Titanium hair – the hottest hair color of the year 2022!

Titanium hair - the hottest hair color of the year 2022 Do you feel bored during confinement? Okay, we have a great idea for you! Now is a great time to stop hesitating and be more courageous when it comes to your appearance. If you’ve always wanted to color your hair, read on for this year’s hair trend. After introducing you to the smoky hair effect, it’s time to show you yet another color variation that includes gray. You will find beautiful photos that will inspire you to adopt titanium hair! Are you ready to embark on this adventure that will totally change your look? Go!

Titanium hair – dare to experiment with this explosive coloring! Titanium hair - the hottest hair color of the year 2022

If you are a true fashionista, you already know that the color gray is conquering fashion, beauty trends and interior design this year. A few weeks ago since Pantone unveiled a color duo – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating – which will be a must have in 2022. So, because of Pantone or not, the color silver is involved in trendy hairstyles and we are sure you will love it! But, what exactly is “Titanium hair”?

The shade is, as the name suggests, a metallic silver with cool or ashy reflections that lends itself equally well to shading or to reflections in pink or blue tones. Trendy coloring works well with trendy women as well as hunks. So, why don’t you do some matching hairstyles with your sweetheart? It’s a great idea that will make you stand out from the crowd. The proof is in the photo gallery that follows.

What is the secret to this exceptional gray hair color? Titanium hair - the hottest hair color of the year 2022

This year we want something new, something inspiring and remarkable that will help us forget about last year and all the challenges we faced. So, if you are one of us, don’t hesitate any longer and change your mind thanks to the titanium color which will undoubtedly give your look a boost.

To achieve the ideal silver gray hair coloring, you must first visit your colorist. It is a truly specific shade that requires the services of an experienced professional. Next, you need to choose products intended for gray hair that will help you preserve the color for as long as possible. Always use a sulfate-free shampoo and repair mask once or twice a week. Thus, your hair will keep all its shine and suppleness.

Another tip that will prolong the duration of the titanium shade is to avoid too hot water and the use of a straightener or a curling iron. Bleached hair does not take heat well. To make a hairstyle, bet on alternative methods. Which ones? You will find ideas in the rest of this article.

The lifespan of titanium gray dye is only a few weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair. So think about renewing your care and visiting your hairdresser every two or three weeks. If you decide to maintain your mane at home, it is really important to follow the directions and use the products offered by your colourist.

How to wear the Titanium hair? Titanium hair - the hottest hair color of the year 2022

Being halfway between platinum blonde and pastel purple hair, Titanium hair adapts perfectly to every skin tone. The reason is the cool undertone. So, it’s hard to go wrong with this trendy color. It is ideal for the cold months as well as for a fiesta on the beach. This variation of gray hair deserves all your thinking! Plus, titanium gray hair will really bring out blue eyes in an exceptional way.

On the fashion side, this shade is more or less universal, so you don’t have to pay special attention to the color of your clothes. This is not the same with women with brassy hair. So, if you bet on gray, you will be really lucky who can use all the fashion items in his wardrobe.

Which hairstyle to choose for gray hair? Titanium hair - the hottest hair color of the year 2022

As already mentioned above, titanium hair is a versatile hair color. This means that you can accessorize your hair with a turban headband, with a giant hair scrunchie or even hairstyle with a pop color scarf. No rules here. You can experiment at will. You just have to combine the accessories with your outfit.

To preserve the color longer and at the same time have beautiful curls, try the technique called “hair plopping”. It’s a beautistas new obsession on Tik Tok that will allow you to have well-formed curls without burning your hair. Titanium hair also looks amazing on an afro hairstyle. In short, you have a great choice to change up your style, but the key element that drastically changes your style is the silver gray coloring.

Titanium hair and black eyebrows – a remarkable combination! Titanium hair - the hottest hair color of the year 2022