Fashionable women’s sneakers 2021 – 2022

Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

Sneakers have become a daily wardrobe item for many people. They are comfortable, do not hinder movement. They are worn with tracksuits, jeans, and dresses. A modern person should have at least two pairs of sneakers in his arsenal: for sports and for everyday wear.

There are many models on the market, which ones to choose? In the article we will consider fashionable women’s sneakers 2024 – 2025, photos, trends, women’s stylish new items.

You will also learn:

  • brands of this season;
  • sneakers for teenagers;
  • black and white;
  • spring Summer Autumn Winter;
  • for city and running;
  • what to look at when choosing;
  • where can I buy.

Women’s Trends 2024 – 2025! Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

The daily image now has to be thought out right down to the shoes. By reading the article, you will find out what are the most fashionable sneakers 2024 – 2025. Photos, women’s trends will help you create a stylish casual bow. Sports lovers will be able to impress like-minded people with ultra-fashionable crosses.

The following styles are trending:

  • White running shoes. Especially loved by the stars. They refresh the image, make it interesting, not boring. Running models made of textiles are in trend. Guipure options with various stones and bright patches will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Pink color. Will add tenderness and femininity. Combine these sneakers with dresses, jeans. The following colors are fashionable: pink-lilac, blooming dahlia, pink lavender. The combination of leather with textiles is the trend of the season.
  • Sneakers in various colors.
  • Suede. Suede sneakers with high soles look very interesting.
  • Bright decor. Multicolored patches, embroideries, inscriptions, logos, hashtags, metal fittings are the trend of 2024 – 2025. They are able to decorate the most ordinary model of a single color. We combine them with a bright top, wide pants or chiffon dresses.

Fashion Trends And Stylish Novelties Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

Every season, designers try to surprise us and offer a wide variety of models. We will discuss the sneaker fashion trends 2024-2025. The photos below will give you a closer look at the trends.

Main fashion trends:

  • Velcro instead of laces.
  • Detailing. For example, a suede heel counter on a leather product, patterned laces, leather stripes on suede or textile sneakers.
  • Wicker sneakers. Weaves are the hit of the season. These shoes are trendy.
  • Men’s shoes. Many elements from the men’s wardrobe pass into the women’s. Shoes are no exception.
  • Non-standard forms. They are also called “ugly sneakers”. This season, the designers are proposing a combination of a high sole with a braided “ponytail” in front. Catchy and extravagant, they will definitely set you apart from the crowd.
  • Sock sneakers. Appeared on sale recently and immediately gained popularity. They have a thick, heavy-duty sole and the upper is a regular seamless toe. Combined with culottes, midi skirts and short dresses.

This Season’s Brands Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

In addition to choosing a sneaker model, it is also important to decide on a brand. A good firm is the guarantor of the quality, durability and comfort of the sneaker.

Brands 2024 – 2025:

  • Nike. This year the firm produces shoes in acidic shades: light green, orange, yellow, pink. The Air Max 90 remains relevant.
  • Reebok. White leather models are presented this season. Reebok shoes are renowned for their quality. The durability of the sneaker is three to five years.
  • Adidas. Pleases us with bright and practical options. Their sneakers will fit into any look.
  • New Balance. Another firm that produces stylish and comfortable shoes. The New Balance 574 model has been at the top for several years.
  • Saucony. The brand targets athletes. Soft and lightweight outsole stabilizes your feet as you run. The comfort of the socks also fell in love with ordinary people who use sneakers in everyday life.

For Teenagers Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

Teenagers are big sneaker lovers. Not for nothing, teenagers are very active, the comfort of their shoes comes first.

Fashion sneakers 2024 – 2025 for teens are the same as for adults. Except that teenagers can afford more flashy and daring options. They strive to stand out from the rest, to show their individuality. Acid shoes, bright geometric prints, ethnic abstractions will help them with this.

Sweating of the feet is a common problem among teenagers. The solution will be sneakers with a Gore-Tex membrane. Air circulates in them, which ensures ventilation of the legs.

Black And White Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

Black classic sneakers have been around for a few years now. They are universal, they are loved by both men and women. Black sneakers with dense white soles are the trend of 2024 – 2025. Combined with rolled up jeans, knitted tight dresses, skirts.

Multi-colored laces add liveliness.

White sneakers have gained popularity recently. They cannot be called practical, they get dirty quickly and cannot be vilified in rainy weather. Nevertheless, white shoes add airiness and tenderness. In 2024 – 2025, white textile sneakers are at the peak of popularity, but leather and suede ones do not lose their relevance.

Combine them with jeans, with a light sundress, with a business suit.

Both white and black sneakers are good choices this season.

Spring Summer Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

In the warm season, you just want to spend more time outdoors. City walks, nature trips, evening runs in the park. Beautiful shoes with heels are not always comfortable and appropriate. Sneakers come to the rescue.

Take a closer look at high-soled shoes. You won’t play sports in them, but a great option for a walk.

For the summer, designers offer an upper made of textiles. The colors are very diverse: from solid white to prints with flowers.

Girls fell in love with sneakers and have been in trend for several seasons.

Bright colors, decor in the form of pebbles, embroidery, stripes – women’s trends 2024 – 2025.

For more restrained and calm people, we recommend paying attention to the unisex model. These are trendy, stylish sneakers, but without unnecessary decor.

Autumn Winter Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

High top sneakers are the best solution for the cold season. Many people prefer them to boots. High-quality sneakers do not get wet, keep warm and are much more comfortable than any other shoe.

Fashion house JW Anderson invites you to take a closer look at stylish sneakers.

White sneakers will remain relevant for fall / winter. Choose leather options with a thick, dense sole and a chunky tongue. The main thing is to monitor the weather, slush and rain will spoil the presentable look of sneakers.

Bright shades will help to dilute the gray and dull nature in autumn. On the catwalks, many models were presented with a combination of several colors at once. Such crosses will cheer up, add playfulness and liveliness to the image.

High Top Sneakers Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

High-top sneakers with slender female legs look attractive. They are combined with skinny jeans, shorts, short skirts. This season, choose these shoes without unnecessary decor and in soothing colors.

White high crosses at the peak of popularity in 2024 – 2025. Pale pink, gray, black are no less relevant. They are able to replace autumn and winter shoes. Models made from natural materials are also suitable for hot summer. Young people wear sneakers almost all year round. High top models are no exception.

For The City Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

Good running shoes for the city combine style and comfort. Do you walk a lot? Choose models with soft and flexible soles. For short walks, sneakers with high soles are an excellent option. They look stylish and interesting. A dress in tandem with such sneakers looks daring.

Casual shoes differ from sports shoes in the presence of additional decorations and materials. Do not neglect sneakers with rhinestones, appliqu├ęs, interesting prints – these are all designed for urban style.

Guipure shoes, a combination of white leather sneakers with a lace floor-length dress, many will consider it tasteless. Designers are convinced that everything is allowed in the 21st century.

For Running Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

Choose your running shoes wisely. The lightness of the shoe and a good sole that protects the feet is important here.

For jogging on asphalt, we recommend the grooved sole. Hard and reinforced, suitable for ground and rocky surfaces.

There are no restrictions on colors. Any color, from muted to bright, is acceptable in athletic shoes.

We advise you to practice indoor or only in dry weather in sneakers made of genuine leather and suede. For wet weather, choose shoes with membranes and waterproof materials. For example, from gortex.

Polyester Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

Polyester is a controversial material. Lovers of naturalness do not accept it. On the other hand, the material offers good stain and fade resistance. A small amount of water is retained on the surface of the fibers of synthetic fabrics and they dry faster than cotton materials.

Polyester is mainly used for sports shoes. It is strong, stable and durable.

A wide variety of models are presented on the catwalks: from sports to urban. The color gamut is wide, do not be limited to monochromatic options. A combination of several shades at the height of fashion.

Textile Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

Textile sneakers are the hit of the season. Designers did not limit themselves in options. Guipure, which is ultra-fashionable today. These sneakers look feminine and gentle.

Textiles with prints surprise with their variety. Flowers, plants, patterns, animals, stars, ethnic motives – any girl will pick up to her taste.

Monochromatic sneakers are decorated with embroidery, logos, stones. Textile footwear is never boring.

Lovers of urban style choose a dense high sole. More active and athletic girls prefer a flexible base.

The photos below will show you how to combine them.

Genuine Leather Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

Natural leather sneakers look very impressive. They also have elasticity, which makes the leg comfortable. These shoes are not cheap, but durable. We do not recommend choosing leatherette, it is worse in quality and the feet sweat in it.

Leather sneakers are versatile and practical. They maintain a temperature balance, they are very comfortable in the cold and hot seasons.

Fashion trends in 2024 – 2025 are catchy or strict colors. Designers complement bright models with geometric patterns.

A monochromatic calm bow will be diluted with colorful sneakers. White or black will add zest to the business style.

Do not forget to take care of your shoes, and then they will last at least five years.

What To Look For When Choosing Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

How not to fall for a fake? What to look for when buying sneakers, so that later you do not regret the money spent? Let’s take a look at the main points.

Pay attention to the following details:

  • Lacing. It is always present in branded crosses.
  • Lines. Check their evenness.
  • Glue. The accuracy of its application testifies to the quality.
  • Smell. Avoid synthetic scent.
  • Size, country of origin, material label. It is at least strange if this information is missing.
  • Instep support. He’s a must-have in aerobic trainers.
  • Insole. The removable insole will help maintain hygiene.
  • Ankle hem. Rigid hem is uncomfortable to wear.
  • Fold. Bend the shoe sideways. The fold in good shoes is closer to the toes. Such shoes are comfortable when walking and running.

Where Can I Buy? Fashionable women's sneakers 2021 - 2022: Photos of new products, trendy, new trends

Quality sneakers are available in the following stores:

  • Sportmaster. There are in any city. It offers a wide range of footwear. You can buy good crosses at a price of 2-4 thousand. There are also more expensive options up to 10 thousand.
  • Sportlandia. This is a chain of sports stores. Differs in affordable prices. Prices from 2 thousand rubles.
  • Decathlon. The network has grown in over 25 countries. Excellent quality guaranteed. The prices are pleasing, for 2-3 thousand you will buy decent shoes.
  • Adidas. You will find other popular brands in the assortment of the offline store. For example, ribok, Nike. Usually sneakers there are not cheap, from 4 thousand and more. The store pleases with seasonal promotions and discounts.

Online shopping is gaining more and more popularity. Here is a list of the best:

  • Here you will find a wide selection of sneakers from different brands at affordable prices – from $ 3,000.
  • Many unique, creative models are presented. Prices from one thousand rubles.
  • Lamoda. Free delivery, luxury models, frequent promotions – the advantage of the store. Sneakers cost from 1500 r.
  • Mia Scarpa. Italian shoes are presented at lower prices. Models are always on sale for the season. The cost of sneakers is from 3500 rubles.