The Most Beautiful Hair Colors 2024

most beautiful hair colors 2021

Hair colors 2024. With the beginning of a new year, many people also want to change. While some enthusiastically go to the gym or change their diet – at least for a few weeks – many women go in search of a new hair color or hairstyle. The hair trends lately are more versatile and bolder than ever and professional hairdressers from all over the world are constantly developing new trendy shades. We have looked for the latest hair trends for you and tell you which of the hottest hair colors will be trends in 2024! Be inspired by our picture gallery and book your next appointment with the hairdresser!

From rich, deep black to romantic, girlish rosé nuances to bright red or platinum blonde – there is definitely something for every fashionable woman in the hair color trends for the next year. However, when choosing a new color, you always have to pay attention to whether the desired shade would suit you at all. For this reason, we recommend that you first seek advice from a hairdresser you trust.

Hair colors 2024 – Lilac Hair is also very trendy next year most beautiful hair colors 2021

A look that’s just for the very brave of you – purple hairhave been a trend for many months that has become an integral part of our minds and will continue to be a major topic in 2024. The pastel shades, which create a romantic, girlish look, are particularly popular. Whether you go all out and dye your whole mane in purple or opt for a few strands or a cool ombrè depends on your own taste. Hair that begins with a delicate shade and becomes darker towards the tips is particularly beautiful and charming.

The hair colors Vanilla Lilac Hair and Chocolate Lilac Hair will be particularly popular and we will tell you what the difference between the two is. Vanilla Lilac Hair is a subtle pastel hair color and if you are not a blonde, your hair must first be bleached. The roots are colored dark brown, which first changes into a beautiful light blonde and then into a subdued, delicate lavender tone. Mostly either the balayage or ombrè technique is used.

Chocolate Lilac Hair most beautiful hair colors 2021

Are you a brunette who longs for a change but doesn’t want to lighten your hair? Then you are well advised with the trendy color Chocolate Lilac Hair! The hair color is very trendy and looks really stunning! A few dark purple strands are brought into the hair, which ensure a fresh look.

Money Piece Hair is one of the most beautiful hair colors in 2024 most beautiful hair colors 2021

Hair color trends come and go with every season change. If you want a little update but don’t want to completely dye your hair or don’t feel like visiting the hair salon on a monthly basis, we have the solution for you! Money Piece Hair is a fairly new and easy-care trend that gives you a cool and lively look without much effort. So what is that exactly? Two lightened and thin strands are applied in the color of your choice, which frames your face particularly beautifully. And where does the strange name come from? The best thing about this technique is that the visit to the hairdresser is very short and therefore much cheaper. The highlights grow out very gently and do not need to be recolored every 5-6 weeks. And if it does

The timeless classic – black hair will never go out of style most beautiful hair colors 2021

Just like blonde, black hair is a timeless classic. They look elegant, match every skin tone and we are not surprised that they are at the top of the list of the trendy hair colors 2024. For an even more trendy look, give your dark hair a slight purple or blue tinge. Blue-black is a great option for anyone who wants to experiment a little with your looks, and the blue nuances will make your mane shine! Whether in the trendy ombre look or just a few strands is a matter of taste.

2024 is the year of the brunettes – Chocolate Braun Hair is making a big comeback most beautiful hair colors 2021

All brunettes can be happy, because brown hair will be more fashionable than ever next year – especially the so-called chocolate brown hair color. The color tone is lively and warm at the same time and can be easily adapted to all skin types! With a few gentle curls, the chocolate strands come out even better and give you a glamorous look!

Brown hair in a different way with the Bronde hair color most beautiful hair colors 2021

As already mentioned, brown is one of the most popular and beautiful hair color trends 2024, especially in the “brown” variant. Bronde Hair is a fascinating mix of maroon and blonde, which creates a caramel effect that will drive everyone crazy! The brown shades can range from honey to chestnut to intense toffee. You can decide whether you want to go more towards blonde or brown – either way your hair will look beautiful.

In 2024, all blondes will wear their hair in a frosty white most beautiful hair colors 2021

Trendy for several months, the platinum blonde hair will remain at the forefront of the stage for the next year. The fairytale hair that reminds us of Frozen, the ice queen Elsa, was everywhere on the catwalks this year. Browse through your Instagram feed and be inspired by the beautiful colors “Nordic White” and “Frozen Blonde” for your next look! However, the hair must be bleached several times for this, which in turn can lead to split ends and breaks. Healthy hair is a basic requirement for this bold style. In addition, proper and sensible hair care is an absolute must. most beautiful hair colors 2021

White blonde is a very feminine and unique color that makes your hair shine. However, the hair trend is not suitable for all women. If you have fair skin, you will quickly look too pale and the shade is not suitable for you. Women, on the other hand, who have a light brown, slightly olive-colored skin tone, can really count themselves lucky, because the color is made for them! Do you find light blonde hair with black or dark brown approaches cool? Then we have good news for you – the trend will be making a big comeback next year and will be all the rage again!

Hair colors 2024 – Venetian blonde most beautiful hair colors 2021

Somewhere between copper and blonde – Venetian blonde looks glamorous and bright and of course should not be missing from the list of the latest hair color trends for 2024. The nicest thing is that the color is suitable for almost all skin types. However, women who have pale and too light skin will tend to look pale due to the golden shades. We would recommend you go for a beautiful ash blonde or mushroom blonde that looks just as cool and elegant!

Hair color trends 2024 – Blorange Hair most beautiful hair colors 2021

The perfect hair color for all redheads and blondes who want a little change! Blorange Hair is a cool mix of shades of blonde, red and orange and really makes your hair shine. The result is a unique shade that radiates a lot of warmth and reminds us a little of the classic strawberry blonde. In the light, the nuances alternate between pink, peach and copper.

Red hair is all the rage next year most beautiful hair colors 2021

No matter whether copper, bright red, balayage red or with a hint of chestnut brown – 2024 will definitely be the year of the redheads! Copper red and a dark, extravagant red with a slight Bordeaux tinge are particularly on the rise. Implementing red hair in everyday life, however, is not so easy and that’s why this look is only for the brave women who want to stand out. If you want to slowly approach the hair trend, you can start with a few thin strands, which you can then gradually increase. most beautiful hair colors 2021

The nuances for a red shade are incredibly many and there is certainly the right color for every taste. All women who have fair skin are particularly lucky – both strong red hair and the copper nuances will look great on you! But we have to warn you – red hair fades the fastest and the right care is the be-all and end-all with this look. To keep the beautiful shine longer, we recommend you refresh the color every 2 weeks with a tint.

Further inspiration for the most beautiful hair colors 2024

most beautiful hair colors 2021

most beautiful hair colors 2021