Trend hairstyles autumn 2024

Trend hairstyles autumn 2024

Okay, we know – with the great weather outside we don’t want to think about the cold and dark autumn and winter months right now. However, the fashion world works very differently and numerous fashion designers are already dealing with the latest fashion trends that are just waiting for us to try them out.

No matter how many times we told ourselves that this time we really found the hair color and haircut that we want to keep forever, after 3-4 months we get bored again. Does that sound familiar to you too? Then take a look into the future with us and be inspired by the latest trend hairstyles in autumn 2024. Whether a retro bob, the sachel cut, Strawberry brown or warm copper red – hairstyles are guaranteed not to be boring and there is something for every taste! What are you waiting for? Read on and book your next hairdressing appointment today.

Trend hairstyles fall 2024: the blunt bob is back Trend hairstyles autumn 2024

Even if we always have to look ahead, the past always seems to come up again – at least as far as the trend hairstyles for autumn 2024 are concerned. Hairstyles for long hair with bangs are hot this year, but they have plenty of competition. The Blunt Bob from the 90s is making a big comeback and is absolutely socially acceptable. In contrast to the classic bob, the hair does not reach more than the chin and is cut bluntly – layers are totally out of place. The step cut provides an extra portion of dynamics and makes our hair look more voluminous and livelier. The 90ies bob looks best in the popular undone look and exudes a cool holiday feeling.

The sachel cut as a hairstyle trend for 2024 Trend hairstyles autumn 2024

Okay, we all know the iconic Rachel Cut. But what does sachel cut mean? Hybrid hairstyles that combine two popular cuts are in high demand right now – just think of the bixie and mixie. And that is exactly the case with the hairstyle trend 2024 sachel cut. It’s a cross between the classic shag and the Rachel cut,

Typical of the sachel cut are logically the several levels, which are often combined with a fringed fringe. Rocky, chic and still very feminine – the Sachel cut is the perfect compromise between casualness and elegance.

Tweed Hair is the trend hairstyle for a glamorous look Trend hairstyles autumn 2024

Elegant, noble and chic – tweed as a fabric is THE timeless classic par excellence and has gained a permanent place in our wardrobe. This year we will literally be wearing the weave from head to toe, because tweed hair is being celebrated as one of the most beautiful trend hairstyles in autumn 2024. It is about several highlights in the hair, which ensure a multidimensional look and give us a radiant shine. Tweed Hair focuses on naturalness and the hairstyle trend is perfect for those who just want a subtle change.

Depending on the shade, light blonde to honey-golden highlights are distributed throughout the hair, which creates more optical dimension. Brunettes, on the other hand, tend to use light brown highlights. The contrast is still there with tweed hair as a trend hairstyle, but it looks much softer and more reserved.

Hair Contouring Trend hairstyles autumn 2024

Don’t want to go all out and commit to a new hair color? The trend hairstyles in autumn 2024 also have something to offer you! Proverb: hair contouring. You are surely familiar with facial contouring as a makeup technique. Well, hair contouring is an excellent way to make our face shine through strategically placed highlights. In contrast to the classic highlights, the color is not applied with the foil technique, but freehand with a fine brush. This makes the look much more natural and subtle. To best accentuate your features and lift your complexion, choose a shade about 2 shades lighter than your hair. Hair contouring as a hairstyle trend is perfect,

Trend hairstyles fall 2024: Strawberry Brown hair color Trend hairstyles autumn 2024

While light shades are more in the foreground in summer, the trend hairstyles in autumn 2024 will be dominated by darker nuances. Chocolate and strawberries are a winning combo – and not just as a dessert. Romantic, playful and dynamic – we love Strawberry Brown! Do you remember the pretty Strawberry Blond? Well, the new hairstyle trend is the deeper, darker version of the classic – brunette hair is complemented with different shades of pink to create a multidimensional look.

Sometimes darker, sometimes lighter – strawberry brown as a trend hairstyle in autumn 2024 is super diverse and literally makes our brown hair shine. The shade is very natural looking, making it the perfect choice for any brunette looking for a little change while staying within their natural color palette.

Warm copper as one of the most beautiful hair color trends in autumn 2024 Trend hairstyles autumn 2024

Red hair makes a statement and is a great eye-catcher. This year, however, we’re going for a more subtle but equally beautiful twist. Warm copper is one of the most flattering trend hairstyles for fall 2024 and brings a breath of fresh air to our hair. The hair color is composed of red accents and soft golden nuances. The trendy shade is perfect for anyone who thinks red hair is beautiful but certainly can’t trust it. Copper is particularly effective in women with very pale skin. Even if you already sport blonde or light brown hair, this can give you a quick upgrade. Darker hair, on the other hand, has to be bleached first.

Retro Hair Accessories Trend hairstyles autumn 2024

Crop tops, high-waisted jeans, etc. – the 90s are back and our wardrobes cannot be imagined without them. So it is only natural that retro fashion is also omnipresent when it comes to trend hairstyles in autumn 2024. No wonder – the Y2K era of the late 90’s gave us a lot of cool looks to fall in love with. Remember those little butterfly clips we all wore as kids? Well, the fun accessories are making a huge comeback and gracing the heads of countless fashionistas. Barrettes and crunchies are also en vogue again and give even the simplest hairstyle a cool retro touch.