Hair Trend 2024: hidden rainbow hair works your imagination

Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair 2024 hair trends are constantly changing! Nowadays, women like to experiment with colors in order to create stunning hairstyles. Flashy shades, opal hair, polar blonde, pastel shades, or very elegant gray hair, all daring is allowed. However, it is only bloggers and fashionistas who wear such bold coloring since it is considered inappropriate to go to work. But will provide you with the ideal solution. This is a new coloring trendwho made the buzz: the rainbow hair hidden. Here, only the bottom layer is colored so if you let your hair fall out, it barely stays visible. So, how to adopt “Hidden Rainbow” hair and which hairstyle to associate it with? To discover in the following lines!

The “Hidden Rainbow” trend: hidden rainbow hair is on the rise Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

Hidden rainbow hair is a trend that has completely taken over Instagram in recent years. In the majority of cases, hair stylists tend to color the bottom layer in all colors of the rainbow. But before taking the plunge, we advise you to adopt this novelty by using a temporary coloring. This way you can determine if this look is really for you. Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

There is however a difference in the technique of rainbow hair and their classic variant. So, you may have guessed that it is the fact that the hairdresser does not color all of the hair but only the bottom layer. For your information, this hair style is also known as “underlights” – colorful streaks hidden below natural hair. By betting on such an original hairstyle , you get both a classic look for going to work and unicorn hair for casual occasions like a festival, for example. Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

However, it is not entirely necessary to adopt all the colors of the rainbow. The biggest advantage of this hair style is that it can be done with any other color. It is possible to combine two or even three different shades to achieve a breathtaking mane. It is important to remember the following golden rule: the more striking the difference with the natural color, the bolder the hairstyle.

Hidden rainbow hair – what to consider Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and try the hidden rainbow hair, know that there are a lot of details to consider. First of all, it is important to choose a professional hairdresser who has some experience with hair coloring. This is especially important if you want to dye the bottom layer using one or more bright colors. Some hair stylists do not work with this type of shade every day, so the final result can be disappointing. Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

Once the hairdresser is chosen, it’s time to take care of the desired hairstyle. Now is the time to decide if you prefer hidden rainbow hair or the complete change of look. What color combinations to favor? Do you want to have your hair cut in order to adopt a whole new hairstyle? So the answers to all these questions must be prepared in advance so as not to waste time. It is better, however, to seek the advice of the hairdresser if you are not sure which color to favor. Know that it is necessary to inform the stylist in advance about the colors selected so that he can prepare. Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

In order to successfully hide hidden rainbow hair, discoloration will be necessary. The objective of this hair trend is to obtain bright and well marked shades but without discoloration this effect will be barely achievable. Its degree depends on the colors that we will apply. For example, some shades of blue and purple require a very yellow base. On the other hand, pastel colors require strong discoloration. Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

In order to achieve hidden rainbow hair, the hairdresser will apply the chosen shades only in the neck, separating the hair into strands. Then the rest of the hair will fall out to cover the “Hidden Rainbow”. Thus, the final rendering will be discreet but completely phenomenal.

What colors to combine in order to succeed in the miraculous hidden rainbow hair? Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

This wonderful hair trend was created in the London hair salon “Not Another Salon” in 2016, while remaining on top of hair styles. Many hairdressers around the world are experimenting with different color combinations to give us great ideas for our next original hairstyle. Check out some in the following paragraphs. Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

If you are not so brave to adopt the total rainbow look, then the “underlights” trend is made for you. In this case, women with dark hair must necessarily favor discoloration. Otherwise, the colored reflections will be almost invisible. Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

When choosing the right combination of shades for your new hairstyle, it is recommended to consult the theory of colors to better understand how they interfere with each other. Take into consideration that it is mandatory to discuss this step with your hairdresser in order to avoid missteps. Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

If you have blond or naturally lighter hair , it is recommended to choose lighter colors for hidden rainbow hair. In this way, we avoid overloading the look. The hairstyle looks fresh and airy just like the example above shows. Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

On the other hand, if you are brave enough and prefer contrasts, go for it! In this case, blue, pink, orange and red offer excellent coloring options that are out of the ordinary in order to emphasize the natural hair color. Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

In recent times, the popular pastel shades have also invaded the hair world. This gives you the opportunity to combine two trends in order to achieve a super modern hairstyle. This look is ideal for ladies with a fair complexion and fair hair.

What hairstyle for hidden rainbow hair? Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

As it is hidden rainbow hair, it is advisable to choose the right hairstyle in order to enhance it. Because in the end, the colored bottom layer is not immediately noticeable. Fortunately, there are a large number of hairstyles that will focus on the hidden rainbow. For example, an original braid or an updo. You choose ! Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

If your work does not allow you to adopt a bold hair coloring, the “Hidden Rainbow” trend is for you. Just drop your hair and keep it smooth. So the underlay will remain your little secret. Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair

The semi-attached hairstyle and a perfect choice to bring out the hidden rainbow hair. All you have to do is braid the uncoloured hair nicely and leave the streaks in a rainbow. This look is ideal for parties. Hair Trends 2021: hidden rainbow hair