New makeup trends for 2024: Glass skin make-up

New make-up trend for 2021: Glass skin make-up After nude makeup, contouring, strobbing, yoga skin and gloss y makeup, a new makeup technique giving the skin a smooth effect like glass is essential in the beauty sphere! Straight from Korea and already a real phenomenon on Instagram, the glass skin make-up has everything to please. And although there are several makeup trends today, it promises to make a buzz with beautists in 2024. So, for the next year, we will say goodbye to matte finish and we will favor healthy, hydrated and super radiant. Follow the guide, we will explain everything to you!

Glass skin makeup: the new technique for smooth skin like glass! New make-up trend for 2021: Glass skin make-up

Yes, it is true that the mat look has a prominent place in makeup trends with us. Because basically, the objective at the end of the day is to have shone as little as possible. Touch-ups over working hours are then required to avoid an overly greasy look. And although we strongly put on the mat complexion, it is not at all in Western countries and, in particular, in Korea. Consequently, for some time now, professional makeup artists have tended to review their copy, giving pride of place to a “glowly” complexion, in other words, to radiant and shiny skin. After the yoga skin giving the impression of leaving a yoga class, focus on the Glass Skin, or the glass skin, giving the skin a translucent and shiny appearance.

What is glass skin?

Trendy and easy to adopt, glass skin necessarily rhymes with hydrated, unified, soft and radiant skin. But then how does it differ from the flawless skin of Korean women. The glass skin therefore represents a complexion with a shiny finish with a slightly wet effect and this is exactly what distinguishes it from the Korean whose finish is neither shiny nor wet. Plumped up and plump, the glass skin offers a fresh, shimmering, even almost damp complexion. To be successful, filling your face with hydration is crucial! New make-up trend for 2021: Glass skin make-up

The translucent appearance of the skin is determined by the amount of light absorbed and reflected by the epidermis. The cutaneous corneal layer prevents the dispersion of light, which makes the face duller. Hydration is precisely what will determine the thickness of this layer. If, on the other hand, the hydration is insufficient, it becomes drier and thicker. That’s why, the key to showing a healthy and natural look lies in perfect hydration.

The step-by-step glass skin make-up without greasy effect

A plump and luminous face with a lovely natural glow… finally, every woman’s dream becomes reality with skin-to-glass skin makeup. So to take advantage of the new zero defect secret without making the mistake, the Web offers several tips and makeup tutorials. So here are ours! New make-up trend for 2021: Glass skin make-up

Apply a few drops of moisturizing oil to clean skin. Drop your moisturizer by touches on the key areas (forehead, cheekbones and chin) and tap lightly to make it penetrate. Then drop your BB or CC cream using a brush (from the center of the face outwards). Prefer a formula rich in moisturizing agents to achieve the shimmering effect. Now opt for the highlighter by highlighting the cheekbones, cupid’s bow and above the eyebrows. As for the choice of a suitable illuminator, prefer creamy textures for a fairly satin finish. New make-up trend for 2021: Glass skin make-up

Give your cheeks a boost with a blush stick or pink cream that blends easily. Then enhance the look with a light shadow on the mobile eyelid and then opt for a slightly darker shade flush with the lower lashes. Finally, do not forget to highlight the eyebrows by using a suitable pencil or eyeshadow to intensify the look and enhance your flawless complexion.

Glass tint for what skin type? New make-up trend for 2021: Glass skin make-up

Is glass skin makeup suitable for each skin type? Well, to this question, the experts at isbeautytips affirm that each face can benefit from it without any problem. They also explain that apart from its cosmetic aspect, the flagship trend of 2024 offers a real benefit to the skin. Because basically, good hydration can only be beneficial for skin health. Glass skin is not only pretty, but also healthy. It is even capable of strengthening the skin barrier, which makes the dermis less subject to pigmentation problems and the first wrinkles. New make-up trend for 2021: Glass skin make-up

But what about oily skin? The only downside to the complexion of ice is for oily skin. The latter will tend to shine more excessively than usual, not to mention the enlarged pores, once married to the glass skin make-up. In this case, it is better to opt for light and fresh formulas so as not to shine. New make-up trend for 2021: Glass skin make-up

As for dry skin, they are generally perfect for adopting the ritual without making mistakes and without shining. The problem here is the glass skin effect which is more difficult to obtain on a face that tends to dry out. We remind you that this type of skin is more difficult to hydrate, which makes it dull and dark. Intense hydration based on face oil is therefore essential.