The Most Popular Tattoo Trends 2024

Latest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To PinterestMany people around the world use Pinterest as a platform for visual rediscovery and get inspiration for everything from simple brunch recipes to the latest fashion trends to popular destinations. But “Tattoos” is the category with the most search queries this year and more than a billion times it was searched for different tattoo designs. In this article we have compiled for you the most popular tattoo trends of the year. Which are the most sought-after motifs of men and women and which part of the body do people want to tattoo? The answers to these questions and many more will be revealed soon!

Tattoo Trends 2024 – Temporary Tattoos are totally hipLatest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

You always wanted to get a tattoo, but you do not dare or are not sure about the motive? Then temporary tattoos are your salvation. Inkbox is an American company founded by the brothers Braden and Tyler Handley. It works with a natural dye derived from the Jenipapo fruits and promises a realistic and good-looking tattoo. The concept is a little reminiscent of the adhesive tattoos that everyone knows from his childhood. But instead of on the skin, the temporary tattoos are in the skin. Unlike the real tattoos, this method deposits the ink in the epidermis and adorns your body for about 18 days.Latest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

The website of Inkbox is very clearly structured and offers about 300 small motifs to choose from. The company also has a free hand set in its range for those of you looking for a unique design. With this set you can apply your tattoo completely independently – similar to a henna tattoo. But we work it? The application of the tattoo motif is actually relatively easy.

  • In the first step, peel off the protective film of the tattoo and place it on the desired body part.
  • Then warm a damp cloth, which is also included, in the microwave. Press it for about 30 seconds on the tattoo.
  • The cloth must now remain on the decal for 30 minutes and during this time you must not move.
  • Then peel off the protective foil and you’re done. The excess paint can be washed off after about 10 minutes.
  • At the beginning there is only a faint print of the motif, but it turns into a powerful tattoo in the next 36 hours.Latest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

More temporary tattoo trendsLatest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

As the temporary tattoos gain more and more popularity, we would like to introduce you to another method.

  • Temporary airbrush tattoos (TATs) are applied to the epidermis without damaging them, and for that reason they are among the latest tattoo trends on Pinterest. A stencil is placed on the desired body part and the tattoo ink is applied with an airbrush. It resembles a permanent tattoo, but it can be easily removed with an oil or alcohol based product. Such tattoos stay on your skin for about 3 weeks.

Celebrating Your Body Through Art – Body Art and Body Art PaintingLatest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “body art” is probably the many tattoo studios. But one of the latest tattoo trends this year is called Body Art Painting. As the color is not permanently applied to your skin, it allows you to try new and beautiful motifs again and again. Bodypaint has a very long tradition in the cultural history of humanity. The painted skin was considered an expression of defense, attack or joy. Even today, there are still Indians in South America who practice the ritual body painting. The professional body painters conjure up beautiful works of art on the bodies of your customers. It usually takes several hours and is quite exhausting for the model. In order not to influence the process,

Which motives are painted will of course be left to you. Animals, flowers, various works of art or landscape motifs are especially popular. How long a body painting lasts depends on the type used. One variant consists of water-based paints and usually lasts one day. It is washed off easily and quickly at the end of the day with water, soap and a sponge. But there are also special, waterproof colors that can stay on your skin for up to a week. For example, this can help you make a decision for or against a tattoo.

Inspirational tattoo trends 2024 for a dose of self-loveLatest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

The only relationship in which you can be sure that it will stay forever and the only one that is completely under your control is the relationship with yourself. Many people who have experienced fatalities use your tattoos as a means of communicationand processing and in the hope of being able to recognize the experience as part of life. It does not always take many words to express certain situations, circumstances or feelings. This also applies to the inspiring tattoos, which are almost always dedicated to these things. Short and to the point, a motif on the skin looks much nicer than tattooing a novel. The little tattoos express a certain message and help the wearer to get through the difficult moments in life more easily.

Inspiring Tattoo Trends 2024 – What is the Self Love Club?Latest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

What started out as a private tattoo has become a symbol of female self-love, solidarity and self-esteem. Many years ago artist Frances Cannon decided to devote herself to self-love and to accept and appreciate her own body. She has got the words “Self Love Club” to spread the positive message worldwide. If you like the idea, you can easily join in as well. A membership application is not required, but you should follow these rules:

  • You always have to show love, respect, forgiveness and understanding to yourself.
  • You always have to treat your body well and pay attention to your mental health.
  • You have to face the other members with love, forgiveness, respect and understanding.

Be proud of yourself! – Pride tattoo trendsLatest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

LGBT (short for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Tattoos are gaining in popularity. This is mainly because more and more people are showing their sexuality to the world with pride. We are all the same and what unites us is love – that is the motto of this movement. As you probably already know, the rainbow is the primary symbol of LGBT. You do not have to be a member of any LGBT community to get a tattoo like that. It’s a great way to help and encourage a good friend or family member to be yourself.

Encouraging Girl Power Tattoo Trends 2024Latest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

A tattoo is the perfect way to show the world what you believe in and love. Still, choosing the right motive can sometimes be a real challenge. “Grl Pwr” is an abbreviation for Girl Power and it was not just one of the favorite slogans of groups like the Spice Girls, but has been something else since the early nineties. It has become a symbol of women’s empowerment and independence. It was created by the music group “Bikini Kill” in response to the exile of women from the punk music industry, but has become a popular tattoo motif over the years.

The Most Popular Tattoo Designs 2024 – Dermal Piercing with TattosLatest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

There is no doubt that a tattoo in combination with a piercing looks good. The fact that Dermal Piercing is one of the biggest tattoo trends on Pinterest is clear proof of that. The Dermal Piercing (also known as Dermal or Skin Anchor) complements any tattoo in an incredibly beautiful way. Since the small piercings are placed directly into the skin and fused with the underlying tissue, they only have a starting point. That’s why they belong to the group of “single point piercings”. On the upper end, which looks out of your skin, everything possible can be screwed – from small rhinestones to sparkling stars, everything is there.

Gorgeous 3D tattoo trends 2024Latest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

In recent years, the tattoo world has really changed and developed and many new tattoo trends have emerged. The beautiful and unique 3D tattoos have become especially popular and for good reason – they just look great.

Simple single line tattoosLatest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Some things are just that effective because they are so simple. The single-line tattoos are the perfect choice for those who like it simple and minimalist. They consist of very delicate lines and are much faster than the conventional motifs completed. The trend has become so famous through the tattooist Mo Ganji from Berlin and is currently enjoying great popularity worldwide. Particularly popular in this style are drawings of plants and leaves, animals or faces.

Pinterest Tattoo Trends 2024- Which are the preferred body parts?Latest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Body parts such as the thigh and lower leg or the back are probably among the classics of women. But surprisingly, tattoos on the neck or neck are becoming increasingly popular. They are among the most daring tattoo trends and, until recently, have been associated mainly with gang members or completely tattooed people. If you also play with the idea of having a tattoo on this part of the body, then in addition to social acceptance, pain is also a very important topic. Because the throat is a very sensitive area with less fat and muscle mass than the neck, it hurts a lot more. In addition, the tattoo trend can either hide only with a thick scarf, turtleneck sweater or special make-up, which can also be problematic.

If you want a particularly elegant and feminine tattoo, then you should definitely consider using a tattoo on the spine. It looks conspicuous and discreet at the same time and is revealed in a backless summer dress or on a strane.

The most searched tattoo motives for womenLatest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

According to Pinterest, most women are looking for small, unobtrusive fingers or rose tattoos this year . The sunflower is a very special plant that can change its position in such a way that it can receive the greatest amount of sunlight and thus optimally use the sun’s energy. It is considered in different cultures as a symbol of spiritual belief and the absorption of positive thoughts and energy. But the size of the tattoo also plays a role in the symbolism – large sunflowers usually stand for loyalty, while the smaller ones stand for worship.Latest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Wolf tattoo trends 2024 for menLatest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

The Wolf Tattoo is undoubtedly the long-running favorite among the most popular tattoo motifs for men. However, Wolf is not the same as Wolf – there are an infinite number of different motives and designs and they all have different meanings. But such a tattoo can stand for example for strength, strength, loyalty and family ties.

Lion tattoos for menLatest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

A lion tattoo is actually not a new tattoo trend, but rather belongs to the timeless classics. Again, there are many different meanings that can be behind the motif, such as wisdom, power and authority or hope.

Celtic Tattoo Trends 2024 in GermanyLatest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

The search on Pinterest for Celtic tattoos has risen by a total of 250% for the last year in Germany. Behind every motif is a completely different meaning. We have compiled a short summary of the most popular Celtic Tattoo motifs for you:

  • The Celtic spiral represents the sun and represents the eternal cycle of life.
  • The Triskele comes from the Greek and means “three-legged”. The three symmetrical spirals in mythology stand for different things: past, present and future or for body, mind and soul.
  • The Triquetta consists of three interconnected circular arcs. Its meaning also goes back to the magical meaning of the number three and stands for femininity, as well as for birth, life and death.

Loving Ohana TattoosLatest Tattoo Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

“Ohana” means “family”. “Family means no one is left behind.” – this quote comes from the Disney movie “Lilo and Stitch”. The word “Ohana” became very popular through this movie and has become one of the most popular tattoo trends of the year. It comes from the Hawaiian culture and thus not only the family is understood in the traditional sense. This includes friends who are so close that they regard themselves as a family.