Winter Hair Coloring Trends 2022/2023

Do you want to refresh your hair color or opt for a radical hair change? In both cases, our selection of trendy summer camps will come in handy. So what’s up? For the cold season, the winter hair coloring trends 2022/2023 oscillate between gradations and natural shades. We can decipher the star colors that we will see everywhere over the following months.

What winter color 2022/2023 to warm up your mane this season? Winter Hair Coloring Trends 2022/2023

If the last seasons, we bet on daring camps, this winter, they will always be popular. However, the natural look will be in the spotlight! Colorists are unanimous on this: natural shades like ash beige, copper highlights and dark hair will be everywhere. The sweeping effect and the marked roots are no longer there. In short, we offer you a small selection of easy-to-adopt hair colors that will only enhance the trendy cut for winter 2022.

“Expensive Brunette”: The star hair color for winter 2022/2023 Winter Hair Coloring Trends 2022/2023

No more fake bleached blonde, make way for the “Expensive Brunette” camp or, for non-English speakers, Brunette Riche! After long months without hairdressers under the sign of covid-19, a good number of blondes have finally learned to appreciate their dark roots. The result ? Naturally dark hair now has an official name: an expensive brown. Shiny, warm and absolutely natural, it looks quite sophisticated and easy to maintain. A subtle mix of light and deep tones to dare with closed eyes.

The dark Winter Hair Coloring Trends 2022/2023

Bringing a subtle “sunburn” effect to your hair, this is the promise of one of the most fashionable hair colors of the moment: dark hair. Perfect for winter 2022-2023, it brilliantly dethrones balayage, ombre and even brown hair to illuminate brown and chestnut manes. For you, dear ladies cautious about hair change, nothing better than the subtle shadow. For non-English speakers, this is a sort of balayage or ombre with no too sharp demarcation between lengths and roots. Its greatest asset? It respects the natural color of the hair and requires less maintenance than the classic ombre. Do you fall for it? Do you have dark brown hair and are afraid to find yourself blonde? Rest assured! The sombré is a gradual lightening. On brown hair, it creates blonde effects. The result? We obtain a brown which evolves towards lighter shades without going through the discoloration box.

Auburn hair colors Winter Hair Coloring Trends 2022/2023

If pastel and frank hair colors are a bit out of fashion, the brassy tones that we ditched a few seasons ago are back this winter. Pink blonde, Venetian blonde, auburn or Copper Hair undoubtedly prove that the trend is in the seventies. We therefore wear them dark for a more natural look.

Winter coloring 2022/2023: Mocha Melt Winter Hair Coloring Trends 2022/2023

Fans of greedy wicks, we have what you need. The Mocha Melt promises to wake up your mane this winter! No, no… this is not a flavored drink with autumnal ingredients, but the latest trendy colo that is flooding the Internet. It consists of creating a subtle blend between the natural color of your base and one, or even two, tone (s) lighter. The result? Luminous hair that is neither too light nor too dark.

Copper Hair Winter Hair Coloring Trends 2022/2023

Girls the world over are succumbing to the Copper Hair trend… and with good reason. If for a long time, the blonde reigned supreme on social networks, it seems that he will be slightly dethroned this winter. Why? The marked return of copper hair. Also known as Copper Hair, these will be on everyone’s mind this season. More natural and subtle than Spicy Ginger Hair, this colo brings light to the mane thanks to the more or less light reflections on a dark hair base. Neither too light nor too glaring, it is the ideal option for all those who are afraid to dare auburn.

The White hairs Winter Hair Coloring Trends 2022/2023

A big trend of the moment, gray hair is no longer reserved for women aged 70. As already said, this winter 2022-2023, we focus on the natural by proudly wearing your white hair.

The red rose Winter Hair Coloring Trends 2022/2023

Light blond Winter Hair Coloring Trends 2022/2023

Honey chestnut Winter Hair Coloring Trends 2022/2023

Strawberry blond Winter Hair Coloring Trends 2022/2023