daring women. No matter if it’s front long and short back, one side longer than the other or even an undercut – it just looks stunning! The only downside is that growing out takes a little more time.

The classic with a difference – Pixie Bob HaircutShort Bob Hairstyle

Just like the short Bob, the Pixie haircut is one of the favorite hairstyles of many women. The Pixie Bob optically provides more volume and is therefore perfect for women with fine and thin hair. Since the cut is very daring and extravagant, a good deal of courage is necessary.

Short bob hairstyle with side partingShort Bob Hairstyle

You would like to have an extra portion of volume for your hair? We have a little styling tip for you – a deep side parting makes your short bob look voluminous!

Elegant Blunt Cut BobShort Bob Hairstyle

With the so-called Blunt Cut Bob your hair is cut straight and dull. If you have very fine hair, then you are very well advised with this hairstyle – the cutting technique provides even more fullness and volume! This short bob looks especially classy and elegant for all women. For this haircut, we recommend either the sleek look, where the hair is smoothed or casual curls.

Short Bob hairstyle in A-line is very trendyShort Bob Hairstyle

Unlike the classic bob hairstyle, this variant has a much more pronounced shape that creates a natural volume. The even transition from a very short neck hair to the longer front part looks unique and exciting!

How can you style your short bob?Short Bob Hairstyle

If you think you can not style short hair, then you’re wrong! In the following we show you how flexible and different a short bob can be styled. How about, for example, an elegant sleek look that makes every haircut a real eye-catcher? To make it look really good, your hair needs to be shiny and supple – so we recommend using a hair conditioner or hair conditioner at least twice a week.

And this is how the trendy sleek look works:

  • The most important detail in this hairstyle is the Haareglätten – but separate the individual hair and straighten strähnchenweise.
  • Work hair gel into the neck and comb the hair backwards.
  • For an elegant and even transition, add a little gel to the hair tips and lengths.

Playful short bob with curlsShort Bob Hairstyle

Beautiful, casual curls make for a unique, playful look and look good luck not only on long hair. A curly short bob can be reached with either a curling iron or a straightener. If you have naturally wavy hair, all you have to do is treat it with a little mousse and then blow dry with a diffuser.

Braids look very chic even with short hair!Short Bob Hairstyle

And who says that beautiful braided hairstyles are just for long hair? Whether a braided wreath or a romantic waterfall braid – the styling variations for a short bob hairstyle are endless. You want something different? A side mini pot, for example, is a real eye-catcher and makes for a cute and playful look.


  • Divide a small strand over the ear and braid it backwards. Then fix with hairpins.
  • You can either style the remaining hair backwards and fix it with a little hairspray or make small curls with the straightener.

Fast half bun for short bobsleighShort Bob Hairstyle

You are in a hurry in the morning and do not have enough time to style your hair. Then a Half Bun is your salvation! It works fast, looks very stylish and fits very well with short hair too.

Does Short Bob Fit Hairstyle to Your Face Shape?

The Bob Hairstyle has so many variations that there is a matching cut for every face shape. But what about the short bob?

  • If you have an oval face shape then you can be very lucky – you can wear the trendy hairstyle in all its shapes and variations! It’s best to choose a length just below your chin – this will gently round off your face.
  • To successfully conceal the angular shapes of an angular face shape , you should resort to an asymmetrical short bob.
  • For the women with a round face, it is advisable to do without a pony, because it only shortens the face even more.
  • Anyone who has a heart-shaped face  shape will best use a haircut that reaches just below the chin. A side bangs not only looks nice, but also makes the wide forehead look smaller.

Short bob hairstyle with the starsShort Bob Hairstyle

The fashion icon Victoria Beckham has tried all sorts of hair lengths, but the Bob has become their own brand. It is the clear proof that short hair can look very elegant and noble if styled properly.Short Bob Hairstyle

The actress of the cult series “Pretty little liars” Lucy Hale is another style role model. The short bob emphasizes her face in a beautiful way, and the dark brown hairs show off perfectly!Short Bob Hairstyle

No matter if with short or long hair – the pop diva Beyonce is just any hairstyle!