Hair Colors 2024 – 2025: Latest trends for medium, short and long hair

Stylish Hair Coloring 2020 - 2021: Latest trends for medium, short and long hair To change a boring image without resorting to scissors, to hide gray hair, to find a new facet of its attractiveness will help hair coloring. Hair style trends 2024 – 2025, photos show a wide variety of techniques. Many of them are united by a trend to emphasize natural beauty:

  • the most popular types of staining: babylights, balayazh, ombre, sombre, shuttle;
  • coloring for different lengths and source colors;
  • shades suitable for eye color;
  • staining techniques, their advantages and visual effect.

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NEW HAIR COLOR TRENDS 2024 – 2025! Stylish Hair Coloring 2020 - 2021: Latest trends for medium, short and long hair

Fashionable hair dye 2024 – 2025 largely repeats the trends of previous seasons – sombre, crank, balayazh. Among the interesting new products are strobe, contouring, baby-lights, colombra, nude.

  • Strobing – coloring of several locks demanded today in a temporal and frontal zones in more light shades. The location of the strands and the efficiency of lightening / darkening are selected by the master individually. The effect of this coloring is the correction of the oval of the face.
  • Contouring – tinting in darker and lighter shades, in comparison with the base. The purpose of such a haircut and styling is to give the hair volume and emphasize the shape of the face: cheekbones, corners, forehead lines.
  • Babelights – a combination of highlighting and balayazha techniques. A similar technology is the know-how of Jack Howard (the author of the method), in which a special thermal paper is used to dye curls. An indisputable plus of the technology is the smooth stretching of hair color along their entire length. Additionally, the hair brightens at the ends. Thanks to this method of applying highlighter, the hairstyle looks natural, resembling the glare of the sun.
  • Splashlights – lightening the middle part of the strands, the ends and roots remain or are painted in a darker color. Sometimes the strip is painted over in a straight line, less often diagonally. Splashlights look very dynamic, resembling a streak of sunlight or a beam of a searchlight. Perform this type of coloring on hairstyles of different lengths.
  • Colombra – lightening at the tips with subsequent tinting in bright colors: turquoise, lilac, fuchsia.
  • Screen staining – the paint is applied to the main tone through the stencil, creating unusual patterns (flowers, animals, faces). The most fashionable image is an enlarged image of pixels. The hair in a small box looks bright and unusual.
  • Nude staining, as opposed to colored and lightened strands, offers to bring the game to naturalness to a new level. “Nude” in color means “fair-haired”. To achieve a natural light brown color, heterogeneous and complex, is not easy. Staining that mimics a fair-haired of various shades – from cold ashy-light brown to a tepid red-blond, is called nude. Such a complex of techniques and methods of tinting will require time and work of the master, but the effect of natural well-groomed hair provided by this type of tinting attracts many.

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ALL THE MOST FASHIONABLE TRENDS Stylish Hair Coloring 2020 - 2021: Latest trends for medium, short and long hair

Let’s see what they are, the most fashionable trends in hair coloring 2024 – 2025. A photo is better than long descriptions will show how ombre differs from sombre, and what colors are relevant for creative coloring this season.

  • Ombre, brightening the ends all over the head, has been very popular for several seasons. In 2024 – 2025, it is used as the first stage of staining and then tinted.
  • Sombre – lightening of the ends with a stretch along the length up. This type of coloring allows for a smoother color transition.
  • Balayazh – lightening part of the strands along the entire length for two or three tones. It is carried out in a chaotic order: one strand is colored, the other is not. A color relief is created, the hairstyle looks more voluminous, sharp transitions are not visible.
  • Bronding for brunettes is performed with a light dye, blending it from the tips to ? of the length. Blondes perform staining with the composition of the brown gamut, staining the root zone and stretching the color along the length to the lighter ends.
  • Balayazh plays on contrasts. Highlighting thin strands with an indent from the roots by ? length allows you to keep the roots healthy and create a bright color several tones lighter than the main one.
  • California highlighting is performed on light curls with lighter compositions. This is staining in an open technique – part of the strands is painted over the entire length, the other is left untouched, the strands are not isolated during the staining process, thereby achieving less sharp transitions.

GRADUATION BY THE LENGTH OF HAIR Stylish Hair Coloring 2020 - 2021: Latest trends for medium, short and long hair

To dye short hair or shade long, to brighten hair of medium length? Staining sets different tasks for different input data. What looks spectacular on a pixie will not suit an elongated square or curls below the shoulder blades. Let’s see what types of coloring stylists offer for:

  • medium length hair;
  • short hairstyles;
  • long curls.


Fashionable dyeing on medium hair in 2024 – 2025 implements two main trends:

  • the creation of natural colors and transitions that mimic natural burnout and glare;
  • creating bright fashionable shades.

At the average length, partial clarifications look good: babylights, contouring, sombre, shuttle and balayazh. While maintaining the natural color of the base and highlighting individual zones, you will get interesting effects. On medium-length hair, it will be possible to make a smooth stretch of color from the ends to the middle zone.

Nude staining with the effect of a natural light brown color is popular among medium-length carriers. The use of beige, creamy, caramel and warm coffee shades with transitions from darker at the roots to lighter at the bottom cut gives the impression of a natural color heterogeneity.

Sand, platinum, pink blondes – choose any and be in the trend. Cold shades of the blonde make the image sophisticated and sophisticated, so do not allow yellowness on lightened strands.

Close-up portrait of a beautiful blonde with red lips on a gray background

Red shades, red tones, blue-black and calm tones of cinnamon and chocolate – all these are fashionable colors for full coloring. Interesting options:

  • coloring in natural colors of caramel with a golden-red undertones, creates the effect of a natural red;
  • frosty chestnut – a noble brown-reddish shade with a cold shine.


Fashionable dyeing for short hair in 2024 – 2025 is divided into two main types: emphasis on individual zones and full coloring of the head.

Consider options for partial coloring for short hairstyles.

  • Stylists recommend highlighting with bold colors and supporting the color with accents by tinting individual strands in other areas
  • Rainbow overflows are still in fashion. Separate zones are lightened and painted over in bright (pink, emerald, lilac) or pastel (lavender, ash pink, bluish) colors. The main thing is to choose “your” shades according to the color type. Zones with iridescent overflows are located in the parietal zone, on the bangs or, conversely, inside, under the upper layer of hair. Then the intrigue is revealed with a certain parting or partially collected strands.
  • If the ombre goes out of fashion on medium and long curls, giving way to smooth transitions, then on short, a sharp transition is quite relevant and looks very impressive. As in previous versions, ombre is made completely and partially, zoning brightening the ends of the strands. The difference between the main color and the bright ends is best done in 2-3 tones.
  • Actual balayazh and a warm blonde with indent from the roots on ? of the total length.

Full dyeing for short hair is relevant, it remains to choose the right shade.

  • Cold light shades are in fashion: ashen blond, pink blond. On short haircuts, such as pixies, these colors look bright and unusual. Cold tones are not suitable for everyone, the master will help you choose a shade for the color of your skin.
  • In addition to the cold blond this season, the red gamut is relevant. Cherry, copper, red-red are again in trend, it remains to choose according to your color type.
  • Noble dark tones will be chosen by girls with any eye color and skin tone. For shades of chocolate and coffee, there are interesting bronzing techniques that allow you to create beautiful light highlights on a dark basis.
  • Glitter and other shiny materials have been walking the catwalks for more than one season. Shiny loafers, bags, raincoats, dresses no longer surprise anyone. Now, the metallic shades of the blonde will support this “brilliant” trend. At its core, “metallic” coloring is the same highlighting and tinting with a special composition with a silver tint. Allows you to hide gray hair.
  • Of the brightest trends, pay attention to the color of total-black. Completely black smooth hair looks perfect with bob and bean. Such staining is difficult to correct and, if in doubt, whether the color of the raven wing will not age you, consult the master.


Long-haired girls have the full range of modern dyeing techniques:

  • gradual transitions and soft color gradations are most fully revealed on long curls;
  • the stencil technique returns to fashion after a long oblivion, with its help interesting patterns are created on straight long strands;
  • multicolor creative highlighting in bright or pastel “candy” colors also looks amazing on the hair below the shoulder blades.

The choice of colors is limited only by the courage of the model and its color type. All fashionable shades suitable for short and medium hairstyles remain relevant for long curls:

  • cold blondes;
  • metallic;
  • warm caramel shades;
  • red and red colors;
  • noble dark “tasty” flowers of cinnamon, chocolate and coffee;
  • pristine black.

ALL YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT STAINING: ANSWERS TO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS! Stylish Hair Coloring 2020 - 2021: Latest trends for medium, short and long hair

Deciding to change the image is not easy, there is a risk of spoiling your hair and getting not at all what you expected. We will answer common questions about the methods and means of painting.

  • How to avoid yellowness when lightening?

The yellow shades of the blond look untidy, but some natural colors (red and its shades), a number of coloring pigments when lightened give a yellowish tint. To avoid it, paint in two stages: a brightener and a tinting compound. Toning in cold shades will remove the yellowish tint of strands.

  • Coloring at home: which options are suitable?

It is not difficult to dye your hair at home, but to achieve a salon result is not always possible. Monophonic staining with ammonia and ammonia-free paints, tinting with tinted shampoos, the use of coloring sprays and mousses – all this is suitable for home use. Sophisticated types of staining and professional tools will require special knowledge.

  • How to choose unstable paints: shampoos, pastes, crayons?

The use of paints, even the most modern and safe, is harmful to the hair. For quick changes in appearance without consequences for curls, there are tinted remedies. Shampoo has a long-lasting effect, it is applied to wet hair, withstand for some time and thoroughly washed off. The coloring pigment in its composition gives a new shade. Returning to the original shade occurs after washing with ordinary shampoo 2-4 times. Pastes and crayons are applied to dry strands, they give a bright color that disappears after the first wash.

GRADATION OF THE NATIVE HAIR COLOR Stylish Hair Coloring 2020 - 2021: Latest trends for medium, short and long hair

Orientation to your natural shade will help you choose a harmonious version of coloring. What suits brunettes does not always go to blondes, and it is advised to trust professionals to choose the tone, dye and color technique of red-haired women. The native hair color does not exist in isolation, it fits into your color type. Having decided to change the image and color your hair, try to make the new tone of the strands fit your natural data and emphasize them.


Many coloring techniques are suitable for blondes; changing a natural light color to a darker or brighter is easy. What modern coloring options are suitable for bright?

  • Color change to monophonic, classic monochromatic coloring does not go out of fashion. It can be carried out in the cabin and at home. When choosing this option, the main thing is to decide on the choice of tone. Choosing close to a natural light tone, stop at cold light colors: ash, platinum, pink blond. In fashion honey, golden and amber shades. If you want to radically change the color, then stylists in the 2024-2025 season recommend choosing red, red, brown tones and black.
  • All options for partial dyeing (classic and California highlighting, sombre, crank and balayazh) look spectacular on naturally blond hair. Choosing a reservation, you will turn into a brunette with burnt strands.
  • Bright color coloring contrasts on a light basis. For strands, choose pink, blue, aquamarine, lilac and their pastel options.


Changing the original color of the dark is not an easy task. Brunettes are suitable for complete and straightforward staining.

  • Plain coloring on a dark base is done in two stages: clarification by 2-3 tones and tinting in the desired shade. If you want to refresh your natural color, making it more saturated, select the paint as close to your natural shade. When properly dyed with high-quality raw materials and good care, the hair after dyeing will look lively and fresh, shimmer in sunlight and electric light.
  • In-line staining (highlighting, coloring, bronding, balayazh) this season is carried out without the use of contrasting strands. Transitions are made smooth, natural, as much as possible burning out under the sun.
  • Want to achieve a wow effect? Use a stencil! On a dark base, light stenciled patterns look especially unusual.
  • Rainbow coloring, including hidden coloring – on the roots, in the deep layer of hair, on the bangs, is suitable for brunettes for an unusual change of image.


Owners of a natural red color want novelty and experimentation. Redhead girls often choose one of three ways:

  • playing natural color with coloring, adding additional strands 2-3 tones darker and / or lighter, brighter than the natural shade;
  • radical change of hair color to light or dark with the help of plain dyeing;
  • change of the native tone to a more saturated, cold or warm tone.

Pay attention to some nuances:

  • the red pigment is not easy to cover, it often manifests itself on dyed hair after the paint starts to wash off;
  • bleached red hair tinted to avoid yellow and orange hues.

The task of coloring natural and acquired red hair is not easy, and trust it to professionals to get the planned result.


Coloring gray hair has its own subtleties and technologies.

A well-known to many method of coloring graying and gray hair at home is zonal. The dye is applied to the gray areas: whiskey, forehead, roots throughout the head. It is aged 10-20 minutes, and then the remaining paint is distributed along the entire length. But the result does not always meet expectations: the color is heterogeneous, quickly washed off in areas with gray hair. Today there are more modern professional ways of painting gray hair curls.

Coloring with pre-pigmentation – only colored pigment is applied to the gray areas, without the addition of an oxidizing agent. Aged 15 minutes. Pigment with an oxidizing agent is applied directly to the treated hair along the entire length from top to bottom.

Among modern methods, we distinguish the use of:

  • tinted shampoos, gels and tonics – suitable for women with a small amount of gray hair, low resistance;
  • semi-permanent dyes with an alkaline environment that facilitates the penetration of dye into hair;
  • paints with hydrogen peroxide, enhancing the work of the dye (demi-permanent);
  • products with an oxidizing agent (permanent), allowing the pigment to penetrate the hair and give them color for a long time.

HAIR COLOR TRENDS 2025 ACCORDING EYE COLOR Stylish Hair Coloring 2020 - 2021: Latest trends for medium, short and long hair

When choosing a new hair color, focus on what nature has given you – the best colorist. Refresh the natural color, add contrasts to the image, make individual strands brighter – all this has a stunning effect when combined with the color of the eyes and skin.


Owners of brown eyes have a wide range of options for successful staining. Brown eyes are very different from each other: from almost black to delicate nutty shades with yellow-green veins.

Small cheat sheet for brown-eyed girls:

  • Dark-skinned and black-eyed beauties will suit dark shades: black, coffee, chocolate, chestnut, dark red colors. But the selection of light colors, trust the experts.
  • Brown eyes and fair skin are combined with golden, copper, reddish and warm shades of caramel.
  • Light brown eyes accentuate honey, amber, reddish-brown tones.


Green-eyed girls traditionally fit shades of red, reddish gamma, warm brown tones. An exception is the eyes of a mysterious green-swamp hue. They are more suitable for calm tones of brown, dark and medium blond.


Blue-eyed girls follow a simple rule based on the shade of their eyes: the colder your blue, the brighter and colder the shade of hair suits you. If your blue eyes have a shade of yellow or green, then choose a warmer golden shades of light blond, wheat, honey. Saturated blue eyes look harmoniously on brunettes – opt for a chestnut, bright brown color.

HAIR COLORING TECHNIQUES Stylish Hair Coloring 2020 - 2021: Latest trends for medium, short and long hair

Despite the abundance of fashionable words and interesting names, all existing coloring techniques are divided into several types.

  • Full – from the roots to the ends, a single dye is applied throughout the head, and a uniform color is obtained at the output. This is a classic, it does not go out of fashion. Proper selection of shade and good hair care will provide you with the result.
  • Spinning – all types of highlighting and coloring. The hair strands are dyed in one or several tones, part of the strands remains the base color.
  • Shatush, ombre, sombre – gradient hair dyeing from a darker tone to a lighter one with clear or soft color transitions.
  • Lightening, tinting of individual strands around the face, tips, basal region – zonal accent staining.

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