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Vibrant Choices: Beautiful Hair Color Trends

Trying to predict what the next year will be like? Why not start with a makeover? A pleasant update of the image will surely inspire you to promising changes in other areas of life. What shade to choose for hair coloring in 2024 will be prompted by the fashion trends of the season.

Hair color certainly affects the impression you make on others. This is one of the foundations of the image. That’s why it’s important to approach coloring with all seriousness, even if the shade itself is rather frivolous. However, it will definitely not work without weighing the pros and cons of this or that color – there are so many hair color trends in 2024 that it will be extremely difficult to choose only one of them.

Hair Color Trends 2024

Our appearance is a kind of set of elements for self-expression. Do not be afraid to express yourself, inspired by the recommendations of fashion industry experts. And do not be confused by the fact that fashion trends – 2024 in hair coloring seem contradictory. In fact, they only confirm that we are free to choose images. Fashion is equally favorable to those who love naturalness, and to those who are not indifferent to bold experiments with color.

Coloring in black

This color has long been ignored by colorists. Experiments with the effect of burnt hair, obtaining a shade of bronde and pastel tints on the hair fascinated the masters too much, and even such a simple solution as dyeing black can give an impressive result. The most trendy shade is glossy black – with a “wet” glossy sheen that evokes associations with patent leather. Pros, however, argue that to obtain it, you need to mix at least five different shades of dark paint.

Light brown shades

This gamma in 2024 is triumphantly returning to fashion. If earlier they tried to get away from the light brown color by hook or by crook (believing that it hardly makes the image brighter), now many are striving for it. It is chosen by girls who love everything natural. But it is important to note that contrasting accents in the make-up look good against the light brown background. So this hair color from the list of top trends 2024 is definitely worth taking note of.

If you decide to repeat light brown coloring, pay attention to Excellence paint in the shade “Blonde Ash” from L’Oréal Paris.

Holographic staining

How else can you dye your hair in 2024 ? An option for those who like non-standard options is holographic overflows. To achieve such a result, you will have to work hard, but the fact remains: colored hair coloring in 2024 reaches a new level. Strands from the top layer of hair are dyed in stripes in different neon shades. As a result, they get a holographic radiance, with which it will definitely not work to stay in the shadows. Neon highlights look most advantageous on an icy blonde. To achieve this effect, Colorista Hair Makeup from L’Oréal Paris comes in handy.

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Coloring money piece

This trend became noticeable already in 2024 and will only gain momentum in the new year. The essence of this coloring is in the emphasis on the strands framing the face. The rest of the hair mass can remain the original color, even if it is contrasting. By the way, the money piece technique got its unusual name because, unlike full-fledged highlighting or balayazh, it allows you to refresh the image without much cost and effort.

Twilighting technique

Colorists continue to look for ways to color strands in a way that results in the most natural effect of visual volume. This is how the fashion trend called twilighting appeared by 2024. He combined the features of such techniques as babylights and balayage. Wide strands, lightened according to the ombre principle, alternate with very thin ones in “twilight” coloring. The trend was quickly picked up, because this approach can be used to work with any hair color.

Hidden staining

Many people want to dye their hair, but do not dare, fearing that they will have to put up with a new color for a long time, even if it does not live up to expectations. Luckily, there is a dyeing technique that allows you to camouflage an overly bold color choice – stealth dyeing. The initial caution has turned into a full-fledged trend: colorists paint strands in a bright shade in the lower layers of the hair, leaving the top untouched.

At rest, the color is hidden by a natural shade, and in motion, the colored strands reveal themselves, creating an interesting flashing effect. The play of light and color is very expressive. You can show the bright side of such coloring by styling in large waves or, for example, by collecting hair in a high tail, if the length allows.

Color Trends 2024 Based On Hair Length

Choosing a fashionable hair color in 2024, it is important to consider not only their original shade, but also the length. The fact is that some techniques (such as, say, ombre) allow you to get the desired result only at a sufficient length. But even in the case of a pixie haircut, for example, there are many coloring techniques that can emphasize the expressiveness of short hair.

Short hair

In this case, it is worth focusing not only on the length, but also on the haircut itself. So, if you have a graphic caret, monochromatic coloring (for example, in a fashionable shade of glossy black) will help to focus on the purity of the lines. For example, Casting Crème Gloss in Black Coffee from L’Oréal Paris will help to achieve this color.

And if you have a multi-level bob that you plan to style with slight negligence, then coloring in bright shades or blond with “burnt out” strands would be a good solution.

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Medium length hair

Such initial data give greater freedom in the choice of staining techniques. If the hair is at least slightly below the shoulders, you can already create an ombre effect, connecting literally any shades with it. By the way, not only the classic, but also the “reverse” ombre with an emphasis on the hair roots is in fashion. In fashionable coloring for medium hair in 2024, one of the new trends is the complex twilighting technique or the money piece method, which involves contrasting a pair of strands near the face.

Long hair

Techniques that are suitable for medium length hair, on long hair, reveal their full potential. For example, ombre on them can be not only two-color, but also multi-color. It is possible to paint strands using the balayazh technique, when the length allows, in different layers and at different levels, “shifting” the boundaries of the transition of shades higher or lower, depending on the idea.

At the same time, girls who managed to grow long curls often choose monochromatic coloring. The length allows you to favorably emphasize the expressiveness of a particular shade. If you focus on fashionable hair coloring – 2024, then the trend, among others, will be caramel, copper-red and ash-blond shades, as well as cold mocha and ice blond.

Popular Coloring In Blond – Trends 2024

The search for the perfect shade of blonde is best left to perfectionist colorists. We are more interested in fashionable coloring options for blondes that are relevant in 2024. Among the new products there are a lot of interesting things – judge for yourself.

Creamy blonde

Not every colorist is able to achieve this color. This blonde is not white and not yellow – it is dominated by creamy notes (the shade is called butter blonde). Deriving the correct formula is a difficult task. Those who manage to find the optimal proportions get a noble, delicate and natural shade that they do not want to change for a long time.

Pink blonde

Pink blond is still a fashionable shade of hair in 2024. It can be different: if you combine a very light ice blonde with light pink tones, the result will be a trendy blushed blonde; and if you choose a warmer color, you get rose gold, a shade that has been in fashion for years.

Silver blonde

In the pursuit of a cold blonde, until recently, icy platinum shades were the limit, but now the bar has risen to the level of a silvery blonde. The bright trend of 2024 has become a logical continuation of the fashion for gray coloring. The addition of silvery notes to the radiant ice blonde resulted in a new color solution that many girls liked. In 2024, this trendy hair color – silver blond – remains at the top of the trends.

Fashionable Hair Shades For Brunettes And Brown-Haired Women

Choosing fashionable coloring, you can also “try on” a lot of current trends in 2024 on dark hair. We propose to consider the most promising.

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Those who have long wanted to become a brunette should pay attention to the shades of mocha. Their main advantage is neutrality. They are neither warm nor cold. This means that mocha coloring will not argue with your color type, whatever it may be.

The mocha color has both chocolate and coffee notes, which, if desired, can be supplemented with an ash-gray matte finish or, for example, a light highlight with a honey-golden sheen. There are many options – everyone can choose their own mocha.

Chocolate with chili

A shade that will allow brunettes to count on a change of color without drastic changes in appearance. To take a closer look at the chocolate color with notes of chili, colorists advise girls whose hair is closer in color to dark chocolate. A reddish tint will make it even richer, deeper and more expressive. The trend is worthy of special attention in the winter of 2024 : with the onset of cold weather, a fashionable hair color will “warm” you, reminiscent of the hot tropics, where cocoa trees and chili peppers grow.

Pink bond

Colorists have long been looking for a way to harmoniously combine dark shades and blond. In the process of searching, brond appeared – a hair color that immediately became fashionable and will not lose its relevance in 2024. However, in the new year, some changes await him: the trend will be bronde with a pink undertone. This is a great solution for those who want to experiment with color, but are not yet ready for bright flashy shades.

Actual Hair Colors For Redheads

The expressive red color from the outside seems to many a gift of nature. But its owners are often not averse to radically changing their image or at least updating their natural shade in order to refresh the image as a whole. How to do this with hair color trends 2024 in mind ? Let’s consider them in more detail.


This color is a solution for those who want to soften their red hue, make it more subdued. In the ginger shade, the redhead is not so pronounced. We can say that this is a red blond. Sometimes it has soft pink notes. Remember this trendy hair color to choose it for coloring in the fall of 2024 – shades of ginger, pumpkin, mustard are especially relevant at this time of year.

Melting caramel

Another idea in case the fiery redhead gets bored is dyeing your hair in trendy shades of caramel. In 2024, they will be at the peak of popularity. The caramel spectrum includes honey, bronze, copper and berry notes, so even a single color will surprise you with the versatility of color. The shades of this palette are good for getting an ombre effect closer to the tips or coloring individual strands – thanks to the play of light on the hair, the caramel will turn out to be “melting”.


If you have red hair and, on the contrary, want it to become even brighter, take a closer look at red-red shades. They say that this trend owes its appearance to the TV series “Queen’s Move”, the main character of which has hair of exactly this color. But choosing a red color with a bias towards red should be as conscious as possible: if you don’t like the result and decide to return to the original color, it will not be so easy to get rid of the red pigment.

Hair Colours

Latest Hair Coloring Trends: Light and Dark Shades in Focus

Rumor has it that bang the kabs is no longer so spectacular. Color change is what it is. And the reasons now – at least call the bulldozer to rake. In this article, we have collected the most trendy hair coloring tends that will be relevant in 2024. Here you will find trends for every taste: light, dark and bright shades, unusual techniques and ideas. Let’s jump into the new year!

Light shades of hair coloring trends 2024

Blonde shades  hold top positions in trend lists. 2024 is no exception. We talk about the most fashionable and beautiful options.

Ash blonde

Ash blonde looks as stylish as possible, perfectly masks gray hair and adds elegance to the image. To achieve this cold and noble shade is not an easy task. Hair must be bleached and protonated so as to completely remove yellow and red pigments. Maintaining the “ashes” is also not easy – purple shampoo, conditioner and mask for colored hair, thermal protection and a visit to the master once every 2 months.

Vanilla blonde

One of the hardest shades of the year is vanilla blonde. This is a cross between white, yellow and silver tones. The secret of such staining is in the ideal proportions of the dye. Only experienced colorists can get a noble, natural and delicate vanilla color that will beautify most girls.

Platinum blonde

Many women adore platinum (almost white) blond, because it is impossible to go unnoticed with it. But this bright (and rather capricious) shade of hair can only be afforded by owners of very fair skin with a cold undertone. Lucky! You will definitely get a ton of compliments.

Caramel blonde

The opposite trend is caramel blonde. Appetizing and natural, it is well suited for girls with dark skin with a warm undertone. A light redhead will shimmer beautifully in the sun, adding zest and versatility to your hair. A win-win!

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Pink blonde

For those who want a bit of brightness, we suggest trying pink blond – this is a light shade with a slight strawberry undertone (yes, it also stays on horseback). The color temperature should be selected individually – depending on the appearance. The advantage of this coloring is that an unusual shade is noticeable only in certain lighting conditions. In other cases, the hair does not look extremely bright and defiant.

Dark shades of hair coloring 2024

Brunettes also have a place to roam. In the hair color trends 2024, options are different in saturation and temperature!


In 2024, all shades of chocolate will be in fashion. They look good on hair of any length, emphasizing the shine and silkiness of the strands. As a technique, you can choose both monochromatic staining and a combination of several tones at once. For example, light warm highlights can be added to a dark chocolate base.


Coffee shade of hair is another trend of the coming year. Its main advantage is neutrality and versatility. Such coloring does not have a clear warm or cold pallet, due to which it suits all color types of appearance.

Soft chestnut

Another good color for brown-haired women is soft chestnut. Moderately dark and warm, it will decorate any appearance. Against a chestnut background, green and blue eyes will become brighter, and brown ones will become more saturated. Perfect solution!

Matte black

If you have long dreamed of becoming a burning brunette, the time has come! Matte black hair color will be popular in the coming season. It will advantageously correct the oval of the face, make the features more expressive, and make the image bright and fatal. Matte black looks especially good on dense hair, while thin hair can make it visually smaller.

Muted cherry

An idea for those who want to experiment, but not go “out of the box” – muted cherry. The obvious advantage of such coloring is that with it the appearance will sparkle with new colors. However, cherry shades also have disadvantages – it is demanding on the condition of the skin, as it can emphasize all the redness on the face. It is also important to work on the quality of the hair – the ends should not be dry and split ends.

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Light brown shades of hair coloring 2024

Light brown shades are ideal for those who want to get the effect of natural “untouched” hair dye. Achieving such colors with dyeing is a difficult task that requires skill.

Sun glare

One of the most beloved trends is the effect of sun glare on the hair. This coloring looks natural, revitalizes and refreshes any hairstyle, and also does not require frequent updating. Solid pluses! You can create sun-bleached strands using different techniques: highlighting, bronding, shatush and others. Depends on the initial data and the result that you want to get.

Dark blond

Dark blond shade is associated with perfectly healthy, well-groomed and natural hair. It emphasizes the natural beauty and density of the strands, and also visually increases their volume. This color is also suitable for almost every girl – you just need to choose the right undertone. Minus staining in dark blond – it will have to be constantly maintained.


One way to “rejuvenate” your appearance is to dye your hair wheaten. This warm shade perfectly refreshes and softens facial features, hides light gray hair. I advise girls with both dark and fair skin to try wheat tones. It blends harmoniously with any eye color, making them brighter and more expressive.

Smooth color stretch

A trend that has not lost relevance for many seasons is a smooth transition from one shade to another. A large number of girls consider shatush, balayazh, airtouch techniques to be saviors, because they save them from monthly trips to the salon and regular color updates. This coloring looks as natural as possible, as if the strands were a little burnt out in the sun.

Ombre technique

The ombre technique is back! This is also a transition of one color to another, but with a more noticeable and contrasting border. In 2024, the actual option for such coloring will be ombre on blond hair. The idea for the brave ones is the transition from a natural shade to some unusual one: lilac, pale pink or blue.

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Bright shades of hair coloring 2024

And now we list a few fashionable ideas for the most daring. With them, you will definitely stand out.

Copper red

Deep copper shades are the fiery trend of 2024. Despite the brightness and saturation, they do not look vulgar. Copper-red hair blends harmoniously with both porcelain and swarthy skin, sets off any eye color and adds freshness to the face. However, it is important to understand that red-red pigments penetrate deep into the hair structure, so it is better to think carefully before going to the salon.

Color staining

No one can surprise anyone with hair the color of violets, strawberries or fresh grass, because color dyeing has been in trend for several years in a row. Moreover, you can experiment with it as you like. Some are limited to a few bright strands, the second – completely dye the hair in an unusual shade. For a quick change of image, you can resort to a special tinting spray, which is easily washed off with shampoo. You can play endlessly!

Pixel coloring

An interesting trend in 2024 is pixel coloring. Its essence is that colored dyes in the form of squares are applied to the strands. The result is a certain image or abstraction. Not every experienced colorist can create a pattern on the hair, so the technique belongs to rare and complex stains. Obviously, it suits the owners of thick, straight and smooth strands.

Hidden staining

Another hot but familiar trend is hidden coloring. With this technique, the upper rows of hair have one color (usually natural), and the lower rows have another (bright or just contrasting). That is, in a static position, it seems that the hair is dyed in one color, and bright strands are visible only in motion, or on collected hair. In general, it looks unusual and suits any type of appearance.

Screen technique

Stencil technique is a daring trend that not every girl will decide on. With this coloring, a pattern or an interesting pattern is applied to the surface of the hair using a stencil. Hues are usually used in contrast so that the image is clearly visible. It is not necessary to apply a long-lasting dye to the hair, a temporary one is also suitable. Cool idea for parties and holidays!

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Hair Colours

10 Winter Hair Color Trends: Chic and Vibrant Picks

There’s nothing quite like seeing your hair change between seasons, especially when it’s a brand new shade. If you’re looking for fall and winter hair colors to try in 2024, you’ve come to the right place.

From brunette hair tones to blonde tones, we’ve rounded up the coolest hair color trends for Fall Winter 2024 and once you’ve seen them, these seasons might just become your favorite season. Are you ready to give your hairstyle a long overdue upgrade and check out pictures of the trending looks?

Current hair color trends for autumn/winter 2024: honey highlights

A current trend are the honey highlights, which are created from buttery golden tones. If you go for this look, consider keeping the thicker, lighter strands closer to the face and closer to the hairline for a dramatic look. Honey tones flowing through the hair add a warm, beautiful glow during the colder months and are a chic way to add lightness to your hair color.

New hair tones for the cold season – orange blonde

Prepare for the orange blonde to be everywhere. This hair color has very warm and rich tones, but it is also not overly emphasized. Warmer shades of blonde are observed with less noticeable color differences between roots and ends. It’s okay to look sun-bleached, but this look combined with the drought of winter just doesn’t add up. It is best to reduce the blonde tips and lighten the dark root areas. The end result is a pumpkin-like hue reminiscent of the season’s favorite latte.

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The mixed blonde hair color is all the rage

This is a trend that lighter hair types can embrace in 2024. The great thing about this technique, however, is that it works on both light and dark hair and on all hair types. Go for subtle highlights that frame the face and chunky strands in the rest of the hair, or ask your stylist about the balayage technique to brighten your ends.

Are you already blonde? You can still keep up with the trend by creating depth with lowlights. Ask your hairstylist to add some lowlights to create depth and consider root shading too.

Modern platinum ice blonde for the winter

Whether you walk in a winter wonderland or live somewhere warm and dream of a fresh blanket of snow, this icy, cool shade is perfect for your winter hair color. To get a snow hair color, your barber needs to bleach your mane to get the lightest shade. While bleaching always causes some damage, various products can help reduce the look and feel of the damage. Also, invest in a purple toning product to maintain your shade between hair appointments. A purple formula tones brassy hair for a perfect cool hue.

Current hair color trends: the red-brown color is chic

Auburn hair color is one of the most popular shades for winter 2024. If the auburn is too intense for you, you can ask your hairstylist to gently blend this shade with your brunette roots using a balayage technique. If you also want to refresh your brunette color, warm tones are key this season. Brown, mocha color and auburn add soft but noticeable dimension to the hair. They flatter all brunettes and skin types.

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Ask your stylist to add strategic highlights in specific areas. This contours the face and provides texture, shine and a radiant hair color. It’s a great alternative to balayage. Keep your hair color vibrant with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner.

Cool chocolate-cherry hair color for fall

Chocolate-covered cherries are two treats that go well together — and so does hair with a chocolate-cherry color. This masterful blend of rich chocolate brown and deep cherry red will be the center of attention at all celebrations.

Radiant shades of red for the courageous ladies

Bright and deep reds are one of the biggest hair color trends of winter 2024. While some are opting for warmer shades of blonde, many women are taking the plunge into bright reds this winter. The mood is depressed in winter due to the lack of sunlight, so the ladies feel that they need something nice to keep them in a good mood. That’s why a bright red hair color is the right decision.

Mushroom brown is one of this season’s hair color trends

If you prefer your brunette shade to look ashy and cool rather than warm and chocolatey, you can’t go wrong with this brown hair look. The ashy brunette color has greyish undertones, so ladies will find this shade particularly flattering.

Cheeky dark blue for short and long hair

If you want to try an icy shade for winter without going all platinum, this dark blue shade is a great choice.

Jet black hair suits ladies of all ages

A rich, deep black hair has a reflective shine and that is very classy. When your barber styles the black hair properly, it is glamorous and chic. Choose Dark Hair If You Have Light Eyes: Black hair makes a great statement if you have light eyes and it really makes you shine. Only darken if you intend to keep the look for a while because removal will require patience.

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Hair Colours

Ageless Elegance: Hair Color Trends for Women Over 50

As hard as we try, we can’t stop time, and that’s a good thing. However, what we can do is level the playing field with an arsenal of tricks to age gracefully. From using anti-aging hair products to restoring warmth and smoothness to your locks and choosing a flattering color, you can make your hair work for you — and even take a few years off your face. We have summarized for you the best hair color trends 2024 for women over 50. Get inspired and use these trendy hair colors to refresh your hair this fall and winter!

Hair color trends 2024 for women over 50

We’d never advise deviating from the cut and color that suits you, but we believe these particularly timeless shades were pulled straight from the fountain of youth. Read on to discover the best hair color trends of 2024 for women over 50 and get ready to feel fresher, brighter and even more fabulous.

Deep auburn for warmth and smoothness

Enliven your brunette tresses with a rich red. The warm, pigmented shade works on brunettes and redheads alike and gives your features a healthy glow. And deep, rich reds are especially good for the colder months. The saturation of these red tones perfectly complements winter looks. It looks gorgeous on women with dark skin tones. In women with brown eyes, the red underlines the warm tones. For women with blue or green eyes, it uses eye color as a contrasting color. Ask for a rich shade of red or auburn that’s not too purple.

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Youthful and elegant dark blonde hair color

Opt for a beautifully blended ash blonde balayage color on warmer blonde hair to show off your never fading fashion sense. The combination of these two shades of blonde results in a youthful and elegant hair color. That’s what we mean when we say this is one of the 2024 hair color trends for women over 50!

Golden copper looks snazzy and playful

Red has been a consistent trend this year and it’s getting even brighter. This shade is popular with people who want a bold change. He is equally smart and playful. Remember that red is one of the most difficult shades to maintain. Also, schedule regular touch-ups and only use color-safe shampoos.

Experiment with natural grey

Don’t be afraid to show off your natural hair, it comes with age and age should be worn with pride! If your hair is no longer responding well to color, you’re tired of maintenance, or you just like the color, don’t be afraid to experiment with your natural gray. Not only can this save you a fortune in the long run, but with the right silver or violet shampoos, the tones can create a very youthful look. This is why so many younger people have been opting for gray toned hair lately.

Light blonde hair for a silky look

One hair color that consistently produces amazing results in women over 50 is light blonde. Platinum, ash, silver, champagne and other youthful blonde tones blend seamlessly into your graying hair for a silky, sun-kissed glow and a fresh look. These hair colors also help make fine hair appear much fuller.

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Brown hair with golden highlights

Brown can sometimes be a plain color. But that doesn’t have to be! Because with a touch of gold, you can quickly add dimension and shine to your brown hair, not to mention the peace of mind that your brown hair is now golden brunette. If you’re an older woman looking for a style refresh, consider this color combo – simple yet gorgeous.

Dark hair with blond feathers

If you’re 50+ and have brunette hair, highlights are one of the best trends to follow to get a great style. A feather cut focuses on adding bounce and a “feathered” look to the ends of your hair. This creates more volume without having to remove a lot of hair. Anyone with thin hair can benefit greatly from this trend. And of course, gold brings freshness and sophistication to your hair during the colder months.

Hair Color Trends 2024 for Women Over 50: Maroon

Maroon is truer than the tide and always fits. Its warmth and dimension, thanks to the red and gold undertones, is wonderfully flattering on all ages. This is one of those colors that looks good on practically everyone, regardless of hair length, texture or style – plus it’s flattering on all skin tones.

Light ash blonde for younger flair

If you want to stay true to your aging roots, a light shade of blonde is always the right choice. This color blends seamlessly with ashy browns and grays.

Striking multi-colored hairs in the fall

This hair color combo is a gorgeous mix of stunning hair colors. The rich blend of strawberry, burgundy and ash blonde tones with hints of copper is glamorous while being easy on the eyes. A fantastic hair color idea for redheads.

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Helpful tips for lightening hair

…so you don’t damage your hair with bleach when you want to lighten it:

  • Don’t dye your hair yourself and don’t do all the lightening at once. Invest in a quality salon visit and gradually lighten your hair every few months to avoid breakage.
  • Care for your hair afterwards, use high-quality hair masks and treatments, as well as color-protecting shampoos and conditioners.
  • Don’t wash your hair too often, it needs the natural nutrients of your scalp. It can be tempting to wash it every day, but color-damaged hair needs these oils. Hold off for a day or two longer.
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