Hair Trends 2022: These Hairstyles Have Dominated The Catwalks This Year!

Hair Trends 2022: These Hairstyles Have Dominated The Catwalks This Year!Without a doubt, September is the most important month in the fashion industry and everyone who is interested in fashion knows why. Fashion designers and brands from all over the world present their latest collections to us during the Fashion Weeks in Paris, London, Milan, Berlin and New York and thus determine the biggest fashion trendsthat we can expect for the coming season. However, the fashion houses should adapt their shows for this year to the global COVID-19 pandemic and have mainly opted for live presentations and digital productions. While autumn has only just begun, that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to the latest hair trends from the catwalks in 2022! In our article we will tell you which hairstyles and cuts are particularly attractive to us and what will be very popular! Be inspired by our picture gallery and call your hairdresser to be one step ahead of all your friends!

Fortunately, we were also able to look forward to the spectacular fashion shows by luxury designers and fashion houses such as Versace, Fendci, Dior or Chanel during the coronavirus times. The digital presentations gave us a glimpse into a glamorous world that is otherwise reserved for only a few people. It is admirable that even the pandemic couldn’t stop the designers from showcasing their latest collections with some stunning hairstyles. Given that fashion trends are always inspired by the world around us, it is no great surprise that hairdressers have moved towards natural and simple looks for hair trends in 2022.

Hair trends in 2022: The balerina bun is making a big comebackHair Trends 2022: These Hairstyles Have Dominated The Catwalks This Year!

What is so special about a bun hairstyle, you would probably ask yourself. Whether high, low in the neck, strict or casual – the bun is a timeless classic that fits every occasion and will never go out of style. However, the new look from the catwalks reminds us of the 80s hairstyles and charms us with a touch of nostalgia and its simplicity. But instead of a hair net like the classic balerina bun, this year the hair is fastened with a stocking. In order to give the whole thing even more glamor and a modern touch, it is best to use a stocking with a trendy logo pattern. And the best part is that you can put the hairstyle together yourself in less than 10 minutes. Simply style your hair into any bun, place the stocking around it and secure it with a thin hair tie. Hide the scraps of fabric under the hair elastic and voilà – you’re done! Isn’t that the best and easiest updo for those days when you are in a rush?

Embellished hair accessories were everywhere on the catwalks and are still very popularHair Trends 2022: These Hairstyles Have Dominated The Catwalks This Year!

Whether decorated hairbands, scrunchies or hairstyles with hair clips – hair accessories in all imaginable variations and with various decorations are the easiest way to spice up our hair and even the simplest hairstyles without much effort. From dramatic, glamorous feathers at Yohji Yamamoto to delicate headbands with pearls and rhinestones at Chanel, this season’s Fashion Weeks were all about beautiful hair embellishments. The strong contrast between the minimalist black bows that we saw at Giambattista Valli and the sculptural headgear at Vivienne Westwood means only one thing – we can let our creativity run free with the hair trends for 2022. Anything you like is allowed!

May we introduce you to the “Fendi Roll”?Hair Trends 2022: These Hairstyles Have Dominated The Catwalks This Year!

With hair trends in 2022 placing more emphasis on naturalness and lightness, it should come as no great surprise that updos were predominantly in the spotlight. The so-called “Fendi Rolle” is a cool interpretation of the classic bun hairstyle and was created by the hairdresser Sam McKnight. The hair stylist has been responsible for the wonderful hairstyles at the “Fendi” fashion shows for several years. Incredibly chic, super fresh and inspired by the rolled hairstyles from the 30s – the “Fendi roll” is a hairstyle that every fashionista should try at least once next season. At first glance, the look looks totally complicated and intimidating, but with our quick guide, you will succeed at home too. In order for the updo to really show off, your hair must be at least shoulder length. It’s that easy:

  • First, comb your hair well, parting it in the middle and style it backwards.
  • Apply some hair wax or mousse to get the so-called “sleek look”.
  • Depending on how many roles you want to style, tie your hair in several ponytails and fix them deep in the neck.
  • And now it gets a little tricky – slowly curl the ponytails and fix the roll to the head with a clasp.
  • Apply plenty of hairspray to keep everything in place and you’ve got a modern runway hairstyle!

The eternal struggle: middle versus side parting – what should it be?Hair Trends 2022: These Hairstyles Have Dominated The Catwalks This Year!

A parting can be worn in many ways and depending on how it is styled, the hairstyle always looks different. Can’t decide between the middle and side parting? Well, we have good news for you – the two looks are among the biggest hair trends in 2022. The fashion world has long embraced the middle parting and this year is no exception. The surprisingly edgy look was everywhere on the catwalks from Burberry to Prada to Ulla Johnson. Deep side partings, on the other hand, have ensured a flawless, perfect look at Hermès and Louis Vuitton. Chanel has kept things simple and feminine and opted for a gentle side parting and hair combed back. But it was Miu Miu’s models with hair from the hairdresser Guido Palau,

Hair trends 2022: The blunt cut for an edgy lookHair Trends 2022: These Hairstyles Have Dominated The Catwalks This Year!

If you are thinking of a new hairstyle for the coming season and want to freshen up your look, then you are in good hands with blunt bangs. The accurate cut gives every hairstyle a modern twist and works on absolutely all hair lengths. Since the blunt edges make the hair look a bit fuller, the trend is particularly advantageous for women with fine hair. For the “Prada” digital fashion show, hairdresser Guido Palau opted for a fresh haircut with long, blunt bangs that reached under the eyes or cheekbones.

Ponies in all possible shapes and forms could be seen everywhereHair Trends 2022: These Hairstyles Have Dominated The Catwalks This Year!

Long, short, curly or an oblique pony – pony hairstyles in all possible variations were among the most popular hair trends in 2022 on the catwalks in Milan and Paris. We saw long ponies at Paco Rabanne, while Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton enchanted us with their French-girl versions. But the most popular look was undoubtedly the Prada pony, which can be worn in three different variations. Whether as bangs that go far over the eyebrows and lightly rests on the eyes, angular or as a block cut that gives the entire hairstyle an angular touch, everything was there!

Simple and chic at the same time – next season we will all opt for the “wet hair look”Hair Trends 2022: These Hairstyles Have Dominated The Catwalks This Year!

Yes, the “wet hair look” is actually nothing new and we all know the hairstyle, but the look is so chic and seductive that it will remain trendy for the next season. But on the catwalks this year it was not just about the casually combed back hair, but about all the twists and styling options that you could do with this otherwise bold hairstyle. From soaking wet to sweaty – the hair trends 2022 have given the classic look a refreshing and exciting touch. Givenchy has opted for the classic variant of the shiny wet hair look – elegant and with streamlined, combed back curls. With “Chloè” the trendy hairstyle looked rather casual and relaxed and the models looked as if they had just come out of the shower.Hair Trends 2022: These Hairstyles Have Dominated The Catwalks This Year!

The Versace Spring / Summer 2022 collection was actually a homage to Gianni Versace’s “Trèsor de la Mer” collection from 1992 and the models have turned into real mermaids. In order to reinterpret the oceanic underworld, the hairdressers naturally opted for the “wet hair look”. And as always, the devil is in the details, of course. So that the accessories really come into their own, the hair was held close to the neck with various choker necklaces. To get the trendy “wet effect” yourself at home, you have to comb your hair back with a good portion of gel or wax with a fine-toothed comb and you are done!

“Baby Bob” – the classic reinterpretedHair Trends 2022: These Hairstyles Have Dominated The Catwalks This Year!

Versatile, interesting, easy to care for and yet incredibly elegant – the bob is without a doubt the trend hairstyle of all time. While the blunt bob and the shaggy bob were most in the spotlight in 2021, we’ll see more blunt and unstructured short bobs in the next season. We are happy to introduce you to the hottest trend hairstyle – the baby bob! This is the shortest version of the classic and is mainly worn in the “undone look”. And the best thing? The baby bob suits absolutely all women and goes wonderfully with every face shape. Whether you’re growing out a pixie cut or want a little change – you can’t go wrong with the baby bob!Hair Trends 2022: These Hairstyles Have Dominated The Catwalks This Year!