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Embrace the Hues: Spring-Summer Hair Color Trends

The trendy spring-summer 2024 haircuts and hairstyles have already been revealed and there are plenty of surprises! From the octopus cut, which is making a comeback to the square in all its variations, to the Mixie cut … certainly, the daring style will be in the spotlight this year.

But how to wear these hair styles exactly so that you are always in style? We’ll answer you right away: there’s nothing like combining modern hairstyles with 2024 hair color trends! But, what hair color will be fashionable this spring-summer? Our editors decipher the 7 shades that will be the buzz for the months to come.

Spring-summer 2024 hair color trends: what are these 7 shades that will seduce us?

The time has come to chase away the winter gloom and welcome the warm months as it should. The best way to do it? Treat yourself to a new trendy hair color that will turn heads. But which color to opt for this spring-summer 2024? Whether you prefer neutral tones or are ready to adopt a vibrant color that is out of the ordinary, there is something for everyone! The editors of give an overview of the colors that will invade the heads of trendy girls. Focus!

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Strawberry brunette

Do you remember the strawberry blonde hair color that was all the rage last year? So, strawberry shades are making a comeback in 2024, but this time to enhance brunettes. If you follow new hair color trends on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that everyone adores strawberry brown hair color, more commonly known as Strawberry brunette. An extraordinary mix of red, blond and brown that will continue to seduce trendy girls. To prevent your hair from looking dull, we recommend that you favor hair care for shiny and fresh hair!

Ombre brown on black hair

There is no shortage of surprises in terms of 2024 hair color trends! And no, the shaded hair is not reserved only for girls who want to have blond tips. In 2024, we are going to favor an unusual transition where black changes to chestnut. To enhance this exceptional effect, we recommend that you choose a good hairstyle for ombré such as waves or a superb ponytail.

However, if the ombre effect is a bit of a drastic change for you, opt for balayage instead – a technique that uses a more subtle color transition and will create the same effect.

Money Piece is the hair color trend for 2024

Money Piece is a coloring technique that allows you to highlight your natural color thanks to the lightening of one or two tones of the strands that frame the face. Thus, the colorist brings sun and light not only to the hair, but also to the face. Healthy glow effect guaranteed! The biggest advantage is that this 2024 hair color trend works on all hair colors.

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Chocolate brown

It looks like darker tones will be in the spotlight this Spring/Summer 2024. And here’s a shade that’s particularly hard to resist: intense chocolate brown that will add texture to the mane. Lightening the ends slightly is a very fashionable way to wear this trendy hair color. To pamper it to the maximum and to enjoy it for as long as possible, it is essential to maintain it with styling products specially designed for colored hair.

Hidden coloring

Do you want to adopt a bright and daring color, but you are not brave enough and prefer to wear it rather hidden? Is it possible ? Yes, absolutely thanks to the hidden coloring also known as “Underlight”. This technique hides the color on the lengths and is invisible on loose hair. Do not hesitate and opt for your favorite shade or why not adopt the hidden rainbow hair ?

Colorful locks that frame the face: a new hair color trend that is making the buzz

Here is another trendy hair color that advocates daring and it is not at all necessary to color your entire mane. This spring-summer 2024, we bring color to the locks that frame the face to adopt the impeccable style of top model Bella Hadid. In terms of colors, all audacity is allowed.

Pastel lilac hair

Here is finally a light and super fresh shade to welcome the spring-summer 2024 hair color trend as it should! Pastel lilac hair is bold, it’s on-trend, and it’s electric. The best part? This trending hair color will fade over time to a lovely purple gradient. It requires a lot of effort in terms of maintenance, but it’s worth it.

Hair Colours

Spring into Style: Beautiful Hair Colors Unveiled

Hair Colors Spring Summer 2022. Now we also want to see which hair dyes or colors are most worn and will be worn throughout Spring Summer 2022, because we have to take care of our hair and with a color that suits us we will be great for this year.

Obviously, when you have chosen the color, it will be time to decide the haircut. Bad has to be given so that you don’t like any of the best hair colors for women Spring Summer 2022, you don’t like it or it looks great on you.

Pink hair colors spring summer 2022

As we can see, this year they are going to wear more striking and different colors, pink is undoubtedly one of them. You can find several brighter tones, others more bubblegum, but in the end you can choose the tone that you like the most and that best suits you, like the one we can see below. A light pink color that is degrading.

One of the trends that we will see the most this year is pink hair. Among the people who have worn it the most, we can find two of the sisters of the Kardashian clan: Kylie Jenner, the smallest and the famous Kim Kardashian. It is worn with blonde highlights between gold and platinum, in such a way that the effect on the hair is similar to rose gold or rosegold.

Platinum hair color spring summer 2022

The platinum color is fashionable in recent years and in the year 2022 it could not be less. It is also worn with highlights to give more movement to the hair and although we have seen it in both long hair and short hair, we lean towards short hair as Laura Escanes wears it (photo taken from her Instagram).

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Another trend that we also see with platinum hair is to dye all hair platinum and then leave the root black so that, as the hair grows, we do not see so much difference with the root of our original color. Here you can see how María Cadepe is doing (photo taken from her Instagram). Although in the case of short hair, the trend we see is to leave the lower part dark with the bangs of the garcon cut in platinum.

In long hair we really like how Sylvia Salas wears it (photo taken from her Instagram) because she has not dyed all her hair completely platinum but she has a blonde base color and then she wears many fine streaks all over her hair in a silver color. ino. This is a good option if you don’t want to bleach all of your hair.

Gray hair color spring summer 2022

The gray color is also a trend for this year 2022 although we have also been seeing it in recent years. As with platinum, it takes the root of your natural color so that there is not a big jump in color with your eyebrows and, in addition, we do not have to go to the hairdresser as often. One of those who have joined the chariot of the gray this year has been Marta Riumbau (photo taken from her Instagram).

Reddish mahogany color

The color red was very fashionable last year, and although it seems that it is going to “lower” a bit for this year, we have to say that you can still get a lot out of mahogany during Spring Summer 2022. The truth is that mahogany is a hair dye or color that is always a trend and it must be added that it will take a lot next Spring Summer 2022.

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Chocolate color

Intense chocolate is also going to be one of the fashionable colors for Spring Summer 2022; In fact we have to say that it took a lot last Fall Winter, and still this Spring Summer 2022 you can show it off as it also looks great for long hair. During the last months, brown tones have been one of the trends, we can say that now everything is going to move between tones that are more to the “limit” and black is going to be one of these tones.

Light blonde, almost white color

Blond is another tone or color that never goes out of style and in fact we will continue to see how women, even if they are brunettes or chestnuts, continue to bet on this color when it comes to wanting to soften their features.

Now if you want to take it to the last this year you should choose to bleach it almost to the maximum and take it in a very, very light tone, even reaching an intensity similar to that of white. It is a trend tone that will also take a lot this Spring Summer 2022.

Ash blonde

This Spring Summer 2022 the star color is ash blonde, more and more women dare with it but to go well and wear the perfect tone you have to avoid yellow and red tones. But shine is essential because it will make a difference

So that you can see all the photographs of the ash blonde with the different tones that you can wear and the steps to dye it.


I have already mentioned to you before, when we saw the mahogany, that the orange color is going to be one of the colors of the season, but we do not have to bet on an orange that is too intense and yes on one that can be a mixture between this color and a yellow so that we get a slightly lighter or softer tone as a result, like pulling the redhead.

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In addition to being able to dye a single color or a trend color, we have to add that the hair dye will also have a clear variation in Spring Summer 2022 with respect to the previous one when betting again and as it was done years ago by The wicks.

There are women who choose the color of their hair by the type of skin or the color of their eyes, but also a way to know which is the ideal color for each of us is through the sign of the zodiac.

Colored highlights in spring summer 2022

We can already say that the highlights are going to be back in fashion, the Californian ones are still taking place, but in addition to the ones that we can make to make it look like our hair shines, we have the option of colors. The dark Golden highlights will be another trend in terms of providing some color to our hair.

The famous ones already use them a lot and they will look great with a dark blonde or light brown hair tone.

Golden highlights

The golden highlights are a classic that never fails, they are elegant and beautiful, in addition to that for the months of Spring Summer 2022 they are perfect because they will brighten your face, they will give light to your face.

Balayage highlights

The most natural way to wear hair with a golden touch from the sun, we are talking about balayage highlights. Ideally, they should be worn by women with blonde or brown hair color because you will achieve the desired natural effect.

Californian wicks

For Spring Summer 2022 another good idea is the Californian highlights since the blonde tips always look very good because it reminds us of the summer style of California, with the beaches and good weather.

Depending on the hair color you have, you will have to wear one tone or another of the highlights so that you can see different photos and know how to do it at home.

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Fashion Trends

Styling Straight Legs: Embracing the Jeans Trend for Spring

Jeans are timeless. Whether in everyday life or for a special occasion, you will always make the right choice with jeans. The denim pants combine wonderfully with sneakers as well as high heels or boots and thus serve almost every style of clothing. You can also choose between various models and cuts, with tight-fitting, figure-hugging trousers having dominated in recent years. This spring, however, the popular skinny jeans should stay in the closet. Because the latest jeans trend 2022 is straight leg jeans!

Straight instead of skinny: the straight cut is trendy

Did you know that the world’s first blue jeans, the Levis 501, had a straight fit? And it’s still current today for good reason. We all love a versatile classic that we can adapt to our own style. Straight jeans for women not only provide a blank canvas for our personal aesthetics, they also offer a great fit. The straight silhouette perfectly balances our shape and proportions. Since jeans for women in particular are looser than typical skinny jeans, they fit really well with different body shapes and sizes.

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In order for a pair of jeans to be called a straight leg, it shouldn’t be too tight, but still not be too loose. The classic straight cut is not narrower, but has the same width at the top and bottom of the leg. This makes the legs look longer and slimmer and the bottom is still emphasized. And best of all, the straight leg jeans are incredibly comfortable. It can flatter any figure and hide various problems such as bacon rolls and body fat.

When it comes to straight leg jeans, we are of course not talking about a new trend, but rather a big and long-awaited comeback. Although the straight cut was never completely out, many women in recent years have viewed it as rather old-fashioned. But not anymore.

If you don’t want to do without the tight-fitting look completely, you can opt for straight leg jeans in slim versions. The slim fit trousers have a body-hugging fit, but do not lie directly on the skin. They are still a bit tighter than the classic straight cut and are reminiscent of the popular mom jeans, which are still very popular.

Straight leg jeans in light blue are trendy this year

If you want to keep up with the latest trends, you should go for light blue straight leg jeans without major washes in the coming spring. The light color symbolizes the awakening of spring and thus stands for the end of the cold days. It can be easily combined with any outfit and fits both the sporty and the sporty-elegant style.

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The wide-lying, light blue jeans with a high waistband have a cool retro flair that is reminiscent of the popular style of the 90s. Fans of the famous TV series Friends certainly can’t forget the girls’ iconic jeans looks. We’re excited to say these are in again!

Neither too tight nor too wide – the straight-cut straight leg jeans undoubtedly feel classic and go seamlessly with any outfit you choose. The best thing about it: The jeans can be easily dressed up or down and allow a shoe moment.

And what about cracks and holes?

Of course, it doesn’t have to be simple straight jeans. If you like your pants a little more playful, then you can opt for a model with small tears or whole holes on the knees. However, models that are too conspicuous, such as distressed denim, should be avoided. These are no longer popular in the coming season. A small fringe hem, on the other hand, looks really stylish on straight leg jeans and doesn’t make your outfit look boring. The legs can also be rolled up for a particularly stylish yet relaxed look.

How to wear your light blue straight jeans properly

When it comes to stylish outfits, spring is the best season to experiment. In the colder days, for example, you can wear the jeans with an oversize sweater and boots and when it gets a bit warmer, put on a light shirt and pumps. The styling options are quite numerous, which is why we have collected a few looks for you to re-style. They are perfect for the coming spring and put the trendy straight leg jeans in light blue in the spotlight.

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Re-style Hailey Bieber’s outfit: combine light blue high waist jeans with a short cardigan

A look for the colder days: straight leg jeans in light blue with a brown sweater and white boots

In spring, straight leg jeans can be combined with a white T-shirt and blazer

You can roll up the legs for a relaxed look

Tucking a black T-shirt into light-colored jeans looks classic and stylish at the same time

A trench coat over the denim jacket can instantly make your denim outfit more stylish

Bright accents in neon colors put the light blue jeans in the limelight

A classic oversize shirt tucked into the jeans and elegant pumps make your outfit suitable for the office

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Bob Hairstyles

Spring into Style: Perfect Bob Cuts for the Season

For the spring / summer season we present you the bob 2024 cuts. Without a doubt, a look that will make you vibrate with pleasure and charm. There are different styles of bob cuts 2024 for any hair type. They are modern and innovative, including the shaggy bob cut and layered bob-style cuts, among others. In this article you can find bob 2024 cuts for medium length hair as well as shorter hair. As well as styles for both straight and curly hair.

Bob cuts 2024 perfect for spring and summer

A bob style cut is actually a very attractive solution. And without a doubt, it does not need as much maintenance for fine hair. A cut to the clavicle, chin length, or cropped styles are just as favorable for hair that lacks body.

The volume your hair needs, you can always get it with different simple styling techniques. As well as with hair products, which are frequently available in the market. We will show you some of the most beautiful and striking ideas of 2024 bob cuts for different hair types. This is not really a new cut. But it has been updated and modernized a lot over time.

The most outstanding bob 2024 cuts for fine hair

If you have very thin hair, surely you should always be on the lookout for new tips and tricks on how to make your hair look thicker. But you only need to choose the correct style that the bob 2024 cuts have, along with your stylist.

Of course, your stylist is the expert. So he must take into account the texture and the edges, and even the contour of your face. Ask him to point out the most appropriate and prominent of the 2024 bob cuts to make your hair stand out. Definitely a change of look for this spring / summer season will make you feel much better.

Bob cuts 2024 with a messy style

The following images will show you various ways to wear messy bob cuts for a different texture and style and for any hair type. So imagine with one of these cuts and make the decision to change your look for this season. Bob style cut, and really do not need much introduction, since it is a hairstyle that has been seen since a few years ago.

But it is still one of the favorite cuts for most women. Of course, from its inception to the present day, there have been various creative and highly versatile forms to suit any lifestyle and personality. Even the 2024 bob cuts are perfect for women of any age, giving a touch of elegance and freshness at the same time.

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Bob cuts for medium length

As well as messy and natural looking bob cuts, there are also a couple of smooth and polished varieties in the styles we whip up for you, no doubt they will always be around for being classic and distinguished. This bob cut style is made up of a variety of subtle layers, neatly cut to make them look amazing.

You could choose a choppy and textured bob haircut with the length at the nape of the neck and the front corner pieces. With a good quality haircut on thick hair, projecting your mane will be much easier. This type of cut can look very different.

Of course, depending on l cut and shape of the hairstyle you choose. The sleek, straight, asymmetric and symmetrical wavy bob cuts offer a very modern look. They can give you the diversity and comfort you want in a hairstyle.

Bob cuts 2024 with inverted style

D and insurance have seen this cut bob with inverted style, but perhaps never hear you c or mo was called. This style is shaped like a curved horseshoe in the nape area. It is simple, per or at the same time is distinguished from their counterparts. It is worth mentioning that the so-called inverted bob cut is the same graduated bob cut.

Now, how you are could differentiate the inverted bob cut any cut bob? The main difference is the technique used to achieve this style of cut. The technique used to obtain the inverted style is the layers stacked on the back.

A the same as the lines with certain curvature extending to the front. Even if you prefer, you could let the front strands reach down to your shoulders. Undoubtedly, this is one of the styles of bob cuts 2024 m to s modern and also low maintenance.

Bob balayage cut

If you have straight hair, then you can consider your hair to be a blank canvas. You’ll be able to use the highlights to your advantage so they can create the dimensions in the short bob cuts. With blonde and brown locks you can complete an elegant hairstyle with depth and sufficient volume.

Bob Balayage hairstyles are very elegant, practical, modern and above all, very easy to style. All you need is to get a bob haircut that suits you. Remember that it is also important that you select a product suitable for your hair type.

Furthermore, wavy hair is a perfect indicator for a messy bob haircut. But do not worry, if you have straight hair and want a messy style, always there are ways to achieve that you x disorderly ture you prefer your hair smooth.

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Layered bob cuts

This somewhat carefree style has been used by many celebrities who have paraded on the red carpet. Nowadays and also due to the lifestyle, many women prefer to wear a fresh look. Layered bob cuts offer freedom for women’s different styles and preferences. Whether you want a sleek, somewhat messy, voluminous or curly look.

The chin length and shorter cuts are listed as the most elegant bob versions. This style shows choppy edges, with asymmetry and adequate texture. Today’s most modern long bob cuts are generally appreciated with beautiful ombre highlights. Textured bob 2024 cuts look great on thin, medium dense hair.

Generally, thick, straight or curly hair with a bob haircut has the effect of acquiring a triangular shape. The textured ends and thick layers help a lot to not have that triangular effect as much, if you don’t want it. One of the options preferred by many contemporary women, is a graduated bob hairstyle with shorter stacked layers at the nape of the neck and longer strands in the front.

Long bob hairstyles

A long bob hairstyle, is also known as a lob. This style manages to be very favorable for various face shapes and textures. In short, the lob style is classic and therefore, recognized worldwide. This cut is beautiful and eye-catching in any texture, be it smooth, wavy or messy. It also has many styling options, which are quick and very easy, depending on the type of hair you have.

Shaggy inverted bob

This style is practical, simple and beautiful at the same time. You could give it a messy touch or add a dose of texturizer to boost the volume. Or give it a wet look and enjoy those fun days in the sun. Surely you’ve ever had a bob cut, but if not, then it’s time for you to try a fresh new look.

With the diversity of lengths and finishes, surely there is a bob style that will favor you a lot. Both for your face shape and for your hair type. The bob 2024 cuts prefer to lean through the layers that serve to add or reduce the volume of your hair, creating an overall, elegant and modern look.

Of course, when you choose a haircut, you are always thinking in advance how you can give it a different style for different occasions. Because of this, it is much better for you to go for a low maintenance and easy upgrade bob cut. More and more women are turning to bob styles with highlights and natural finishes. Anyway, when you go to your stylist, he will indicate the best for your look and grant you what you like.

Short bob hairstyles

Short bob hairstyles have been very popular in one form or another, for a long time. But the 2024 bob cuts are truly unique in their versatility and bolder styles. This is due to the incorporation of color, shape and dimension.

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And that’s why, any woman wants to try something new. And it is for this reason, that bob cuts are so valued, as they have eliminated the fear of most women to wear short hair, which, years ago was something rare to see.

Half mane with layered balayage

This look is really very easy to style. Use a large barrel curling iron without a clamp and wind large strands of hair once or twice. Then clip it to the end of the piece so it doesn’t curl up. This type of half waves, makes you wear a unique and very practical short style when it comes to fixing your hair.

Choppy bob hairstyles

A Choppy hairstyle certainly improves texture, and a textured cut is the easiest and most creative way to add a touch of interest to your hairstyles for a shorter length. This cut does not equal the length of the hair, making it a choppy cut and nothing even. It is a style that conveys the feeling of carefree and freshness.

Messy blonde bob haircut

Today’s short bob hairstyles are not what they were a long time ago. Like the blonde color, it is not the same either. A solid shade, altered into a light ash blonde color, with low highlights. So, already a simple bob cut, it also transforms into a messy and graduated bob with air inside the golden threads, which looks spectacular.

Actually this type of cut is exceptional. It is one of the haircuts that has haughtily endured the tests that time and fashion have put. Being improved every season, bob cuts stay in style every year. It’s the example of messy stylish 2024 bob cuts.

Which for this season, some changes are made to the always elegant bob. These are created sharper, more frayed and much more textured. Straight, wavy or curly styles project their own inimitable charm from the red carpet onto the streets of any city.

Ash blonde short bob style

Without a doubt, this type of hair color, ash blonde, is highly appreciated in the fashion world and therefore, is an attractive choice for many women around the world. This silver color, in combination with the bob cut is a beauty. Another favorite and acclaimed celebrity cut is the bob cut with bangs.

Of course, with so many ideas and images, surely you have already found more than one style that you would like to try for this spring / summer 2024 season. If you have striking cheekbones, the chin length bob haircut is ideal to show those characteristics of your face.

Another recommendation for women with fine hair, a choppy cut is a great idea to add texture and volume to your hair, but without curls. The so-called babylights, or thin highlights, give a flash of color and sparkle in bob cuts compared to thick highlights.

If, on the contrary, you have thick hair, you will not need the little tricks of the dyes to make your strands look fuller. However, you could go for a solid color like pastel blonde. It is a romantic shade, perfect for a sweet and seductive woman. Dare to change and try the bob 2024 cuts, you will love them.

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