Wedding Dresses 2024: These are the new bridal fashion trends!

Expansive flounces, elaborate embroidery with 3D details, huge tulle skirts and statement sleeves: brides can look forward to these bridal fashion trends in 2024. The wedding dresses 2024 present themselves with a modern twist. Transparent fabrics and figure-flattering cuts give even simple dresses an elegant touch. Bridal veils make a real comeback and complete the bridal look. In one more thing, the top designer houses are in agreement: outfits with color accents or color gradient are totally in. We have summarized the top 15 wedding dress trends for you. Let yourself be inspired!

Wedding Dresses 2024: Statement Bows

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020Statement loops came out big in 2024. To make sure that the girlish design element does not look too sweet, it’s all about simple minimalist bridal robes with a figure-hugging cut. The mermaid bridal gown by Carolina Herrera (top left) inspires with a perfect cut and lets the hearts of the minimalists bang high. The Strict Silhouette is loosened up with a bow below the knee where the dress widens. At Viktor & Rolf, the asymmetrical one-shoulder neckline looks better thanks to the XXL bow.

Wedding Dresses 2024: The knot as an accent

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020Reduced-wedding dresses have been making a comeback since the marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Numerous designers sent their models this year with simple wedding dresses without glitter and lace on the catwalks. Instead, they put on extravagant cuts and high-quality fabrics. For example, Taft is suitable for autumn and winter, while silk is worn in the summer months. If even the slight shimmer of these fabrics is too much, put on chiffon. So that the silhouette does not look boring, the expressive knot comes into play as an alternative to the sweet bow.

Wedding Dresses 2024: Long transparent puffed sleeves

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020Long and extra voluminous puffed sleeves with transparent details are definitely in fashion this year. The baroque cut is interpreted in a modern way by some designers. Lightweight fabrics like organza, tulle and lace conjure up a casual look, and empire cuts add a retro touch to the design. Especially noble look embroidered with pearls (top right). But if you want to achieve a dramatic effect, opt for a bridal robe with a high-necked collar made of tulle. The absolute classic gives the outfit a cultured touch. The cut with A-line looks very elegant and guarantees the highest comfort.

Wedding dresses 2024: Carmen neckline with ruffles

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020The deep-fitting Carmen neckline leaves the shoulder free while emphasizing the décolleté. The Temperley London Bride Showcasing It (photo above left): The sleeves of your bridal gown feature sumptuous ruffles of tulle and the sweetheart neckline recalls the dresses of Disney princesses, The slim, loosely falling, lace-covered lower part adds a boho flair to the design. The second model (right) by Tadashi Shoji combines two trends in one. The sleeves with ruffles and the petticoat romantic interpret the classic wedding dress with A-line. Sparkling, futuristic-looking metal plates stretch across the bridal robe and set accents. Incidentally, the Carmen neckline has one decisive advantage: it harmonizes both different necklaces and lace chokers, scarves, boleros and bridal veils.

Wedding Dresses 2024: The opulent ball gown

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020The opulent princess dress is form-fitting to the waist, while the underskirt is voluminous and broadly flared. So that the cut does not seem boring, some tricks come to the rescue. Some designers rely on high quality lace and decorate their creations with numerous sparkling Swarovski stones and pearls. Others try to redefine the ball gown. Asymmetrical gradations give the bridal robe a modern touch. As far as the neckline is concerned, the heart shape is still very popular. The wide selection of materials: from organza to tulle, lace and taffeta, it can cope with every style and guarantees that every bride can find something suitable.

Wedding Dresses 2019: Asymmetric neckline

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020Asymmetrical necklines take the minimalist wedding dress to a new level this season. Hardly any other décolleté looks more feminine. The fashion houses presented two cuts, to which the neckline fits perfectly. A slim, simple bridal gown, flowing down and flattering the figure, looks very elegant. Slightly falling fabrics like chiffon and organza are perfect for the design. These earrings are worn, on other accessories you should rather do without.

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020The second cut is for those who want a princess dress. The classic ball gown features a wide flared skirt and a sequin embroidered top. An extra wide and pompous skirt in combination with a tight top made of satin achieves the desired dramatic effect. All in all, a ball gown is more of a pompous celebration in restaurants, castles and ballrooms.

Wedding Dresses 2019: Carrè Cut-outs

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020Carré cutouts caused a sensation on the catwalks this year and have successfully sneaked into one of the biggest trends of the winter season. They are inspired by the robes of the Renaissance and can successfully adorn both prom dresses, as well as narrow dresses and even an A-line silhouette. In the cold season, they successfully replace the off-shoulder designs and deceive the look. The angular cutouts offer another decisive advantage: they look feminine and can subtly emphasize the décolleté. Top left: A dress made entirely of lace is balanced by the formal angular neckline. Above right: A modern, shoulder-free interpretation of the Carré neckline with wide straps.

Bridal Fashion Trends 2019: Oversized sleeves

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020Extra-long sleeves, like the carré neckline and capes, are inspired by the past. In this case, they have been taken over by the dress of the nobles in the Middle Ages. At that time, the shape of the sleeves was a status symbol. So the ladies wore their robes with long, wide-fitting sleeves, while the women from the lower stalls had dresses with tight sleeves. The contemporary variant also relies on opulence. The wedding dresses are made of light, transparent fabrics and embroidered with pearls and crystals. Detailed lace adds the finishing touch and transforms the bridal robe into a true work of art.

Bridal Fashion 2024: Cut Out Bridal Robe

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020In recent years, cut-outs have become a true fashion statement. This allows the décolleté, the back and most often the waist to be sensually staged. At the same time, they subtly emphasize the hourglass figure and conjure up an elegant look. This year, angular cut-outs are strong in: they make the wedding outfit look sophisticated and grown-up. Some designers fool the look with transparent fabrics and lace.

Wedding Dresses 2024: two-piece with crop tops

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020Crop tops have been experiencing a revival for 5 years. In 2024, they also snuck into the bridal fashion world. It is not about going belly-free to the age and giving the yes-word. The tops are – unlike the 90s – now worn with a skirt with a high waistband. Thus, the bride does not show so much skin, feels comfortable at the same time and can move freely. So that the crop top does not slip, it is made of a stiff fabric like silk. The length of the top can vary greatly and be adapted to your own preferences.

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020Incidentally, crop tops can be styled with almost any skirt. This year voluminous, wide skirts are very much in vogue. Elaborately draped, with gradations or decorated with feathers: the simple crop top even fits extravagant creations. However, brides who opt for it should refrain from jewelry and bridal veils, and keep the make-up to a minimum.

Bridal Gown Trends 2024: Faux fur – collar for the winter season

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020If the wedding takes place in autumn or winter, then the dress should keep warm. A bolero made of faux fur can round off the outfit and keep the bride warm at the same time. Some designers have gone one step further and decorated the wedding dress with a faux fur collar. The fabulous garments are almost exclusively sumptuous haute couture ball gowns with crystals. So if you want to try the look, you can have the wedding dress stitched.

Wedding Dresses 2024: Colorful embroidery

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020Because of monochrome: This year, the bridal robes present colorful and cheerful. Whether embroidered on organza or pressed on chiffon: The motives are mostly inspired by nature. Flowers and plants give a simple cut extra whistle. If you celebrate your wedding on an exotic island, you can also decorate the dress with corals and seaweed. Trendsetters like Chiara Ferragni even have their bridal robes embroidered with their own motifs such as the wedding date, the text of the favorite song or drawings of the places that are of particular importance to the couple. Of course, the dress should otherwise be kept as simple as possible. The experts advise a narrow cut and airy fabrics.

Wedding Dresses 2024: 3D Embroidery

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020This year it depends on the details. The designer duo Viktor & Rolf show it off and have set accents with 3D prints in its latest collection. The flower appliqués feel particularly good on organza, taffeta and silk and can decorate both the upper and the lower parts. Just the thing for the modern bride celebrating her wedding in the big city.

Bridal Fashion Trends 2024: Glamor from the 20s

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020Sparkling fabrics, ruffles and fringes, a 7/8 length and flowing skirts: The 1920s chic is fully in line with the trend. The vintage glittering dress celebrates the diva glam and acts at the same time girlish and charming. Perfect for those who want to celebrate their summer wedding and finish the evening dancing. Because the A-line promises the highest comfort and allows the free movement of the bride. Sequins and crystals give the bridal robe the necessary luxury.

Bridal Gowns 2024: The Cape Robe

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow showed himself on the red carpet in white cape dress by designer Tom Ford, the garment has become very popular in the fashion world. This year, many bridal-wear designers put a cape on their models. Capes are no longer a functional addition to outfits, but rather serve as an accessory. In this case, they replace the bridal veil and make a fashion statement.

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020Capes can also be short and replace the Bollero successfully. Who wants to set color accents, can choose a cape in red or rosé. Together with a bridal gown in Champagne, it makes a sexy wedding day outfit. Optionally, the cape can be made of the same fabric or lace as the dress. Thus, the upper part subtly in the background during the wedding and can then be pulled out in the restaurant if desired. So the bride has a dress in two variants – formal and casual.

The bridal veil: The accessory becomes extravagant

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020The bridal veil is traditionally one of the most popular and romantic accessories that the bride wears on her wedding day. He completes the bridal look and adds the finishing touch to the outfit. He is by no means in competition with the dress, but flatters it. Important for the final result is that it is selected in accordance with the overall concept and is color matched to the dress. In terms of design, this year’s bridal veil is more versatile and extravagant than ever. The so-called Bird Cage design is not worn over the face, but like a cap. The traditional bridal veil Blusher, which has a length up to 80cm, is decorated with fringes. The waltz veil reaching to feet is richly embroidered with 3D flowers. Inspired by the royal family of England, it ends with a fascinator-like headdress. The Spanish version – the Mantilla – is also very popular with brides who like boho look.

Wedding Bridal Fashion Dresses Trends 2020Over the years, bridal wear has become one of the most important industries in the fashion world. Also this year renowned fashion houses dedicated entire collections only the wedding fashion. The modern wedding dress flatters the figure, is made of high quality textiles and delights with extravagant cut. 3D applications, cut-outs, ruffles and fringes make it a fashion statement.