Short And Mid-Long Dipping Square – Say “yes” to the canon capillary chameleon!

Short And Mid-Long Dipping SquareThe dipping square is a cult cup that proudly crosses the generations. The asymmetrical hair style is a guarantee of elegance and style. Adopting the dipping square means adopting a signature hairstyle, a promise to display a decidedly feminine and trendy look. The impressive versatility of possible styles: wavy, smooth and strict, fringed, gradient etc., makes the famous squared a real phenomenon that always has something to charm!

What is the charm of a diving square?Short And Mid-Long Dipping Square

A real hair revolution that will not go out of fashion, the dipping square is a cut of character. This type of square is constantly evolving and is renewed to meet the desires of the moment. The charm of the dipping square, regardless of the length of the hair, consists of its distinctive shape. The front locks are longer which allows them to frame the maxillary gently. The result – a minimal shock of switching to a short haircut!

What style of square diving for what morpho?Short And Mid-Long Dipping Square

As it applies to any other cut, before getting a haircut, you must first take into account the shape of your face. The dipping square can be made on medium and long hair and it is the length that makes the big difference. On the morphology side, oval faces can do anything. If you have the oval face, you can adopt the long or short dipping square and display a beautiful gradient or smoothness chic, wavy version and even buckled.

As for the elongated faces, these, on the contrary, can afford a short and marked plunging square. The ideal would be to wear it with a bang that will make the face look shorter. As for the round and square faces, they will be interested in opting for a long dipping square. A little more volume on the sides promises to soften their features.

Wavy square – the ultimate haircut for a trendy feminine lookShort And Mid-Long Dipping Square

For a few seasons now, the wavy square has been a hit with women on the red carpet and in the street. A cut of character and resolutely feminine, this style of square remains a delicate and sensual essential. The wavy style is a sure value to give relief to the cut. Among the other assets of this version of the wavy plunge, it is undoubtedly the sexy natural effect it gives to the hairstyle and the magnificent volume that ensures a certain pace. Feminine, romantic and wild, the wavy square allows a woman to display a playful and seductive look.

Plunging square smooth resolutely chic and timelessShort And Mid-Long Dipping Square

Resolutely chic and timeless, nothing like the famous dipping square strict for a glamorous and trendy look. Fringed or with a stripe on the side, this square makes all stylish women crack.

The plunging square degradedShort And Mid-Long Dipping Square

Looking for an idea to bring dynamism to your diving square? Why not dare the degraded version? The gradient square is a little less classic, particularly appreciated for the ease with which it is capped. The degraded version differs from the strictly dipping square precisely by the degraded lengths. Although the transformation is minimal, it totally changes the hairstyle. The degraded version allows to play easily with the volumes by bringing a hazy side to the hairstyle.

The dipping square, whatever the chosen version, gives a chic and elegant look, in all circumstances. Boasting a slightly retro charm, it gives a woman a wiser and more serious look. This hairstyle is ideal for summer and spring because it releases the face and the neck gently.

Apart from the gradient and the loops, to add even more volume to a dipping square, we can count on the power of a partial coloration. Shaded or tie and dye, whatever your choice, you will end up bringing some dynamics to your cut. Hair trends encourage women to adopt the California sweep, honey or caramel. The choice of coloration obviously depends on the color of the hair and the desired effect.

The diving square tempts you but you still hesitate to take the plunge? Rest assured ! Cannon cut, you will never regret your square! And, to encourage you, we will tell you that this hairstyle only has advantages! Timeless, this hairstyle crosses the generations by revisiting itself to stick to emerging trends. Smooth, gradient, wavy or wavy, the plunging square allows all audacities.

As already mentioned, the dipping square is part of the cuts that allow to vary the styles. A few gestures are enough to divert his daytime hairstyle and beautiful hairstyle to wear proudly in the evening. How to proceed ? During the day, you can wear your square smoothed over the lengths. In the evening, we dare rendering more vague. To achieve the natural hair and tousle effect, gently crumple the hair once it has been textured with a special spray.

The dipping square, as you have certainly noticed, is a cut that adapts to all types of hair. Whether you have thick or thin hair, such a square has the ideal solution for you! In addition, the longest strands at the front can highlight the face and bring out the most beautiful features: eyes, lips, nose, cheekbones etc.

True chameleon, the dipping square has the advantage of adapting to all faces by highlighting their best features. In short or long version, with or without bangs, blur, smooth, wavy – it allows all daring. This cup is so trendy that we see it regularly on the heads of many stars.

Modern and stylish, the dipping square is an excellent solution to go to the short cut without saying goodbye to the lengths. The hair is short at the nape of the neck and longer at the front. This feature allows the square to soften the lines and soften the square faces. The dipping square revisits the classic square while giving lightness to the hairstyle. In addition, this square chameleon allows you to change your head without sacrificing completely the length of the hair.