Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

Modern women have the opportunity to fulfill their childhood dream – to become a fairy from a fairy tale and not look crazy. You don’t have to wear a magic wand, transparent wings behind your back, just make an incredibly popular pixie haircut. True, you still have to sacrifice something, namely: long hair, since such an appearance looks best on short hair. In this article we will tell you everything about what kind of pixie haircut for short hair 2024 – 2025. Front and back views, photos, and also:

  • a complete overview of the varieties;
  • recommendations for women over 50;
  • haircut technology;
  • tips for choosing pixies for different face types.

What Is This Pixie Haircut?

Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

The fashionable history of pixie haircuts for short hair began in the turbulent sixties of the last century. It was put down by a British supermodel, style icon – Twiggy. Her short “hat” with long bangs became a real symbol of the decade, so every advanced girl of that time wanted to look like that. More than 50 years have passed and little has changed – girls around the world, as before, are ready for experiments and choose pixies to become irresistible, stay at the height of fashion. Among the admirers of pixies at different times were Liza Minnelli, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna, Emma Watson and other equally famous fashion icons.

The “fey” bow in the original is a multi-layer bangs with strands of different lengths and short hairs on the back of the head and temples. Now stylists have developed numerous variations on this fashionable theme, we will tell about the most popular ones below.

Front View Photos Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

Despite their apparent simplicity, pixies are very diverse, they are formed with:

  • short and long bangs;
  • shaved or standard temples;
  • elongated or shortened occipital part;
  • with the bangs raised up.

They are allowed to be:

  • smooth;
  • disheveled;
  • ultrashort;
  • with the most voluminous hair (pixie bob);
  • bright;
  • monotonous;
  • hooligan;
  • laconic;
  • excellent for fine hair or their opposite.

They are united by incredible popularity and versatility; they suit almost all women, regardless of age.

Making it in front allows you to either fully open the face or close part of it with a long bang.

Back View Photos Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

One of the features of this haircut is open ears (in most cases) and neck. On the other hand, elongated strands are left on the crown and bangs, which helps to achieve volume, layering, and relief. Due to this, a kind of volume is created at the roots, which is especially valuable for owners of thin, thin hair.

The minimum hair length at the back, on the back of the head, allows you to shave a variety of patterns there: geometric shapes, lines, butterflies, the choice is limited only by your imagination and the imagination of your master.

Haircut Technology

Despite the seeming simplicity of the haircut, we recommend that you entrust it to trusted masters. This is the same story when the savings are not justified. If you decide to do this at home, do not forget what is done on wet hair. After that, stylists advise combing your hair back and starting all the rest of the work with a parting in the center of the head. Further:

  • part your hair with a parting from the center to the top of the ear;
  • make a parting diagonally to the face, smoothly move to the temporal cavities, removing hair;
  • visually draw a diagonal from the face behind the ear, comb the strands at a right angle, start shaving so that the length of the hair decreases closer to the back of the head;
  • continue similar actions, grabbing new strands diagonally from the face, follow the control strand;
  • repeat all steps on the other side of the head;
  • check the balance of the two parts by combing radical sections to the middle of the back of the head;
  • separate the horizontal section towards the ear, cut with a blade, increasing the length of the hair closer to the face;
  • continue to work with horizontal strands, at right angles (90 degrees);
  • repeat these steps on the opposite side;
  • we return to the central parting, distribute the bangs into triangles, comb it according to hair growth, cut pointwise from the center, with the angle of the guy in the finger, then form a rounded bang;
  • We comb the sections diagonal to the face as before at a right angle, we cut from the short part to the long one without taking into account the control strand;
  • repeat these steps further;
  • further processing of the bangs is performed with a sliding cut, for more detail, use a dot cut, with it, correct the occipital zone.

As you can see, the technology is not too simple to do it yourself at home without proper skills. It is important to understand that the haircut pattern changes depending on which pixie you prefer: with one or two shaved temples, mohawk, asymmetry, short or long bangs, shaved or classic nape, there are many nuances. Therefore, we again advise you to visit a good hairdresser if your choice is pixie.

How To Choose For Your Face Type? Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

Fashionable pixie haircuts to face almost all women, regardless of face type. This is another indisputable plus of them, along with ease of installation. The “fey” bow looks especially luxurious on girls with an oval or elongated face shape and large features. But for another type of face, you can choose your advantageous pixie version:

  1. triangle – a fluffy crown in combination with an elongated bang will correct this shape;
  2. square – an oblique bang covering a wide forehead and cheekbones will suit you;
  3. circle – give preference to asymmetrical bangs up to the cheekbones or slightly below, visually stretch the face of the volume at the crown;
  4. rhombus – we advise girls with a similar type of face to avoid excess volume at the top, but do not refuse a long bang;
  5. trapezoid – a narrow forehead will hide lush temples and voluminous bangs.

In addition to considering the type of face, when choosing a pixie for yourself, do not forget about other recommendations of stylists. They don’t offer this style to girls with:

  • small facial features;
  • short neck;
  • massive brow ridges;
  • thin eyebrows;
  • broad shoulders.

Pixie will only highlight what you would like to hide or adjust.

For Women Over 40 Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

Women all over the world adore pixies for their ease of styling, stylish look, versatility – they are beautiful both on a very young girl and on a lady over 40 years old. Among the benefits of pixie for older ladies:

  • elegance – classical or with bangs on one side will add charm, femininity, “throw off” several years. This appearance is exclusively for women who know their own worth, their dignity, how to emphasize them and not look like a “young aunt” along with this;
  • accent on the face – pixie allows you to emphasize all your perfect features, pay attention to the beauty of the eyes, aristocratic nose, it will correct the oval, add nobility to the whole image;
  • versatility – due to the incredible number of haircut versions, almost any woman over 40 will pick up her ideal bow;
  • ease of care – with age, we all understand how valuable time is. Styling and caring for a pixie doesn’t take much of it. It will take a few minutes to put yourself in order.

For Women Over 50 Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

After 50 years, women are increasingly asking themselves: how to cut hair to hide age, look younger and spend little time caring for new bows? Pixie will cope with all these requirements! This is confirmed by the megastar of cinema – Judy Dench, who has not parted with such a haircut for many years. Ladies over 50, perhaps, should avoid extreme variations, in its classic form – this is one of the most suitable haircuts for women of “interesting” age.

Pixie With A Shaved Temple Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

This offer is not for modest beauties, a pixie haircut with a shaved temple is the choice of daring, bright, young-hearted women. This nuance will correct the shape of the face, add a little asymmetry, especially relevant in the current season, and will undoubtedly attract the attention of others to your image. We have selected a variety of photos of pixie haircuts for short hair 2024 – 2025, front and back views, with one or both shaved temples.

For A Round Face Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

Previously, stylists unanimously said that “fey” styling is contraindicated for a round face. Years passed, and other masters of hairdressing gave moon-faced girls the opportunity to try on the image of a young, mischievous, impudent girl with just one haircut. A special type was invented for them – an elongated bang, combed to the side, covering the extra volume at the cheeks, stretching the contour of the face.

With Bangs On The Side Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

The most trendy version is a pixie with side bangs. Stylists highlight its main advantages:

  • versatility – suitable for any type of face. It will emphasize the dignity of the “oval”, hide the extra volume in the “circle” and “square” due to the soft framing of the face with strands;
  • simplicity of styling – ideal with the addition of a light volume at the roots, smooth, tousled, wavy, produces a stunning effect in every variation, adds charm and style to the whole look.

With Curls Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

At first glance, it seems that pixies and curly hair do not “work” together, but this is a misconception. Wavy hair adds volume that is fashionable in the current season, making it even brighter, extraordinary, uniquely capturing the attention of others. Especially chic, bohemian look elongated pixies with a similar type of hair, a more daring option – wavy mischievous bangs to one side.

Short curly hair will have to be styled daily, which will deprive you of one of the main advantages of pixies – the absence of the need to spend a long time in front of the mirror after a shower, before leaving the house. Are you ready for this? – then go ahead, into the hands of a good hairdresser. It will help you deal with naughty curls and look amazing!

With An Open Forehead Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

Pixie allows for various variations in bangs length and style, including ultra-short or pulled up. So we completely open the forehead, we focus on the facial features, its shape. Therefore, this option is most ideal for girls with an oval and elongated face, large features. Bright makeup on the eyes and glasses with massive frames will help to emphasize the natural beauty.

With Mohawk Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

Pixie with mohawk is a choice of young, daring, courageous, bright personalities. A well-known admirer of this variety is the singer Pink. She has appeared on the covers of fashion magazines with tousled pixie haircuts, side bangs, lifted her up and did big curls on a mohawk. Now she prefers to combine glamor and challenge to society, her choice is a pixie with a wavy mohawk and light shades of hair. Using Pink as an example, make your choice:

  • wavy mohawk – produces a stunning effect of a diva, it will definitely not work unnoticed;
  • curly mohawk – gives its owner luxury, femininity, removes aggressiveness;
  • an ordinary straight mohawk – for fearless experiments, creative, shocking ladies.

Asymmetry Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

Asymmetry is incredibly popular in all areas of fashion this season. Haircuts are no exception. Pixie with similar elements is among the most common. Asymmetrical short haircuts with side bangs are in trend, or options with additional volume and maximum graduation.

Business Style Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

Pixie – perfect for the office, strict business woman. Lovers of business style have the right to choose classic options – short-haired whiskey with elongated hair at the back of the head, with or without bangs.

Open forehead, minimal bangs – ideal for confident ladies.

Asymmetrical bangs are not an obstacle for office everyday life. It will add showiness to its owner, emphasize her taste and originality.

Shaved whiskey and mohawk combined with a formal pantsuit will make an indelible impression on your colleagues and partners. Suitable for extraordinary and daring ladies; happy female employees of companies where there are no hard and fast rules for the appearance of employees.

How to Select Hair Colours?

Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

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Pixie has a lot of significant advantages, including a huge selection of color solutions. It allows you to use:

  • highlighting;
  • toning;
  • coloring;
  • fashionable trends in painting (shatush, balayazh, ombre);
  • monochromatic (chocolate, light brown, caramel, ash are especially popular this season).

How To Style A Pixie? Pixie Haircut For Short Hair 2021-2022

There is hardly anything easier than styling a pixie. Its beauty for short hair is that after a shower, it is enough to comb it and, if desired, apply a little gel or wax, that’s it, you are ready to go to work, a party, a date.

Do you want to add rigor to your image? – make all the strands smooth, it’s incredibly fashionable now!

If you want something extraordinary – tousle your hair with your fingers, fix the effect with the simplest styling products.

With the bangs, do at your discretion – comb back, sideways, pull it forward so that it covers part of the face. Pixie, despite its outward simplicity, gives an incredible flight for creativity and the creation of new bright images every day!