Popular Hair Colors Spring 2024

The Main Trends In Dyeing And Popular Hair Colors Spring 2021 Fortunately, hair trends do not change as fast as clothing trends (although there are also quite quick ones – remember the fashionable weaving “boxing” braids or pearl hairpins?). Recommendations regarding colors are being updated most slowly: from year to year, cold ash blondes , deep chocolate shades and some unusual but fashionable pastel rule the ball. However, the trends in hair coloring in the spring of 2024 can really surprise you.

TOP-16 trends in hair coloring in the spring of 2024

Among the actual hair colors for spring 2024, you can find a shade for every taste – new items and well-studied classics will make any female dreams come true. Moreover, the trend is like daring color combinations, which may imply a radical change in image, as well as soft natural overflows, and even a radical return to full naturalness.

Natural palette The Main Trends In Dyeing And Popular Hair Colors Spring 2021

Natural colors are always in price. In 2024, the concept and philosophy of naturalness comes to the fore: not only coloring in natural shades (the most relevant is dark chocolate) is in fashion, but also almost complete rejection of coloring and preservation of natural gray hair. The Main Trends In Dyeing And Popular Hair Colors Spring 2021

However, one should not forget that one should take care of such hair no less than dyed hair to prevent yellowing. And it’s better to even tint gray hair in silver tones so that the color looks more noble. For a variety of silver and curious tones of gray, read this SalonSecret article .

Also, stylists suddenly remembered the whole palette of red shades – wine , burgundy, copper colors again on the crest of a fashionable wave.

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Another innovation is the return of plain coloring. Colorists are tired of pitfalls, cranks, ombre and now more often agitate for a uniform hair color. Top stylists also insist on two or three shades that differ very slightly from each other. This approach allows you to achieve the appearance of a single color dyeing with an incredible color depth.


In contrast to the previously popular cold shades, stylists remembered the warm nuances. The most fashionable variety of bronde in 2024 – caramel glare on a chocolate base. Natural and fresh! Moreover, the modern technique of highlighting brondes (sombre) involves very soft color transitions.


The bright colors on the hair seem irrelevant to someone, but in reality they do not give up their positions, but, on the contrary, strengthen them, becoming brighter and juicier. The most obvious favorite of the season is the rich classic blue , announced the color of the year according to the Pantone Institute. Unlike the more frivolous blue shades, it looks mysterious and serious.

Violet (which season is already) and, unexpectedly, juicy orange shades – orange-yellow, which earlier would be considered the result of an unsuccessful experiment or the wrong dosage of dye, are also in fashion.


Pastel colors still rule the ball. Focus on the red-violet gamut: lavender and pink shades , as well as diluted coral, are the main trend of last year, which, apparently, stayed with us for a long time.

Blond The Main Trends In Dyeing And Popular Hair Colors Spring 2021

Blondes are always in fashion, but there are some nuances in the spring season. What kind? For example, silver is not ashen or gray, but it is a light silver tint.

Also in the trend are pastel-colored shades of blond: strawberry and violet.

For the most daring – bright tips (note, they should have clear boundaries, as if hair dipped in paint) and … black roots. Yes, yes, what has long been a bad manners, now the very squeak of the season.

Dyeing trends for different hair lengths

Choosing the right shade of dyeing, fashionable in 2024, is necessary not only depending on the color type and initial hair color, but also on the length of your hairstyle. Some trends look great on long hair and are not suitable for short hair, while others, on the contrary, will most advantageously look at a short length. But first things first.

On short hair

The most suitable fashion experiment for owners of short hair in the spring season of 2024 is bright ends with a clear border.

And if you are ready to go further, then try inversion – contrasting colored roots, like Billy Elish. Color the curls in your favorite color (it is not necessary to imitate the idol in everything and choose green) and get ready to catch admiring glances on yourself.

On medium length hair

Among the actual shades is also the blond color beloved by Russian girls. However, the trendy hue is more muted, ashen and even gives off a gray undertone. Looking at it immediately it becomes clear what shade of coloring will be fashionable in 2024!

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For stylists and elongated beans, stylists suggest returning to the well-forgotten old – plain color in any shade you like, natural and not very.

Bright hair (for example, blue or green) is also a fashionable option for medium lengths. On haircuts with an even cut, such colors look no less impressive than on torn strands.

On long hair

Long-haired beauties should try complex coloring: purple ombre is one of the most trendy ideas.

And for those who advocate naturalness, we recommend darkening the lower layer of hair – this makes the hairstyle more voluminous and more interesting.

The most fashionable colors for blondes and fair-haired in the spring season

It’s easiest for girls with blond hair in the spring 2024 season: fashionable color dyes will not require discoloration, and the variety of blonde’s actual nuances will allow you to choose the color you like.

Ash Purple The Main Trends In Dyeing And Popular Hair Colors Spring 2021

This cool dull shade is suitable:

  • girls with a cold color type,
  • fair skin owners
  • blue-eyed and gray-eyed.

Silver blond

It’s also a cold nuance, so it suits those who have ashen violet to their faces:

  • cold skin tone
  • gray-eyed and blue-eyed,
  • no redness on the face,
  • desire to ennoble gray hair.


Bleached tones are suitable for girls with an opaque color type:

  • choose a shade depending on the color type temperature: cold – cold, warm – warm;
  • pink and peach shades are suitable for brown eyes;
  • on blue-eyed and gray-eyed girls, lavender and pink strands look beautiful.

Bright tips

This coloring involves a small part of the length, so the color can be chosen based solely on personal preferences:

  • blue-eyed and green-eyed girls can try to color the tips in a color close to the color of the eyes;
  • another idea is to choose the color to match the shade of your favorite bright lipstick, this combination will be especially interesting on the hair to the middle of the neck, so that the rhyme is obvious.

Dark roots

A very bold and binding trend:

  • so that such roots do not look like an unfortunate accident, the whole image should be perfect;
  • ideal styling and neat, fairly active makeup are especially important;
  • dark roots look best with the lightest and coldest blond.


Almost universal blonde, which will suit many. The main thing is to choose the right nuance:

  • brown-eyed is very warm coral blond;
  • blue-eyed and gray-eyed should choose cold shades;
  • girls with green eyes can come in both warm and cold tones.

What shade of hair to choose brunettes and brown-haired women in the spring of 2024?

For brunettes in 2024, too, is expanse: the trend is both natural dark tones and bold experiments that will definitely suit the dark-haired.

Bright tips

The contrasting colored ends look stylish on brunettes, for girls with black hair and eyes, such coloring will be very to the face. Choose the brightest, almost neon colors: blue, pink, red.

Dark chocolate

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Looks great on natural brown-haired, combined with brown, black and green eyes. Perfect for girls with dark skin with a golden undertone.


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The return of red nuances is the most long-awaited trend in coloring. Who will do it?

  • brown-eyed and green-eyed beauties,
  • owners of a cold or neutral skin tone.


The main color of 2024, which is good not only in clothes and interiors, but also on the hair:

  • cold skin tone is the main condition for blue staining;
  • blue shades look best in combination with blue, gray and brown eyes.

Actual hair colors of a red palette in spring 2024

Great news: all shades of red coloring are back in fashion. Do not be shy! And also pay attention to the rich copper palette, in which today there are not only natural, but also quite daring nuances.


The super-sweet orange hue – almost like Lilu from The Fifth Element – used to look like a hairdresser’s mistake. Now this extravagant color is at the peak of the trend.

Best of all, such a tone is suitable for owners of gray, gray-green or brown eyes. The skin tone is preferable cold, the skin itself should be without redness. The best “canvas” for such an explosion of color is short hairstyles, and long oranges are good as an element of complex coloring.

Shades of red

Fatal red nuances suit many girls. Brown eyes perfectly shade the colors from the dark red palette: wine, mahogany tones, and light-eyed beauties can try bright red tones.