Bag Trends 2021: these are the must-haves for the coming autumn

Autumn Bag Trends 2021 No outfit is complete without the right handbag. From huge tote bags to elegant clutches to tiny micro bags: this autumn, the bag trends are particularly varied. Long-forgotten shapes are making a real comeback, playful details give the designs a kick and strong colors make even the simplest model an absolute eye-catcher. You can find out which It-Bags are popular this fall and which patterns are popular right now in the article.

Autumn Bag Trends 2021

Bag trends 2021: these are the It models for the fall season Autumn Bag Trends 2021

The clutch is experiencing a revival. So boring: In autumn the small stylish handbag gets an update. This season, the suitcase bags have become loyal companions for every fashion-conscious woman. The box-shaped handbags in small format can effectively complete the party outfit.

Flat clutch models are also available on the market. The saddle bags, for example, are enjoying growing popularity. They are offered with a long belt and can be carried both as a shoulder bag and as a fanny pack at waist height.

Tote bags, shoppers or tote bags : it’s hard to believe that the model for these stylish XXL models is the shopping bag. Nowadays, the modern designs are rather elegant. The only thing they have in common with their predecessor is the large capacity. Everything you need in your everyday life fits inside. Autumn Bag Trends 2021

Quilted bags  are real classics. They are robust, very durable and weatherproof, so they are ideal for the rainy autumn days. The quilting makes the shoulder bags look voluminous and gives the otherwise simple model a kick. Real trendsetters choose models that are additionally embellished with faux fur.

Backpacks  will become a fashion accessory this fall. Creative prints, leather details and even rhinestones adorn the backpacks of the big fashion houses.

Bag trends 2021: These patterns are popular in autumn Autumn Bag Trends 2021

As far as the patterns are concerned, the bag trends for this autumn are particularly varied. We summarize the highlights for the cold season for you:

Animal patterns are still very much in vogue . The Leo patterns and the zebra stripes are guaranteed to draw everyone’s attention to the handbag. If the wild safari prints are too noticeable, you can opt for models with integrated snake or crocodile patterns instead. You have already triggered a lot of hype in the fashion world. The bloggers like to wear micro bags or clutches with the trendy animal patterns. So the tiny little models come into their own better.

Logo prints  have come to stay. The large-format logos have adorned the new models of the luxury brands for more than 4 years. The combination of a geometric print and the company logo on a backpack looks very effective. But even trendy shoppers in plain colors are often spiced up with a logo. Autumn Bag Trends 2021

Two-tone pockets. If you can’t do anything with handbags with elaborate prints, but at the same time are fed up with the boring variants in plain color, you can opt for a two-colored handbag.

Check patterns are finally back in the spotlight this year. Whether in black and white or with red color accents: the checkered shoulder bags and toiletry bags are guaranteed to draw everyone’s attention. The sporty, elegant accessories can be combined with shirt dresses, boyfriend jeans or culottes. Autumn Bag Trends 2021

Chains  adorn backpacks, tote bags and clutches this year. If you are satisfied with your bag collection at home, but would like to give the classic designs in the wardrobe a modern touch, then chains are an option. Autumn Bag Trends 2021

Mini handbag trends or the it-accessory of 2021-2022 that will not leave you indifferent!

“Honey, I shrunk your bag! … Everything that is small is cute, but everything that is small, micro, nano and XXS in terms of leather goods will be highly desirable for next year. In this context, the mini handbag promises to be the star accessory of 2022 that every self-respecting fashionist will have to get! Shoulder, hand or back … the fall-winter 2021-2022 fashion trends hold great surprises for the most passionate fashionistas. At Zara or at major fashion houses, you will not run out of choices to find your micro happiness this season!

Fall-winter 2021-2022: focus on the mini handbag trend! Mini handbag trends 2021 2022

To stylize your New Year 2021 outfit , to be connected to the office or just for fun, the XXS bag becomes essential during the fall-winter 2021-2022. On the one hand, inspired by the elegance of the 1960s and 70s, on the other, a punk spirit punctuated with nails, this winter, it wants to be mini, even micro, and folds according to the desires of each. Of printed games , revisited the times, and leather (fake) skin … there’s as many effects as officiant top models and high fashion and all its facets. Mini handbag trends 2021 2022

Exit shopping bags and bags, next year will be micro or will not be! Because basically, the mini handbag does not necessarily rhyme with lack of style. From XXS it-bags spotted on catwalks to small Belgian and French accessories, including alternatives at low prices, discover the micro bags with which we dream of proudly displaying in 2022 as well as how to wear them to diversify everyday looks too basic. I promise, there is something for all styles and for all budgets! So, are you ready to adopt the accessory in a reduced size version? Mini handbag trends 2021 2022

What is more, it has already been several years that big houses like Fendi, Channel, Louis Vuitton and Chloé have been offering their luxury accessories in XXS version. What’s more, their strongest looks with nano models never go unnoticed. More comfortable, lighter and relatively more trendy, this new kind of leather goods has just as much punctuated fall-winter 2021-2022 fashion as the outfits of working women and it-girls. Let’s see!

The madness of the micro bag, why this craze? Mini handbag trends 2021 2022

Preview on the Jacquemus fashion show, the mini handbag is the new favorite accessory for models and influencers on the Web. And after making its debut on the catwalks of the designer from the South of France, these mini bags soon attracted the majority of the big luxury brands, such as Balenciaga, Furla, Chloé and many others. They understand the vein and no longer hesitate to offer the miniature version of their most famous models. The result ? The accessories seemingly straight out of a dollhouse will not leave anyone indifferent in 2022. Mini handbag trends 2021 2022

In addition to making fashion houses crack, the XXS bag will punctuate the looks of several fashionistas. Rihanna, Lizzo, Bella and Gigi Hadid are some of the stars who have already succumbed to the charm of the micro trend during the past year. But beware, we’re not talking about a minaudière or a pocket here. On the contrary, it is rather a handbag, with shoulder strap and back that shrinks visibly. Small, but not at all discreet, it will differ from the arms of the most stylish fashionistas this winter. We adore it, because it can only contain the essential by freeing us from all that is superfluous.

The micro trend, for whom and how to wear it without making a mistake? Mini handbag trends 2021 2022

It is obviously difficult to imagine that the small mess prevailing in your shopping bag will succeed in entering a mini version! However, it is worth a try. If you are among the girls who manage to get rid of the superfluous and take only the essentials with them: money, keys, smartphone and lipstick … then the micro bag is for you! Mini handbag trends 2021 2022

The major advantage of the XXS accessory? If you are therefore the type who cannot go out without all of your personal belongings, by adopting this trend, you will gradually be able to limit everything that clutters you and that you consider essential. And if, moreover, the task seems impossible to accomplish, you can always adopt this pretty mini bag during your night outings.

And although we have just unveiled the accessory that will mark 2022, just take a quick look at the most successful looks seen on the last shows and in the street to comfort you in the micro trend. In short, during fall-winter 2021-2022, miniature bags will no longer be reserved for parties. We will wear them in broad daylight to punctuate basic and overly formal looks. As a good student, we take note of the best winter and summer outfits of fashionistas to copy!