Top 5 Stylish Hair Color Trends 2020-2021

Top 5 Stylish Hair Color Trends 2020-2021Hair color can decorate a girl, and vice versa. A correctly selected shade is able to emphasize the advantages of appearance.

Today, there are many options for hair coloring: from plain colored to highlighted, colorized, etc. When choosing staining, it is important to consider stylish directions. From the article you will find out what is the most current hair color 2020 – 2021, style trends, photos, and we will also discuss:Top 5 Stylish Hair Color Trends 2020-2021

  • highlighting and coloring;
  • gradation along the length of the hair;
  • TOP 5 rating of the most stylish colors;
  • video on the topic;
  • hair color depending on the eyes;
  • coloring for different haircut options.

STYLE TRENDS 2020 – 2021!Top 5 Stylish Hair Color Trends 2020-2021

With a new hair color, a new life begins. Choose stylish and trendy colors. In 2020 – 2021, non-standard and creative colors are trending:

  • ashen;
  • burgundy;
  • copper;
  • red-gold;
  • emerald.

On the crest of popularity are:

  • natural blond;
  • platinum blonde;
  • pink blond;
  • copper and milk chocolate;
  • light chocolate;
  • chestnut;
  • cold chestnut;
  • chocolate brown shade.

These are the most stylish hair color trends 2020 – 2021. The photos presented here will familiarize you with the trends of the year in more detail.


Defining the most stylish color is not so simple. For each type of girls, stylists offer different options.

Of the cold shades, platinum is in the first place. Older girls and women give preference to him. It is a bright, attractive color. It looks beautiful on short hair and long hair. Suitable for elegant, feminine ladies.

It’s time to fall / winter is ideal for cold shades, look at them. Natural, pink blond, ashy and metallic tone – the perfect solution.

Not everyone likes cool colors. In this case, pay attention to the trendy fiery red tint. He will surely attract attention and set you apart from the crowd. Spring / Summer 2020-2021 requires vibrant colors. Young, extraordinary, active girls choose this staining.

Natural colors are always at the peak of style: sand, blond, black –  several seasons have been in favorites.

HIGHLIGHTING / COLORINGTop 5 Stylish Hair Color Trends 2020-2021

Any girl strives for her individual style. Hair in such a case is one of the main attributes. Stylish coloring will add a twist to the image. Pay attention to highlighting and coloring. In 2020-2021, they do not lose top positions.

Natural highlighting is most relevant. Neat and barely noticeable, it gives the hair shine and juiciness. To create beautiful highlights, choose shades that are slightly lighter and darker than your natural color.

Do not avoid such highlights as:

  • Balayazh . Adds volume to hair. Plus, it requires a rare update.
  • Ombre . Technique with a barely noticeable transition of colors, suitable for dark-haired.
  • Sombra . Unlike ombre, hair coloring begins from the roots. Suitable for fair hair.

When tinting, choose bright colors. Coloring in natural tones continues to be in style, but bright colors are the latest style, especially such as pink, bright red, scarlet and orange. The last color looks beautiful on green-eyed and blue-eyed girls. Complementing the orange with distinctive highlights of bright red or a light ash color, you will get a unique, creative look.

GRADUATION BY THE LENGTH OF HAIRTop 5 Stylish Hair Color Trends 2020-2021

Some colors look beautiful on long hair, while others are perfect for short hair. Let’s see what stylists advise, which shade to choose depending on the length of the hair.


The average length in 2020 – 2021 is in trend. It is universal, allows you to experiment with haircuts and dyeing. You can easily choose a stylish color for medium hair in 2020 – 2021. Photos of stylish, beautiful stains can be found below.

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Style trends for medium hair:

  • Balayazh. Coloring gives volume to the hair, makes it lively, unusual. The trend is ash brown, cold beige, ash blonde and caramel colors. Make in one color scheme for a more natural shade.
  • Ombre. Suitable for fair-haired girls. The tips are strongly textured to create a stylish ragged look. Bright white ombre with a coffee shade is relevant.
  • Ash hair color. For blondes, a good option, but it is better for dark-haired people to avoid such colors, since painting is fatal for hair.
  • Bright multi-colored hair. The combination of two or more color tones at the peak of popularity.


Every girl dreams of long luxurious hair. They are not easy to care for, and even more difficult to choose the right stain. In 2020 – 2021, long-haired ladies stylists offer not standard and boring colors, but bright colors. The following colors are in trend:

  • crimson;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • yellow;
  • red.

In the style, like plain even shades, and a combination of several colors.

Not all girls will decide on a radical change in hair color. Then look at more natural, but no less stylish colors. Light brown, chestnut, black, sand shades do not give up their positions.

The 3-D dyeing technique will reward the long hair with a healthy shine, visually enhance natural overflows. The following techniques will also decorate long hair:

  • flamboyage;
  • contouring;
  • hut.

For clarity, see the photos below


Who says short hair is not feminine? The most famous stars have dispelled this stereotype. Proper painting can make any haircut romantic, delicate, airy. Take a look at the following options:

  • Separate coloring of a bang. To create a creative and trendy look, you do not have to spoil and repaint all hair. It is enough to change only the color of the bangs.
  • Rainbow overflows on the hair. Both bright shades and calmer ones are relevant: soft blue, dusty pink, mother-of-pearl.
  • Ombre. On short hair it looks no less impressive. Visually increases the volume, attracts attention.
  • Metallic accent on hair. Trendy in 2020 – 2021, he will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Shades of red. Colors from light pink to rich burgundy are in style.
  • Separation of two tones. Hair dyed in two colors with a clear separation of shades will add originality to any girl.

TOP 5 RATING OF THE MOST STYLISH COLORSTop 5 Stylish Hair Color Trends 2020-2021

Stylish female hair colors 2020 – 2021: from bright, extravagant to muffled, calm – any person will like it. We made a rating of the five most stylish shades. Which one to choose is up to you. All tones are good in their own way, build on your preferences. The most popular colors for this season:

  • Ash color.
  • Brown color.
  • Red color.
  • Saturated redhead.
  • Blond.


Many celebrities choose ashen hair color for themselves. Among ordinary people, you rarely see people painted in that tone. This is an occasion to look at the color and stand out from the crowd.

It is suitable for young girls and women in age. Such a tone is able to hide gray hair, which is important after 50 years.

In 2020 – 2021, ashy with darkening of the roots is relevant. Pink toner will add a gentle hairstyle.

The trend is pale ashen and dark gray.

The disadvantage of this staining is the difficulty of painting. Only an experienced master will give the hair the desired shade.


A noble brown color will emphasize the status of a woman and add elegance. Classics suits everyone, therefore young ladies resort to such a tone. Dark-haired girls are perceived as more serious and smart. Take a look at this color.

Stylish shades of brown:

  • black brown;
  • frosty chestnut;
  • dark cinnamon
  • bronze brown;
  • intense brown;
  • golden chestnut.

Red and caramel highlights will beautifully dilute the color.


Recall again: bright colors are in style. We recommend you start experimenting with shades of hair with trendy red color. It is not necessary to choose a bright red tone, and burgundy colors, and maroon, and mahogany, mulled wine are in style.

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Painting in red does not injure the hair structure. Brunettes who want to make a difference in their lives, dark red colors are perfect.

Extraordinary personalities choose bright shades. They attract hundreds of looks.

True, red is not suitable for everyone. Girls with a yellowish complexion should better avoid it, it is able to add extra years. Red sometimes emphasizes skin imperfections. If you have redness, acne, choose a better dark color.


Natural red hair color is found in a small percentage of people. Stylists suggest correcting this situation. In 2020 – 2021, not just red color is relevant, but bright red. Few will decide on such a tone, but in vain. Red gives it to the owner of playfulness, liveliness. An image with such a tone can not be called boring and uninteresting.

Curly or straight, short or long – the redhead looks perfect on any hair.

For girls whose natural hair color is darker than fair-haired and for women aged, stylists do not recommend painting in red.

Bright saturated shade is ideal for owners of dark skin and brown or green eyes. Make sure of this by looking at the pictures.


Blondes are always mistaken for cheerful, sincere, easy girls. Most fair-haired ladies do not want to radically change their color, so natural shades will never lose their relevance. Style trends do not forget about naturalness. Warm light colors are a hit of the summer of 2020-2021. In winter, stylists recommend using colder shades.

Pay attention to the following varieties of blond:

  • pearl;
  • caramel;
  • pearl;
  • sand;
  • golden;
  • rose quartz.

These shades will make small changes to the hairstyle, if you do not want a full upgrade.

SELECTING HAIR COLOR DEPENDING ON THE EYESTop 5 Stylish Hair Color Trends 2020-2021

You have bright brown eyes and want to emphasize them? You are the owner of light blue eyes, and do not want them to be lost in the background of your hairstyle? Not sure which color fits green eyes? It doesn’t matter, now we’ll figure out what and to whom it suits.


When thinking about a girl with green eyes, a red-haired beauty immediately appears before us. This combination of colors is so harmonious that it seems like she is not from our planet. She is seductive, but at the same time she breathes naivety, childishness.

Not all girls like red hair color. There are plenty of options for green eyes. Then try to look at the tone of your face.

The following hair colors are suitable for skin with a slightly yellow tint:

  • plum;
  • burgundy;
  • brown;
  • chestnut;
  • dark brown;
  • the black.

For swarthy girls:

  • rich chocolate shades;
  • different variations of brown tone.

With light skin are combined:

  • red;
  • brown;
  • copper;
  • the black;
  • dark red;
  • warm golden palette.


Girls with brown eyes are considered the most beautiful. The right shade of hair will make you even more compelling. Fit for you:

  • Blonde hair. This is an unusual combination, therefore light brown-eyed girls attract attention. Previously, this was considered a misunderstanding, but now at the peak of popularity. Give preference to warm tones, cold colors look inharmonious.
  • Dark shades. Brown-eyed brunettes are a natural combination. Black, brown, chocolate, maroon tones are perfect for you. They will make you brighter, eye color is emphasized. The richer your eyes, the darker your colors.
  • Ginger colour. Leave a fiery redhead to the green-eyed girls. For brown eyes are softer and lighter tones.


Blue eyes are possessed by soft, kind and feminine girls. Poets glorify such eyes, comparing with the sea, the sky. It is no accident that the blue eyes look deep, multifaceted, slightly thoughtful. Improper staining can take away all this. We advise you to opt for the following shades:

  • chestnut;
  • copper;
  • ashen;
  • platinum;
  • walnut;
  • chocolate;
  • coffee;
  • light brown;
  • golden.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE COLOR DEPENDING ON THE HAIRCUT?Top 5 Stylish Hair Color Trends 2020-2021

Haircuts and hair color should complement each other, and not vice versa. We will consider the main hairstyles and what shade suits them.

  • Four of a kind. Natural and rich shades on the square are the trend of the season. It is not necessary to radically change the color of hair. Enough to slightly “enhance” your natural tone.
  • Cascade. This is a universal haircut. Almost any hair color looks good. Do not limit yourself to one shade, combine a couple of colors at the same time. Ombre, balayazh, highlighting will make the image multifaceted. Avoid only coloring. Dyeing, where many colors are used, will make the hairstyle inaccurate.
  • Pixies. Short haircuts are preferred by creative girls. Stylists advise them to look at the bright colors: pink, emerald, red. Highlighting and coloring will add a twist.
  • Haircut with shaved temples. Hair of chestnut, blue-black or fiery red color will suit such a hairstyle. In 2020 – 2021, patterns on the shaved part are relevant. Extravagant ladies paint individual curls in purple, yellow, red, pink colors. For women with blond hair, a haircut is not suitable.
  • “Hedgehog”. On ultra-short haircuts rare women decide. Ashy, metallic, platinum shades, stylists offer extraordinary girls.
  • With a slanting bang. Bangs will not spoil any hair color, on the contrary, it will complement it. You have the right to play with its painting. The actual difference in hair color and bangs. New items 2020 – 2021 – pixel coloring and highlighting several strands of bangs in color shades.

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