Beautiful Hair Colors Spring Summer 2022

Hair Colors Spring Summer 2022

Hair Colors Spring Summer 2022. Now we also want to see which hair dyes or colors are most worn and will be worn throughout Spring Summer 2022, because we have to take care of our hair and with a color that suits us we will be great for this year.

Obviously, when you have chosen the color, it will be time to decide the haircut. Bad has to be given so that you don’t like any of the best hair colors for women Spring Summer 2022, you don’t like it or it looks great on you.

Pink hair colors spring summer 2022 Hair Colors Spring Summer 2022

As we can see, this year they are going to wear more striking and different colors, pink is undoubtedly one of them. You can find several brighter tones, others more bubblegum, but in the end you can choose the tone that you like the most and that best suits you, like the one we can see below. A light pink color that is degrading.

One of the trends that we will see the most this year is pink hair. Among the people who have worn it the most, we can find two of the sisters of the Kardashian clan: Kylie Jenner, the smallest and the famous Kim Kardashian. It is worn with blonde highlights between gold and platinum, in such a way that the effect on the hair is similar to rose gold or rosegold.

Platinum hair color spring summer 2022 Hair Colors Spring Summer 2022

The platinum color is fashionable in recent years and in the year 2022 it could not be less. It is also worn with highlights to give more movement to the hair and although we have seen it in both long hair and short hair, we lean towards short hair as Laura Escanes wears it (photo taken from her Instagram).

Another trend that we also see with platinum hair is to dye all hair platinum and then leave the root black so that, as the hair grows, we do not see so much difference with the root of our original color. Here you can see how María Cadepe is doing (photo taken from her Instagram). Although in the case of short hair, the trend we see is to leave the lower part dark with the bangs of the garcon cut in platinum.

In long hair we really like how Sylvia Salas wears it (photo taken from her Instagram) because she has not dyed all her hair completely platinum but she has a blonde base color and then she wears many fine streaks all over her hair in a silver color. ino. This is a good option if you don’t want to bleach all of your hair.

Gray hair color spring summer 2022 Hair Colors Spring Summer 2022

The gray color is also a trend for this year 2022 although we have also been seeing it in recent years. As with platinum, it takes the root of your natural color so that there is not a big jump in color with your eyebrows and, in addition, we do not have to go to the hairdresser as often. One of those who have joined the chariot of the gray this year has been Marta Riumbau (photo taken from her Instagram).

Reddish mahogany color Hair Colors Spring Summer 2022

The color red was very fashionable last year, and although it seems that it is going to “lower” a bit for this year, we have to say that you can still get a lot out of mahogany during Spring Summer 2022. The truth is that mahogany is a hair dye or color that is always a trend and it must be added that it will take a lot next Spring Summer 2022.

Chocolate color Hair Colors Spring Summer 2022

Intense chocolate is also going to be one of the fashionable colors for Spring Summer 2022; In fact we have to say that it took a lot last Fall Winter, and still this Spring Summer 2022 you can show it off as it also looks great for long hair. During the last months, brown tones have been one of the trends, we can say that now everything is going to move between tones that are more to the “limit” and black is going to be one of these tones.

Light blonde, almost white color Hair Colors Spring Summer 2022

Blond is another tone or color that never goes out of style and in fact we will continue to see how women, even if they are brunettes or chestnuts, continue to bet on this color when it comes to wanting to soften their features.

Now if you want to take it to the last this year you should choose to bleach it almost to the maximum and take it in a very, very light tone, even reaching an intensity similar to that of white. It is a trend tone that will also take a lot this Spring Summer 2022.

Ash blonde

This Spring Summer 2022 the star color is ash blonde, more and more women dare with it but to go well and wear the perfect tone you have to avoid yellow and red tones. But shine is essential because it will make a difference

So that you can see all the photographs of the ash blonde with the different tones that you can wear and the steps to dye it.

Orange Hair Colors Spring Summer 2022

I have already mentioned to you before, when we saw the mahogany, that the orange color is going to be one of the colors of the season, but we do not have to bet on an orange that is too intense and yes on one that can be a mixture between this color and a yellow so that we get a slightly lighter or softer tone as a result, like pulling the redhead.

In addition to being able to dye a single color or a trend color, we have to add that the hair dye will also have a clear variation in Spring Summer 2022 with respect to the previous one when betting again and as it was done years ago by The wicks.

There are women who choose the color of their hair by the type of skin or the color of their eyes, but also a way to know which is the ideal color for each of us is through the sign of the zodiac.

Colored highlights in spring summer 2022 Hair Colors Spring Summer 2022

We can already say that the highlights are going to be back in fashion, the Californian ones are still taking place, but in addition to the ones that we can make to make it look like our hair shines, we have the option of colors. The dark Golden highlights will be another trend in terms of providing some color to our hair.

The famous ones already use them a lot and they will look great with a dark blonde or light brown hair tone.

Golden highlights Hair Colors Spring Summer 2022

The golden highlights are a classic that never fails, they are elegant and beautiful, in addition to that for the months of Spring Summer 2022 they are perfect because they will brighten your face, they will give light to your face.

Balayage highlights Hair Colors Spring Summer 2022

The most natural way to wear hair with a golden touch from the sun, we are talking about balayage highlights. Ideally, they should be worn by women with blonde or brown hair color because you will achieve the desired natural effect.

Californian wicks Hair Colors Spring Summer 2022

For Spring Summer 2022 another good idea is the Californian highlights since the blonde tips always look very good because it reminds us of the summer style of California, with the beaches and good weather.

Depending on the hair color you have, you will have to wear one tone or another of the highlights so that you can see different photos and know how to do it at home.