The Hottest Hairstyles Trends For 2022

The Hottest Hairstyles Trends For 2022 Do you fancy a new look? We’ll tell you which cool hairstyle trends for short, medium-length and long hair have the greatest trend potential this year. Choose your favorite and off to the hairdresser of your choice.

Hairstyles trends 2022

Choppy cut The Hottest Hairstyles Trends For 2022

With this trend style for every hair length, nothing works without layers in the top hair and frayed hair ends. The hairstyle hit 2022, which every woman looks very casual, sexy and easy to handle. It is suitable for strong and voluminous as well as for thin hair. If your face is narrow, you should choose a shorter version of the choppy cut. If your likeness has a round shape, the long version is the perfect choice for you, because the hair that falls on the face makes it look narrower.

And this is how you style the choppy cut: If you have natural waves, simply let your hair air dry. For straight hair, you can use a curling iron to create accurate waves or curls. Foam set provides more grip.

Pixies The Hottest Hairstyles Trends For 2022

This hairstyles trends 2022 is a close affair and anything but boring. Because the pixie cut is extremely changeable. You can bravely wear it in a short, raspy shape (only recommended if you have a beautiful head shape) or style it wild and fluffy with longer top hair. The version with the straight, slightly longer top hair looks very feminine and casually elegant. Cool: Since the Pixie can be played with lengths and gradations, it is suitable for all face shapes. The only disadvantage: the pixie cut requires regular visits to the hairdresser (every 4 to six weeks).

Beach hair The Hottest Hairstyles Trends For 2022

In addition to the pixie cut, we will also keep the beach waves in boho style for medium-length and long hair this year. The waves don’t have to be perfect at all. Because in 2022 naturalness and the undone look will be popular. You can find out here how you can conjure up beach waves in your hair without a lot of effort, even without natural waves.

French bangs The Hottest Hairstyles Trends For 2022

Brigitte Bardot made this hairstyle famous in the 1960s: layered hair with an over-long pony. The so-called “French Bangs” end at the level of the cheekbones and merge in steps on the sides. Thanks to the gentle steps, the look is sensual and natural. And the great thing about it: This hairstyle hit 2022 really suits every woman and can be used on short, medium-length and long hair.

And this is how the styling works: Blow dry the bangs loosely on all sides. Mostly it is then sufficient to style the split bangs with your hands and possibly to fix it with a little hairspray. For longer hair, a round brush can also be used to give the two-part pony a side curl. The pony should not be curled too much, as this usually looks very conservative.

Art Collection The Hottest Hairstyles Trends For 2022

Once created by SASSOON, the hairstyles with reversed gradations are now classics. The iconic SASSOON 2022 collection draws its inspiration from artists such as Paul Klee and Wassiliy Kandinsky as well as the masters of Bauhaus. Together with bold colors, the hairstyles appear extremely modern and lively and are therefore predestined for women with a strong personality.

Blunt cut The Hottest Hairstyles Trends For 2022

The trendy blunt cut has already become the favorite haircut of many models and Hollywood stars. With this look, the hair is cut straight all around without steps. Sometimes they are left a little longer at the front than at the back. It is important that the hair is cut bluntly. Cool: This cut is suitable for practically all hair lengths and for every hair structure. For thicker hair, only an undercut is recommended for the lower layer. This means that the hairstyle does not look bloated. With very curly hair, it is better to avoid a bob. Tip: With the blunt cut, it is important to have your hair trimmed every few weeks, otherwise the accurate cut – the alpha and omega of this trendy hairstyle – is quickly lost.

Bouffant The Hottest Hairstyles Trends For 2022

Hollywood icons like Doris Day, Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda created a new ideal of beauty with teased hair in the mid-90s. Now the voluminous and very glamorous hairstyle is celebrating a terrific comeback. Even if not suitable for everyday use, it is guaranteed to be a great eye-catcher in the evening.

You can create the volume like actress Scarlett Johansson with a headband and a lot of spray or conjure it up with a strong blow dryer and a lot of hairspray. You can find out how to style the modern beehive (3rd picture) in the following tutorial:

Hair clips The Hottest Hairstyles Trends For 2022

Actually, we had taken off the hair clips since primary school. But now we can wear them with pride again, because hair clips are also very much in trend for adults in 2022. You can use very simple models with no frills or decorate your hair with pretty statement pieces (with pearls or rhinestones).

Hair color trends 2022

The Hottest Hairstyles Trends For 2022

When it comes to hair colors, the trend barometer 2022 shows natural-looking strands in front. With the balayage technique, light accents are set in the hair tips, which run smoothly or without hard contrasts into the dark roots. The advantage: It does not have to be re-colored as often because a batch is not so noticeable. In addition, the lighter streaks ensure that the hairstyle looks like you’ve just returned from a relaxing holiday by the sea.

Blonde colors in all variants (from pearl blonde to golden gloss) are also very popular in 2022. As a trendsetter, this year you will also come out with hair in mocha or caramel brown and copper red. If you like it colorful and are a fan of Pop Art, you can color the approaches, lengths or just the tips with special colorants pink, blue, green or yellow (e.g. with Color Fresh from Wella Professionals). Pastel shades such as candy pink and silver white remain popular.