Summer Short Hairstyles 2024

Summer Short Hairstyles 2024

The 2024 short hairstyle trend could be the change you need to make you feel even more beautiful and empowered. As every year, some short haircuts stand out from the crowd in 2024. Take a look at some summer short hairstyles 2024 below and choose your favorite.

Bixie – A beautiful mix Summer Short Hairstyles 2024

In the 90’s, two iconic hairstyles – the bob and the pixie – were merged into a trendy and stylish haircut called “Bixie”. Today, the haircut is back in fashion and is at the top of the list of popularity.

Equal parts a bob and a pixie, a bixie looks extremely cool. This perfect short haircut for the hot summer months is basically a shaggy bob with lots of layers that add dimension and texture to the hair. Many Hollywood divas have sported this haircut. From Florence Pugh to Ciara and Rowan Blanchard.

In India, Bollywood actress Sayani Gupta can be seen sporting this daring cut. With light fringes on the forehead, the bixie looks downright hot and sexy.

50’s Greaser – Retro cut with a modern twist Summer Short Hairstyles 2024

The short greaser cut was very popular in the 1950s. Today, this trendy hairstyle is back in fashion and flaunted by women everywhere.

It is great for thick and textured hair as hair is trimmed to a manageable length making it suitable for warm and humid weather. This no-fuss cut is best suited for those who don’t want to spend time styling their mane. The hair stays sleek and has soft sides with length and some volume at the crown. For those who want a subtle styling, tongs can be used to create soft waves.

Summer short hairstyles 2024 – bobs galore Summer Short Hairstyles 2024

Bobs never go out of style. This summer, too, the bob has the upper hand. Spice up your hairstyle with a layered bob with frayed tips to make the hair look thicker. Style it in soft waves or light curls for a breezy look. If you’re looking for celebrity inspiration, take a look at Elsa Pataky. She wears this style like a queen.

The asymmetrical bob is another variation of the versatile bob where the front ends are longer than the back ones. This hairstyle suits narrow faces well, but you can also wear the hair shorter than your chin if you have broad cheeks or round faces.

If you want to keep the length and still enjoy the bob, take inspiration from Priyanka Chopra Jonas. This effortlessly chic voluminous bob of your favorite Bollywood diva looks great with any outfit and for any occasion.

The fringed short bob is another stylish twist. It’s the perfect cut for anyone with straight hair and a wide forehead, as the fringes cover most of the hair. Keep ragged layers to give it a chic look, or let the tips fade out in soft waves to exude a laid-back girl-next-door look. The bob is really a good choice for anyone who wants to have a cheerful young look this summer.

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Back-swept cut – Bold and beautiful Summer Short Hairstyles 2024

The latest cult among the summer short hairstyles 2024 is the back-swept cut. This ultra short mane hairstyle has a daring appeal and feels great when the temperatures soar. Miley Cyrus has made this style iconic as she flaunts it at many shows and events.

The haircut has an extreme upward swing that gives it an asymmetrical style that makes a face look angular. The undercut look on the sides requires no maintenance while giving it a trendy look. It’s the perfect haircut for anyone who wants a bold look but doesn’t have the time to groom and style their hair.

Summer short hairstyles 2024 – the pumpkin cut Summer Short Hairstyles 2024

This short haircut gets its name from the pumpkin fruit as it looks a lot like this vegetable. One has the feeling that a gourd on the head was used to make the cut. This stylish and chic hairstyle is ideal for anyone with straight hair as the strands fall straight from the bangs to the nape of the neck. You can vary the length of this hairstyle depending on how short you want it to be. Spiderman actress Zendaya does it perfectly.

Whether your clients are looking for a whole new haircut this summer or just a trendy twist on their current look, these haircuts are the summer hairstyles of 2024.